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The NeueChair by Secretlab: A Review Worth Reading

CEO Khai Intela
Are you in the market for a new office chair? Look no further than the NeueChair by Secretlab. As a company known for its highly acclaimed gaming chairs, Secretlab has ventured into the realm of...

Are you in the market for a new office chair? Look no further than the NeueChair by Secretlab. As a company known for its highly acclaimed gaming chairs, Secretlab has ventured into the realm of ergonomic office chairs with the NeueChair. Having had the opportunity to try it out for 14 days, I can confidently say that this chair deserves your attention.

A Closer Look at the NeueChair

Let's start by examining the main specifications of the NeueChair:

NeueChair Specs and Dimensions Image Source: Secretlab

The Comfort of the Mesh

One aspect that sets the NeueChair apart is its mesh upholstery. Unlike other mesh chairs, the material used in the NeueChair is incredibly comfortable. The velvety texture feels almost like regular fabric, allowing for an unmatched sitting experience. You can even sit in your boxers and shirtless without feeling any discomfort. Previous mesh chairs, such as the DXRacer AIR, have a coarser mesh that is only truly comfortable with clothing as a buffer.

Comparison of DXRacer AIR Mesh and NeueChair Mesh Image Source: Secretlab

According to Secretlab, the mesh on the NeueChair consists of three layers of polyester fiber and DuPont yarn, resulting in a smooth texture. Although it is too early to judge its durability, the material has successfully passed all ASTM tensile and tearing strength tests.

Innovative Adjustments with ShiftControl

The NeueChair comes equipped with several high-end features, including a sliding seat and adjustable lumbar support. But what truly stands out are the controls, known as ControlShift. These controls, located on the armrests, allow you to adjust the backrest angle and seat height without ever leaving your seat. It's like having paddle shifters for your chair! This frictionless adjustment system makes it effortless to find the perfect position throughout the day.

ShiftControls on the NeueChair Image Source: Secretlab

Room for Improvement

While the NeueChair offers exceptional comfort, there are a few areas that could be improved. One drawback is the lack of a headrest as a default feature. Although Secretlab does offer a headrest as an accessory, it comes at an additional cost of $100. Considering the price range of the chair, a headrest should be included to provide proper neck support.

Additionally, the armrests on the NeueChair could use some refinement. They do not adjust to a height that is comfortable for everyone, making it challenging to synchronize the heights of both armrests. Furthermore, the armrests are only 2D, lacking the ability to adjust for width or length.

Comparing the NeueChair

If you're familiar with the Quantum Pro 9000, you may be wondering how the NeueChair stacks up. Both chairs offer solid build quality and aesthetically pleasing designs. However, the NeueChair outshines the Quantum Pro 9000 in terms of mesh comfort and backrest recline. The extra 10 degrees of recline on the NeueChair make a noticeable difference, especially if you use your chair for activities beyond work.

On the other hand, the Quantum Pro 9000 excels in its larger dimensions, making it more comfortable for individuals of a larger stature. It offers a wider seat depth and taller backrest out of the box, providing superior support.

When comparing the NeueChair to Secretlab's flagship gaming chair, the Titan Evo, it's important to note that these chairs cater to different expectations and needs. The Titan Evo offers more value for the price, with additional features such as a magnetic neck pillow. However, if ultimate comfort is your priority, the NeueChair, particularly with the headrest attachment, is on par with the Titan Evo.

Is the NeueChair Worth it?

The biggest selling point of the NeueChair is its extremely comfortable mesh upholstery. If you have sensitive skin, this chair is a top contender, even surpassing more expensive options like the Herman Miller Aeron.

However, it's important to consider your specific needs. The higher price point and smaller size of the NeueChair may not be ideal for individuals over 200 lbs or 6'1". The lack of a headrest as a default feature is also a drawback. If these factors are a concern, alternative options like the Quantum Pro 9000 or the SAMOFU ergonomic chair may be better suited for you.

In summary, the NeueChair by Secretlab offers unrivaled mesh comfort and innovative features. While it may not be the perfect chair for everyone, it certainly deserves consideration if its benefits align with your requirements.

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