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Pub Interior Design Ideas

CEO Khai Intela
Pubs have been a beloved institution for centuries, and their popularity continues to soar. With this rise in demand, the need for innovative pub design ideas has also grown. While the exterior of a pub...

Pubs have been a beloved institution for centuries, and their popularity continues to soar. With this rise in demand, the need for innovative pub design ideas has also grown. While the exterior of a pub may catch the eye, it is the interior that truly defines the establishment's success.

Creating a well-designed pub interior is crucial for making customers feel at home and ensuring their comfort. In this article, we will explore some tips and ideas for crafting a modern pub interior that will leave a lasting impression on your patrons.

Traditional or Modern Pub Interior?

When considering pub interior design, there are various elements and ideas to incorporate. For a traditional look, wood paneling, velvet curtains, and old chandeliers can create an authentic ambiance. This style is perfect for pubs aiming to maintain a sense of heritage.

If you prefer a more modern and contemporary aesthetic, you have an array of materials to choose from, such as metal, concrete, engineered wood, and acrylic. Lighting options are also plentiful, including fluorescent lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, and linear lighting.

A modern interior allows for more versatility and creative ideas. You can experiment with different finishes like marble, cherry wood, aluminum, and granite. Additionally, you have the freedom to explore various layouts, from traditional to open-plan designs.

Choosing the Right Look for Your Pub

When brainstorming ideas, it is essential to consider the overall look and feel of your pub. Is it an old building with a rich history or a contemporary establishment? Do you want to appeal to a younger crowd or cater to a more mature clientele? Answering these questions will guide your interior design choices.

If you wish to retain the pub's heritage and attract an older crowd, an interior design reminiscent of a classic pub is ideal. For a more modern statement or to attract a younger demographic, opt for a contemporary design.

Combining both traditional and modern elements can be a winning formula. While many bars now have a central bar, incorporating separate areas for different moods and experiences is common. Simplicity is key to a successful design, as it is more cost-effective and visually appealing.

Pub Interior Design This pub interior design features natural wood materials and modern lighting, creating a modern rustic feel.

Deciding on a Colour Scheme for Your Pub

Choosing suitable colours is crucial for good interior pub design. Opt for calming and inviting hues that enhance the mood of the space. Traditional colour schemes often include darker shades like brown, black, and grey, along with lighter tones like white.

For a modern look, you have the freedom to experiment with any colour you desire. The key is to select one or two main colours for elements such as chairs, tables, and even the floor. If you opt for bright colours, use shades of yellow, orange, and red. Muted colour schemes can include shades of grey, blue, and green. Remember to choose colours that complement each other.

Seating Area Dockyard Pub This interior pub design fuses traditional and modern elements, with leather chesterfield seating, natural wood, and steel, creating a modern rustic theme.

Deciding on a Theme for Your Pub

Once the decor is decided upon, selecting a theme for your pub is a great way to create a cohesive look. The theme encompasses everything from decorations on the walls to the bar, menu, and furniture. It is important not to overwhelm with too many themes; simplicity and consistency are key.

For a traditional pub design, a country theme can transport patrons back in time. This theme can be achieved with a wooden bar, rustic furniture, and natural fabrics. Depending on your pub's location, you can explore themes like nautical or railway/train-inspired designs. For a modern look, a neutral theme provides flexibility in material choices.

Deciding on a theme helps bring together the overall look and feel of your pub's interior.

Decorating the Bar

When it comes to decorating the bar, choose materials that best suit your selected theme. For example, wood is an excellent option for bar tops and stools. Concrete bars with wooden floors also create an appealing aesthetic. If you opt for a metal bar, complement it with matching stools.

Adding a Drawing Room

A drawing room is a valuable addition to any pub or bar. It provides a meeting place and a cozy environment for patrons to relax. This room's design is an opportunity to showcase your pub interior design skills and imagination.

Choosing the Right Backdrop

The backdrop plays a crucial role in a pub's interior design, as it can make a room appear larger or smaller. Depending on the space's size, you can choose a simple or elaborate backdrop. Consider a neutral backdrop or one with a specific look, depending on your theme.

Choosing the Right Pub Furniture

Selecting the perfect furniture is essential for creating an inviting and comfortable pub atmosphere. The choice of furniture depends primarily on your interior design concept and the size of your pub. Traditional wooden furniture is suitable for a classic look, while modern designs can incorporate sleek materials like acrylic, metal, and concrete.

Remember to prioritize both functionality and aesthetics when choosing furniture. Dark or overly bright interiors can be off-putting, so strike a balance. Quality furniture is an investment that will benefit both you and your patrons in the long run.

Pub Interior Design This pub interior design features natural wood materials and modern lighting, creating a modern rustic feel.

Need Help With the Interior Design of Your Pub?

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Remember, a well-designed bar and pub interior is a key ingredient in creating a thriving establishment.