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Real Estate Headlines: Writing Compelling Listings That Sell

CEO Khai Intela
Image: How to write a heading Real estate headlines hold immense power when it comes to selling a property. In fact, advertising genius David Ogilvy once claimed that the headline alone can make up to...

How to write a heading

Image: How to write a heading

Real estate headlines hold immense power when it comes to selling a property. In fact, advertising genius David Ogilvy once claimed that the headline alone can make up to 80% of an ad. Real estate agents understand that if the headlines fail to capture attention, potential buyers will be immediately turned off. So why take the risk? In this article, we present a guide with helpful tips on creating effective real estate listing headlines and also offer a free downloadable list of 1001 Real Estate Headlines that are proven to sell properties.

What is a Headline?

While a bad headline may not necessarily make or break a sale, it can have a significant impact. Poorly crafted headlines can reduce the chances of selling quickly or above the list price, and even deter potential buyers from attending open houses. As buyers scroll through numerous real estate listings, their attention is initially captured by the lead photo and the headline. If these fail to impress, they may simply click away and never return.

How To Create Killer Real Estate Headlines

To create compelling real estate headlines, it is essential to incorporate five key elements:

1. Your Headline Must Stand Out

Take a moment to observe what your competition is doing and then aim to surpass them. By crafting a headline that is unique and distinct, you increase your chances of attracting more potential buyers. Consider this example: Which headline would catch your eye if you were in search of an investment property?

Option A) Pretty home in quiet street Option B) Owners would like to sell Option C) Buy Of The Century - Your Time Is NOW

Notice how Option C stands out by being different and appealing to the reader's desire for a great opportunity.

2. Engage Your Target Reader

Tailor your headline to appeal directly to your target audience or avatar. For instance, if you're targeting first-time homebuyers searching for a renovator unit, which headline do you think would be more engaging?

Option A) Minutes away from local pub. Option B) In need of love. Option C) Bargain Buy You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into.

The third option, with its enticing language, invites the reader to explore further.

3. Make Your Headline Enticing

The ultimate goal of a killer headline is to encourage potential buyers to read your advertisement. Make it irresistible by presenting a tantalizing offer that compels them to click and explore the details of your listing.

4. Use Title Case, Not ALL CAPS

Title case, where the first letter of each word in a sentence is capitalized, has proven to be an effective marketing tool since the 1960s. It helps your headline stand out without appearing spammy, as illustrated by successful Google ad results. Additionally, it distinguishes your headline from other page elements like your call to action and bullet points.

Never use ALL CAPS in a headline, unless you want to give the impression of going out of business, bankruptcy, or a malfunctioning caps lock key. Such formatting looks cheap and unprofessional.

5. Avoid Multiple Punctuation Marks!!!

While we can overlook some technical grammar in ad copy, it's best to avoid using multiple exclamation marks or full stops. For real estate headlines, we want to maintain a clean and professional appearance that doesn't distract or give the impression of unnecessary excitement.

How to write real estate headlines

Image: How to write real estate headlines

Download Your Free List of Real Estate Headlines

To assist you further, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 1001 Real Estate Headlines that have proven to be successful in selling properties. You are welcome to download and use these headlines as they are or modify them according to your specific requirements.

Creating captivating real estate headlines is an art that takes time and practice. By employing these proven strategies, you can enhance the chances of attracting potential buyers, selling properties faster, and ultimately achieving greater success in the real estate market.