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Japandi Interior Design: A Harmonious Blend of Japanese and Scandinavian Styles

CEO Khai Intela
Japandi style decor, also known as Scandinese or Japanordic style, combines the best elements of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design to create a unique, eclectic, and relaxing home environment. Finding the perfect balance between furniture...

Japandi style decor, also known as Scandinese or Japanordic style, combines the best elements of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design to create a unique, eclectic, and relaxing home environment. Finding the perfect balance between furniture and decor is crucial to achieving the desired Japandi look, avoiding clutter and embracing an open and inviting atmosphere. If you're interested in learning how to decorate your home in the Japandi style, this guide is for you!

Discovering Japandi Style Decorating

Japandi decor exudes serenity and simple beauty. It captures the essence of Japanese aesthetics without explicitly imitating it, while also incorporating Scandinavian influences. The beauty of Japandi lies in its ability to create minimalist spaces that promote relaxation, tranquility, and a deeper appreciation of life.

Figure: Japandi interior design bedroom by @shevchenkon135

Hygge vs. Wabi-Sabi: The Perfect Balance

If you're familiar with hygge, the Danish concept of coziness, or wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy of embracing imperfections, you'll find that Japandi encapsulates the essence of both. Hygge emphasizes warm and welcoming spaces, while wabi-sabi celebrates the beauty found in flaws and the passage of time. These two concepts coexist harmoniously within Japandi, promoting both comfort and authenticity.

Japandi Colors: A Palette of Simplicity

When it comes to Japandi color schemes, it's best to stick to a neutral palette. Cool tones like blues and greens, along with warm whites and grays, dominate the Japandi color scheme. Earthy hues like brown and khaki complement the neutrals, while pops of bright colors, such as a coral-colored lampshade, add a touch of excitement without overwhelming the tranquil atmosphere.

Figure: Japandi interior design living room by @nareg_taimoorian

Embracing Natural Materials

Natural materials play a pivotal role in Japandi decor. Dried plants, flowers, and other nature-inspired elements add texture and color to your space, without requiring excessive maintenance. Incorporate woodsy dried plants as decorative elements in vases or planters to bring a touch of nature indoors throughout the year.

Sustainability: A Cornerstone of Japandi

Embracing sustainability is an integral part of the Japandi lifestyle. By reducing consumption and recycling materials, we not only save money but also contribute to keeping our environment healthy. Japandi encourages a mindful approach to consumption and promotes the use of eco-friendly materials and practices in our homes.

Figure: Japandi interior design kitchen by @henrikschulz

Minimalist Furniture for Maximum Harmony

Japandi decor adheres to three minimalist principles: harmony, focus, and tranquility. While you don't have to live in an entirely minimalist space, it's important to choose furniture that is functional and free from clutter. Negative space is as essential as the actual pieces themselves, creating an atmosphere of calm and balance.

Creating a Decluttered Home

Everyone desires a clutter-free home, but achieving it requires an understanding of minimalist principles. Japandi decor emphasizes visually stunning and highly efficient spaces. It combines Scandinavian vertical storage solutions with Japanese decluttering principles, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Figure: Japandi interior design dining room by @kseniabortsova

Embracing an Open Layout

An open layout can transform your living and dining areas, making them feel more spacious. Get creative with your use of space around large furniture pieces and utilize mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors not only enhance natural light but also add depth and visual interest to your walls.

Figure: Japandi interior design bathroom by @cocoonbathroom

Where to Find Japandi Furniture

When seeking Japandi furniture and decor, online stores offer a wide range of options. Platforms like Wayfair, CatchMyDesign, and Design Public provide a convenient and diverse selection of Japandi-inspired pieces, from lamps to throw pillows, all with the added benefit of free shipping. Additionally, renowned Japanese brand Muji offers a variety of Japandi furniture, characterized by simplicity and versatility, making them ideal for any room in your home.

By embracing Japandi interior design, you can create a harmonious and relaxing space that combines the best elements of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Let Japandi transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and beauty, where simplicity and authenticity reign supreme.

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