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Muskoka Chair: The Perfect Choice for Leisure and Relaxation

CEO Khai Intela
Muskoka chairs, also known as Adirondack chairs, have become beloved fixtures on many summer patios and lawns. With their sloped seat, high rounded backrest, and wide armrests, these classic chairs are a symbol of leisure...

Outdoor lawn with brick walkway, grassy area, and a wood Muskoka chair

Muskoka chairs, also known as Adirondack chairs, have become beloved fixtures on many summer patios and lawns. With their sloped seat, high rounded backrest, and wide armrests, these classic chairs are a symbol of leisure and relaxation.

What Is A Muskoka Chair?

Outdoor area with garden stone flooring, and a pair of Muskoka chairs

The allure of the Muskoka chair lies in its reclining design and comfortable angles. Its large armrests provide ample space for a glass of iced tea or lemonade, while the flat-planked construction with generous spacing ensures a cool seating experience.

Muskoka chairs are typically crafted from wood, such as Cyprus, cedar, or teak. However, modern variations have embraced materials like wicker, plastic, resin, Polywood®, and recycled materials. These chairs can even be modified to include features like folding mechanisms, reclining capabilities, and smaller sizes for children.

Why Is It Called Muskoka Chair?

A pair of blue Muskoka chairs on a deck beside a lake

Muskoka is a picturesque district in Ontario, Canada, known for its stunning lakes, ancient rock formations, and dense forests. It is often referred to as cottage country due to its abundance of vacation cottages, resorts, golf courses, and lakeside communities. Muskoka chairs have become a symbol of this Canadian paradise.

Initially, the Muskoka chair was a Canadian adaptation of the American-made Adirondack chair. The Muskoka community quickly adopted and embraced this design, incorporating it into their outdoor spaces. Today, Muskoka chairs are synonymous with relaxation and are prominently featured in businesses, logos, and as welcoming artifacts.

Are Muskoka Chairs Canadian?

Backyard area with three gray Muskoka chairs

While the Muskoka chair has become a Canadian icon, its origins can be traced back to Westport, New York. Thomas Lee, who owned a country cottage in Westport, created this chair as a comfortable seating option for his family. His friend Harry C. Bunnell recognized its potential and started selling it in his store, eventually patenting it as the Westport chair.

Over time, the Westport chair gained popularity and was affectionately referred to as the Adirondack chair due to its association with the Adirondack Mountains. In the 1980s, the chair made its way to Canada, where talented woodworkers in Muskoka replicated it, naming it the Muskoka chair.

Muskoka Chair Vs Adirondack Chair

Two empty wood adirondack chairs sit on grass overlooking the mountains

Both the Muskoka and Adirondack chairs share the stylish look of the original Westport chair design, but there are slight differences. The primary visual difference lies in the backrest. While an Adirondack chair features a flat yoke slatted back, a Muskoka chair has a slightly curved yoke. Additionally, Adirondack chairs are built 2 inches taller with armrests that are 2 inches wider.

However, it's worth noting that these differences are not always noticeable to the untrained eye. Both chairs can be crafted using their patented shape and design, and some versions even offer additional features like built-in cup holders, wine glass holders, adjustable headrests, and sliding Ottomans.

Curved Yoke Chair Back Vs Flat Back Chair Back

Outdoor area with two gray Muskoka chairs placed on a grassy field

The flat back of an Adirondack chair, initially made from a solid piece of wood but now featuring slats for airflow, provides a classic design. On the other hand, the curved yoke of a Muskoka chair, while seemingly minor, offers a more comfortable seating experience. The curve cradles the occupant's back and head, enhancing relaxation.

Muskoka Chair Cost

Outdoor area with four wooden Muskoka chairs arranged in a circle

The cost of Muskoka chairs can vary significantly. Affordable options made of plastic or recycled materials can start as low as $50, while luxury chairs crafted from teak wood can cost upwards of $1,000. A good-quality Muskoka chair typically falls around $200, though custom handmade chairs may command a higher price.

While the initial cost may be higher for a Muskoka chair, the craftsmanship, durable materials, weather resistance, and low maintenance nature of these chairs make them a worthwhile investment. They are built to last much longer than cheaper alternatives, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Muskoka Chair Size

Backyard area with blue and red Muskoka chairs

Muskoka chairs typically measure between 36 to 42 inches in height, 30 to 34 inches in width, and 35 to 38 inches in depth. While there are minor variations in size between Muskoka and Adirondack chairs, they are generally similar. The weight of Muskoka chairs can range from 15 pounds for resin or plastic chairs to 45 pounds or more for wooden ones.

A Muskoka chair with a cold beverage resting on its armrest is the epitome of summertime. This iconic piece of outdoor furniture represents peace, serenity, and warm weather relaxation.

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