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Interior Design Help: Discover the Best Apps and Decorating Services

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Creating the home of your dreams has never been easier, thanks to the multitude of online interior design help options available. Whether you're looking for mobile apps or online decorating services, finding the perfect interior...

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Creating the home of your dreams has never been easier, thanks to the multitude of online interior design help options available. Whether you're looking for mobile apps or online decorating services, finding the perfect interior design solution is just a click away. In this article, we've rounded up our top picks for must-see interior design apps and decorating services that will help you achieve your ultimate goal: a home that you truly love.

Choosing Interior Design Help: What to Know Before

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Before diving into the world of interior design apps and decorating services, it's important to have a few key tips in mind. These will set you up for success right from the start:

  1. Define your requirements and needs: Knowing your goals upfront will help you choose the right services for you.
  2. Set your budget: Look for designers within your price range.
  3. Know your timeline: Communicate your intended completion date to ensure a smooth process.
  4. Gather inspiration: Pull together photos that resonate with your style to help you communicate your desired look.

Best Apps & Decorating Services for Interior Design Help

Once you have the basics covered, it becomes easier to determine which app or decorating service will best fit your needs. Here are our top 7 favorites:

1. Houzz Decorating App

Houzz Decorating App

Service: Houzz is an all-encompassing interior design app that connects you to beautiful inspiration, home products, and industry specialists. You can make notes and sketches for inspiration, visualize products in your home with 3D features, get advice from the Houzz community, and locate professionals near you. It's an excellent base for creating an exquisite home yourself.

Cost: Free.

Turnaround: Depends on third-party product availability and services chosen.

2. Decorilla Interior Design Help

Decorilla Interior Design Help

Service: Decorilla offers an easy way to get started with interior design. Complete a style quiz, select the rooms you need help with, and provide a brief description of your needs. Choose a package and receive multiple visual design concepts from expert designers. Pick your favorite and receive photorealistic 3D renderings, a color palette, floor plan, and a shopping list with discounts. Decorilla caters to both commercial and residential projects.

Cost: Design packages range from $549 to $1849. Customized packages start at $75/h.

Turnaround: 3-5 weeks, with expedited or extended timelines available. In-person assistance is also available in 20 major US cities.

3. Chairish Decorator Help

Chairish Decorator Help

Service: Chairish is an online vintage furniture and décor service with a unique offering. Sellers can list covetable vintage items for sale, while buyers can purchase them. The augmented reality feature allows you to see how products will look in your home before buying. Chairish also offers a trade program for interior designers, with a 30% discount for clients.

Cost: Free, with product costs applying.

Turnaround: Depends on availability and shipping.

4. Rooomy Interior Design App

Rooomy Interior Design App

Service: Rooomy offers a platform for creating 3D designs with existing products. Use augmented reality to visualize products or create full room designs from their catalog. They also offer virtual staging for real estate. This app is perfect for those with a DIY approach to interior design.

Cost: The app is free, with virtual staging packages starting at $434 based on square footage.

Turnaround: Depends on product availability and shipping.

5. Modsy


Service: Modsy offers a variety of interior design packages. Complete a short questionnaire to establish your room requirements, choose a package, and receive custom 3D design plans with furniture and décor. You can edit the designs yourself or request assistance from the Modsy team. All items in the 3D rendering are directly shop-able. They also offer a style quiz to help clarify your interior style.

Cost: Packages range from $179 to $999.

Turnaround: Depending on the chosen package.

6. IKEA Place Home Decor Help

IKEA Place Home Decor Help

Service: IKEA offers an augmented reality home decor help. Scan an area of your home and select products from the IKEA Place catalog. It's a seamless way to visualize IKEA products in your home and contact customer service if needed.

Cost: Free, with product costs and shipping applying.

Turnaround: Depends on product availability and shipping.

7. Interior Define Furniture Decorating App

Interior Define Furniture Decorating App

Service: Interior Define allows you to customize furniture pieces to suit your home. Use their app to determine a comfy fit, select product details, and view augmented reality renderings in your home. It's a great way to find the perfect furniture fit for your space.

Cost: The augmented reality app is free, with free shipping and product costs applying.

Turnaround: 8-12 weeks.

Still Looking for Interior Design Help?

A beautiful home is just a click away with these 7 awesome interior design apps and online decorating services. If you're still unsure about which option is right for you, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more about your design options today!