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Locating The 5 Wealth Areas And How To Activate Them

CEO Khai Intela
We all want to enhance different aspects of our lives through feng shui. But let's admit it, most of us are primarily interested in improving our money luck. Everything else, like health and relationships, comes...

We all want to enhance different aspects of our lives through feng shui. But let's admit it, most of us are primarily interested in improving our money luck. Everything else, like health and relationships, comes second. It's no wonder that finding the wealth location(s) in a home is a top priority for any homeowner or buyer who believes in feng shui.

The challenge lies in the fact that different concepts of feng shui reveal different locations where wealth energy can be harnessed. While this may require more effort in enhancing all wealth corners, imagine the power of having all feng shui schools of thought pointing to the same place in your house.

Let's explore some of the most popular methods of locating wealth areas in your home:

1) Primary Wealth Location

Some feng shui methods do not take compass directions into account. However, this doesn't mean that they should be disregarded. Landscape feng shui, for example, does not rely on directions but is still considered a potent form of classical feng shui.

To find the primary wealth location (明财位), simply look into a room or living space from the door facing in. The primary wealth location will be the corner of the room diagonally across from the door. If this corner is a right-angled wall with no doors or windows, then it is a usable wealth location. Otherwise, the room's wealth location would be considered "missing." In such cases, the secondary wealth location (次财位) can be found opposite the primary wealth location.

Both the primary and secondary wealth locations can be activated by setting up side tables or display cabinets to showcase wealth-enhancing feng shui items. You can also consider adding a water feature in these areas.

Primary Wealth Location Caption: The primary wealth location can be found diagonally across from the door in a room.

2) Sheng Chi

The 8 mansions feng shui is a popular school of thought when it comes to personalizing feng shui enhancers and tapping into personal luck. To locate your sheng chi direction, calculate your kua number and find the corresponding directional location. The sheng chi direction is where you can tap into energy that enhances prosperity and good fortune.

For example, if your sheng chi direction is north, consider organizing your workspace in that area. Facing this direction while working can also help you tap into its positive energy. To further activate the sheng chi, orientate your sleeping direction so that your head points towards it while resting.

3) Sun Trigram

According to the 8 aspirations of the 8 trigrams in the bagua, the Sun trigram governs wealth luck and is associated with the southeast. Therefore, the southeast corner of your house is considered a wealth area according to this concept.

Since the southeast is a wood elemental area, you can energize it by placing wood or water objects, shapes related to them, or colors that represent these elements. This can invigorate this sector of the house and increase wealth luck for the inhabitants.

4) Flying Stars

Flying star feng shui is a powerful formula-based feng shui system that is widely practiced today. In this methodology, we focus on locating the wealth star 8. To do this, you will need an accurate magnetic compass to determine the direction the house is facing.

Once you have this information, you can identify the natal chart for the house based on its construction year. For example, if the house was built in 2007 facing southwest 2, the natal chart would indicate the location of the water star 8, which in this case, is at northeast.

To activate the water-facing star, you can set up an aquarium in this area or install fixtures with movement. Additionally, consider making this area an active space. While there are more advanced techniques to identify wealth locations in flying star feng shui, mastering the basic technique of finding the 8 star is essential for beginners.

Flying Stars Caption: The flying star chart helps identify the location of the wealth star 8.

5) Bazi

In Bazi analysis, the element that conquers your self-element represents your wealth aspects in life. For example, if your self-element is earth, then water represents your wealth.

By referring to the 24 mountains, you can determine the area of the house where you can tap into water energy to boost your wealth luck. Keep this area lively with activities that fill it with yang energy. Additionally, strategically placing water here can trigger the water wealth energy to manifest.

It's important to remember that while we have listed these five methods to find wealth locations in your home, the amount of wealth each person can accumulate is largely determined by destiny. Some people's wealth luck can make them millionaires, while for others, it can provide a comfortable life without financial stress.

Remember, "your mileage may vary." Just like two footballers realizing their potentials, each person's path to wealth may differ. It's not necessary to activate all five wealth areas to enjoy better money luck. In many cases, fully activating one of them is more than sufficient to draw in more luck than you can handle. It's like a sponge that can only absorb so much water.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If I could only choose one wealth location, I would undoubtedly go for the flying stars method. But you can decide for yourself and explore all the methods if you desire to do so.

Embrace the wisdom of feng shui and unlock the potential for wealth and prosperity in your home.