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Old Town Alexandria: Where History Meets Modern Charm

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Nestled along the western bank of the Potomac River in Alexandria, the captivating neighborhood of Old Town is a combination of historic elegance and vibrant modernity. With its well-preserved 18th-century buildings, boutique shops, art galleries,...

What it

Nestled along the western bank of the Potomac River in Alexandria, the captivating neighborhood of Old Town is a combination of historic elegance and vibrant modernity. With its well-preserved 18th-century buildings, boutique shops, art galleries, and gourmet restaurants, Old Town Alexandria offers a unique and comfortable living experience.

10 Reasons Why Old Town Alexandria Is Perfect for You

  • Historical Charm: Immerse yourself in the rich history of Old Town Alexandria through its historic sites and museums.
  • Proximity to Washington D.C.: Enjoy easy access to the jobs and attractions of the nation's capital, located just across the Potomac River.
  • Waterfront Views: Indulge in stunning views of the Potomac River and take advantage of the various recreational activities available, such as boating and kayaking.
  • Public Transportation: Benefit from the convenience of Old Town's Metro station, ample bus routes, and bike share program, making commuting a breeze.
  • Culinary Delights: Indulge in a diverse range of delicious restaurants that are just a stone's throw away from your front door.
  • King Street Shopping: Explore the local shops and boutiques on King Street, offering a variety of unique finds.
  • Community Events: Immerse yourself in the vibrant community of Old Town and participate in the numerous events and festivals held throughout the year.
  • Walkability: Experience one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Alexandria, where you can easily run errands, dine out, and enjoy entertainment without needing a car.
  • Endless Entertainment: Discover a thriving entertainment scene with music venues, art galleries, and even escape rooms, ensuring you always have exciting plans for the weekend.
  • Diverse Real Estate Options: Explore the wide range of real estate options available in Old Town Alexandria, from condos and townhomes to luxurious houses.

The Old Town Alexandria Lifestyle

In Old Town Alexandria, history comes to life, seamlessly blending with contemporary amenities and proximity to popular attractions. Museums, historical landmarks, and original architecture create an unchanging foundation, while art galleries, restaurants, and entertainment venues offer endless exploration. A leisurely stroll along King Street, the neighborhood's main artery, will lead you to boutique shops and delightful dining experiences. With convenient access to public transportation, including a Metro station, commuting to Washington D.C. and other employment hubs is a breeze, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy the Old Town lifestyle.

Types of Homes For Sale in Old Town Alexandria

Home Types in Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria offers a rich blend of real estate options. The neighborhood boasts luxurious single-family homes, some of which date back to the early 1800s and have been meticulously restored to blend historical charm with modern comforts. Townhomes are also prominent in Old Town, with Pomander Walk and the Harborside area being popular choices. The real estate market in Old Town Alexandria caters to a diverse range of budgets, with properties ranging from accessible $500,000 homes to premium homes priced at up to $3 million. Additionally, the neighborhood offers a selection of luxury condominium communities, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Old Town Alexandria Amenities

The amenities in Old Town Alexandria contribute to a convenient and vibrant inner-city lifestyle. The neighborhood boasts excellent access to public transportation, an active neighborhood association, and a variety of shops that cater to all your needs, from groceries to high-end clothing.

Neighborhood Services

The Old Town Civic Association (OTCA) plays a crucial role in preserving and upholding the rich history of Old Town Alexandria. The association works closely with preservation societies and the local government to maintain the historic architecture, streetscapes, and unique character of the neighborhood. The Old Town Metro Station, located at the intersection of King Street and Cameron Road, provides residents with quick access to the D.C. Metro Area, making commuting a breeze.

Neighborhood Shopping

Shopping in Old Town Alexandria is a delight, with a wide range of everyday essentials and specialty retailers. From Whole Foods Market to Trader Joe's, the neighborhood offers convenient options for grocery shopping. King Street, the neighborhood's main artery, boasts the largest collection of independently owned boutiques in Northern Virginia, offering a mix of clothing, home decor, antiques, books, art, and more.

Things to Do in Old Town Alexandria

Activities & Entertainment in Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria is a hub of exciting activities and attractions, waiting to be explored. Museums, parks, and exceptional dining experiences are just a few steps away from your doorstep. The Old Town Alexandria Waterfront offers breathtaking river views, riverside restaurants, and charming cafes. Parks like Jones Point Park, Oronoco Bay Park, and Founders Park provide serene spaces to unwind and enjoy nature.

When it comes to dining, Old Town Alexandria boasts some of the most iconic restaurants in Alexandria. From Virtue Feed & Grain to Gadsby's Tavern Museum, where the Founding Fathers once exchanged ideas over pints, the neighborhood's culinary scene is sure to impress. The district's historic sites and museums, including King Street's cobblestone-laden charm and the Torpedo Factory Art Center, offer fascinating glimpses into the past and opportunities to appreciate art.

Employers Near Old Town Alexandria

Old Town's strategic location near Washington D.C. means that it is conveniently located near many of Alexandria's major employers. From government entities like the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) and the U.S. Department of Defense to numerous private sector companies in law, accounting, marketing, and finance, there are ample employment opportunities available in the vicinity.

Schools Near Old Town Alexandria

The Old Town neighborhood falls under the jurisdiction of the Alexandria City Public Schools system. While charter schools are predominant in the area, such as Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy and Chance for Change Academy, residents also have easy access to other public schools in Alexandria. The community is currently zoned for Naomi L Brooks Elementary School, George Washington Middle School, and Alexandria City High School.

Is Old Town Alexandria Calling You Home?

Old Town Alexandria offers an exceptional lifestyle that seamlessly combines historic charm with modern convenience. With its diverse real estate options, convenient transit connections, and vibrant community events, it's no wonder that Old Town is one of Alexandria's most sought-after neighborhoods. Whether you're drawn to the echoes of history or the promise of a promising future, Old Town Alexandria invites you to make it your home in Northern Virginia.