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How to Buy Furniture Directly from the Manufacturer in 2023

CEO Khai Intela
Buying furniture can be an expensive endeavor, but there is a way to save substantially: purchasing directly from manufacturers. By following these guidelines, you can find high-quality furniture at unbeatable factory direct prices. Why Buy...

Buying furniture can be an expensive endeavor, but there is a way to save substantially: purchasing directly from manufacturers. By following these guidelines, you can find high-quality furniture at unbeatable factory direct prices.

Why Buy Directly from the Manufacturer?

Cutting out the middleman slashes prices

Manufacturers can offer steep discounts by eliminating retailer markups. Dealing directly with the source saves money on quality furnishings.

Customization comes from working with the creator

Manufacturers welcome personalization requests that lesser retailers can't accommodate. Unique colors, fabrics, sizes, and configurations keep factory furniture original.

Direct relationships breed service

Manufacturers value individual buyers for future sales potential. They offer personalized attention and streamlined assistance other retailers can lack. Building rapport with makers adds value beyond the furniture itself.

Why Buy Directly From The Manufacturer

Finding Manufacturers

Look for Manufacturers at Furniture Expos

Furniture expos are large trade shows where manufacturers showcase their latest collections to retailers and industry professionals. However, many vendors at these events are also willing to take direct orders from consumers. Attending a furniture expo can be a great way to meet manufacturers face-to-face and get acquainted with brands you may want to order from later on.

Search Furniture Brand Websites for Official Manufacturers

If you know the specific brand of furniture you want, go directly to their website and look for information about their factories or parent manufacturing company. Retailers often partner with third-party manufacturers, so spend time hunting around brand websites and reading footnotes to uncover clues about where products are constructed. Then reach out to those manufacturers to ask about their consumer direct sales programs and policies.

Browse Furniture Directories to Find Local Manufacturers

Online furniture directories function like a Yellow Pages for manufacturers. Search using location and product type to find specialized producers in your area. Local manufacturers can be ideal for direct-buy furniture, as you may be able to visit their workshop to see operations first-hand.

Contacting Manufacturers

Call Manufacturers and Ask About Their Direct Sales Policies

Before visiting or placing an order with a manufacturer, it's wise to first call them and inquire about their direct sales practices. Ask outright if they allow customers to buy straight from them. If so, tell them about the pieces you are interested in and request a quote on current pricing. This phone call allows you to qualify potential sources before pursuing factories that won't sell to you.

Inquire About Their Product Lines and Pricing

When contacting potential manufacturers, ask what pieces they have available for direct purchase. Get written quotes on pricing for the items you plan to buy, including options like customization fees, sales tax, and delivery/installation services.

Ask About Delivery and Installation Services

Find out exactly what's included in terms of shipping and installation. Some manufacturers strictly handle production and outsource installation and delivery, while others have their own in-house teams. Get quotes from the manufacturer's recommended teams and consider the pros and cons of using third parties versus the manufacturer's service.

Shopping at Factory Stores

Inspect the Product Quality

One great perk of factory direct shopping is the ability to see furniture collections in person before committing to a purchase. Thoroughly inspect the quality of any pieces you are considering. Scrutinize joinery, finishing, fabric, carving details, and hardware. Sit in chairs and test sofas for proper comfort and support.

Ask for Information About Materials and Manufacturing Processes

Take advantage of factory store visits to ask questions about materials, construction methods, and other production details. Learning about the origin of materials, use of local labor, and finishing processes adds depth of meaning to the pieces you choose.

View Display Rooms for Design Inspiration

Walk through factory showrooms featuring beautifully decorated model rooms. Note how they blend different finishes, match upholstery patterns, and arrange furnishings for functionality and flow. Snapping pictures of the displays provides great reference material for your own home.

Buying Directly from Manufacturer Websites

Browse Product Catalogs and Descriptions

An increasing number of furniture manufacturers now provide the ability to purchase directly through their websites. Browsing online catalogs allows you to easily view entire collections and drill down on specific pieces of interest. Manufacturer websites provide a wealth of product specifications and images that let you thoroughly vet options from the comfort of home.

Check Delivery Areas

Confirm that the manufacturer delivers to your location before ordering. Reach out to customer service with any concerns about your area prior to checkout.

Understand Return and Exchange Policies

Be sure you understand and are comfortable with the return, exchange, and refund policies before buying directly online.

Maximizing the Benefits

Enjoy Steep Discounts

By eliminating multiple layers of distribution and markup, factory direct prices can be 30-50% less than buying through traditional retail channels. Always compare pricing to ensure you're evaluating the exact same product.

Get Custom and Personalized Options

Factories that supply to third parties can accommodate buyer preferences for finishes, fabrics, sizes, configurations, and more. Share your vision to bring unique pieces to life. Factories can also provide design services and other personalized assistance.

Build Direct Relationships for Future Support

Engaging directly with manufacturers establishes an ongoing relationship that benefits you long-term. Leave the door open for design help down the road and maintain contact information for warranty issues or when expanding your collection.

Purchasing furniture directly from the manufacturer provides unmatched selection, customization, discounted pricing, and personalized service. With some research and outreach, you can eliminate middlemen and furnish your home straight from the source, saving considerable costs in the process.