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Interior Design Masters Season 2: Meet the Talented Cast Competing for the Top Prize

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The highly anticipated second season of Interior Design Masters is here! Airing on BBC Two, this captivating series showcases the incredible talent of ten aspiring designers as they compete for the ultimate prize - a...

Interior Design Masters Cast

The highly anticipated second season of Interior Design Masters is here! Airing on BBC Two, this captivating series showcases the incredible talent of ten aspiring designers as they compete for the ultimate prize - a contract with a prestigious UK boutique hotel. With the charismatic Alan Carr as the host and the esteemed Michelle Ogundehin as the judge, this season promises to be a thrilling ride.

Meet the Season Two Contestants


Amy Amy, a 43-year-old mother of three from Leeds, is ready to chase her passion for interiors. Inspired by the first season of the show, Amy is determined to showcase her skills. With a desire to make her children proud, Amy's journey is bound to be inspiring.


Barbara Barbara, a 34-year-old former visual merchandiser from Brighton, brings a playful minimalistic style to the competition. With her own interior design business and influential inspirations like Daria Zinovatnya and Shawn Housman, Barbara is set to impress.


Charlotte Hailing from London, 28-year-old Charlotte is a talented textile designer. Her work draws inspiration from nature and renowned artists like Dali and Yayoi Kusama. With a strong desire for professional growth, Charlotte sees Interior Design Masters as the perfect opportunity to unleash her creativity.


Jon Jon, a 45-year-old retail executive from Worthing, is an unconventional contestant. Despite never aspiring to be on TV, the show's allure was impossible to resist. Inspired by drag culture and influenced by industry icons like Kelly Hoppen and Sophie Robinson, Jon's style is a unique blend that is sure to make an impact.


Lynsey Architect Lynsey, 36, from West Yorkshire, felt her career had veered away from creativity. Interior Design Masters became an opportunity for her to reignite her passion for design. Having already impressed with her holiday let project called "The Shed," Lynsey is ready to showcase her talent once again.


Mona Mona, a 38-year-old film set designer from Brixton, took on the challenge of Interior Design Masters during the lockdown. With a strong Scandinavian style and a love for various design elements, Mona's innovative approach is sure to captivate the viewers.


Micaela Living in southeast London, 33-year-old Micaela works as an upholsterer. Her desire to prove her capabilities in designing commercial spaces drove her to apply for the show. Micaela firmly believes that interiors have a profound impact on our lives, and she aims to inspire others through her designs.


Paul Paul, a 32-year-old retail manager from Belfast, draws inspiration from a wide range of sources - from high street brands to high-end designers. Eager to step out of his comfort zone, Paul sees Interior Design Masters as a gateway to exciting opportunities and a chance to explore the world of interior design.


Peter Peter, a 33-year-old former doctor, brings a contemporary twist to classic interiors. Inspired by renowned designers like Nate Berkus and Kelly Wearstler, Peter continually strives to maintain his unique style. Get ready to be amazed by his creativity.


Siobhan Siobhan, a 42-year-old NHS worker from West Yorkshire, embarks on a journey to rediscover her creative side. Taking inspiration from fashion and iconic designers like Vivienne Westwood and Dorothy Draper, Siobhan aims to infuse vibrant colors into her designs.

Tune in to Interior Design Masters Season 2

Be sure not to miss the first episode of Interior Design Masters Season 2, airing tonight on BBC Two at 8pm. The season consists of eight enthralling episodes, which will also be available on BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast. Get ready to be inspired and entertained by the extraordinary talent of these aspiring designers!

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