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Office Interior Design Services: 10 Best in 2024

CEO Khai Intela
Commercial office interior design services are revolutionizing the way we work. The aesthetics of our workplace can greatly impact factors such as focus, teamwork, and productivity. We are witnessing an influx of innovative, thoughtful, and...

Office interior design by Decorilla

Commercial office interior design services are revolutionizing the way we work. The aesthetics of our workplace can greatly impact factors such as focus, teamwork, and productivity. We are witnessing an influx of innovative, thoughtful, and sustainable office interior design ideas from the top office designers and decorators in the industry. In this article, we have compiled a list of the ten best office interior design services available today. Read on to discover who made the cut!

What to Know Before Choosing an Office Interior Design Service or Designer

Contemporary office by Decorilla office interior design services

Before embarking on your office interior design project, there are a few key factors to consider. These will help you make an informed decision when choosing the right office interior design service for your needs:

  • Calculate a budget: Determine your budget to narrow down the list of designers you can work with and avoid any financial regrets.
  • Set a project scope: Define the size and scope of your project. Are you looking for a simple furniture and decor upgrade or a complete office renovation?
  • Know your timeline: Understand the impact the design project will have on your employees' work schedule. Ensure that the designers you're interested in can commit to your timeline to minimize disruption.

Tip: Award-winning office interior designers are more accessible than ever. Online office interior design services can save you time and money. Schedule a Free Office Design Consultation today to find out how.

Best Office Interior Design Services of 2024

Transitional private office by Decorilla office space interior designer Theresa G.

From large international firms to boutique office interior designers, there's a service for every type of project. Whether you're looking for an industrial open floor plan office or custom conference rooms, these creative professionals can design any type of office interior. Your employees will be grateful if you choose to work with one of the best office interior design services!

1. Perkins + Will

Construction offices by Perkins + Will office interior design services

Service: Perkins+ Will is a research-based architecture and design firm established in 1935. With a contemporary office interior design style, they use features like pops of color and focal walls. Sustainability and social responsibility are key aspects of their projects.

Location: Worldwide

2. Decorilla Office Interior Designers

Contemporary conference office interior design by Decorilla designer Courtney B.

Service: Decorilla offers some of the best online office interior design services. They have a vast network of talented designers across the United States who specialize in small startup offices to large commercial interiors. With flat-rate design packages and discounted prices from over 250 vendors, Decorilla delivers affordability without compromising on quality.

Location: Nationwide online office interior design help and 25 major cities in person

Industrial office by Decorilla office space designer Theresa G. Moodboard for a law firm by Decorilla office interior design services Decorilla discounted office interior design shopping list Industrial business interior by Decorilla office designer Theresa G.

3. Benhar Office Designer

Amex office lounge by Benhar office space designers

Service: Benhar specializes in creating professional environments with a personal touch. They use workflow analysis and high-quality office furniture to ensure functional and visually pleasing designs.

Location: New York, New York

4. Workspace Interiors

Healthcare lobby by Workspace Interiors office interior designers and decorators

Service: Workspace Interiors, provided by Office Depot, offers full-service solutions from concept to completion. They are experienced in various commercial environments and can tailor workspace solutions to your exact needs.

Location: 38 locations across the United States

5. HOK Commercial

Office interior design by HOK

Service: HOK is a global leader in office interior design services. With offices worldwide and a comprehensive range of design expertise, they create exceptional spaces that promote equity, resilience, and well-being.

Location: Worldwide

6. Crown Workspace

Common area by Crown Workspace office space designers

Service: Crown Workspace handles projects of any size, from small office updates to full remodels. They focus on on-brand interiors that inspire and optimize space planning for maximum productivity.

Location: Worldwide

7. Pacific Office Interiors

Modular office design by Pacific Office Interiors

Service: Pacific Office Interiors specializes in corporate, government, healthcare, and education environments. Their designs create a cohesive balance between people, space, and business needs.

Location: Los Angeles, California

8. Gensler Office Interior Design

Xander Headquarters by Gensler Office Interior Design

Service: Gensler is a cutting-edge office interior design firm that prioritizes equity, resilience, and well-being. Their designs optimize interior performance, resulting in spaces that inspire and excel.

Location: Worldwide

9. PlanForce Group

Office space by PlanForce office interior design services

Service: PlanForce Group excels in large-scale office interior design, prioritizing discovery, programming, and client collaboration. Their step-by-step process ensures a comprehensive and tailored approach.

Location: Nationwide

10. Cannon Office Interior Designers

Modern office interior design by Cannon

Service: With over 100 years of experience, Cannon Design focuses on creative intelligence and collaborative design. They aim to incorporate innovation into the workplace and create spaces that meet client needs.

Location: Worldwide

Office Interior Design Services FAQs

A contemporary office by Decorilla office interior designers and decorators

What is the benefit of hiring office interior designers and decorators?

Hiring professionals in office interior design can provide a fresh perspective to your workspace, ultimately increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. These experts optimize the layout and design of your office space to enhance functionality and create visually appealing environments.

How much does an office interior design service typically cost?

The cost of an office interior design service varies depending on the project scope, space size, and level of customization. However, most designers offer different packages and pricing options to accommodate various budgets.

How long does it take to complete an office interior design project?

The timeline for an office interior design project depends on its complexity and the availability of designers and contractors. However, most projects can typically be completed within a few weeks. It's essential to discuss a realistic timeline with your designer to ensure expectations are met.

Looking for Affordable Office Interior Design Services?

Office interior design doesn't have to be expensive. Online office design services offer stunning commercial interiors accessible to all budgets. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to explore your design options today!

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