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A Comprehensive Review of the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe 7000k

CEO Khai Intela
Is the MaxxFan Deluxe Worth It? Our Verdict. Okay, let's get straight to the point: Is the MaxxFan Deluxe any good? Well, the answer is a resounding yes! We absolutely loved our MaxxFan Deluxe. It...

Is the MaxxFan Deluxe Worth It? Our Verdict.

Okay, let's get straight to the point: Is the MaxxFan Deluxe any good? Well, the answer is a resounding yes! We absolutely loved our MaxxFan Deluxe. It not only met our expectations but exceeded them in every way.

Sure, it may cost a bit more than other fans on the market, such as the Fan-Tastic Fan, but once we hit the road on our adventure, it quickly became the most used item in our van.

The MaxxFan Deluxe is incredibly quiet, especially on lower speeds, and it has a low power draw. We never had to worry about its power consumption, and it operated smoothly without any issues. The rain hood was a blessing, especially on those rainy days when ventilation is crucial. Being stuck in a van on a rainy day with no ventilation would have been a nightmare!

MaxxFan Deluxe installed in van conversion MaxxFan Deluxe installed in van conversion

Key Features of the MaxxFan Deluxe that We Loved

Let's dive into some of the key features that make the MaxxFan Deluxe stand out.

MaxxFan Deluxe Best Features

Built-in Rain Cover

In our opinion, the MaxxFan rain cover is the standout feature of this fan. The rain hood is well-built, easy to operate, and does an excellent job of keeping the rain out while allowing fresh air to come in. We never had any issues with rain entering the van, even in severe weather conditions.

Exhaust and Intake

One game-changing feature of the MaxxFan Deluxe is its ability to operate in both exhaust and intake modes. We discovered that having the fan in exhaust mode provided better circulation and ventilation throughout the van. By strategically placing the fan at one end of the van and opening a window at the opposite end, fresh air would be pulled in through the window, travel through the van, and then be expelled by the fan. This created a refreshing breeze throughout the entire living space.

10 Speeds

The MaxxFan Deluxe offers the convenience of 10 different speeds. This level of control allows you to manage the climate inside the van more effectively, adjust the fan noise, and control energy consumption. We found that operating the fan at speeds no higher than 80% provided the optimal balance between energy consumption and performance. At lower speeds, the fan was whisper quiet and still highly effective.

Highly Efficient 12V Power

The MaxxFan Deluxe is incredibly efficient when it comes to power consumption. Coupled with the ability to select from 10 different speeds, this fan is a winner when it comes to managing power usage in your van. This is especially important for extended trips or off-grid adventures.

Automatic Thermostat Settings

The MaxxFan Deluxe features an automatic thermostat setting that allows you to set a desired room temperature. The fan will then adjust its operation to achieve and maintain that temperature. While it does not provide air conditioning capabilities, this feature was effective in maintaining a comfortable temperature while we were sleeping.

Removable Bug Screen

The removable bug screen is a great addition to the MaxxFan Deluxe. It keeps all sorts of creepy crawlies out of the van while still allowing fresh air to flow in. Cleaning the screen is a breeze, and we only had to clean it once during our three months of use, after encountering a dust storm.

Ford Transit Van With MaxxFan Deluxe Installed Our Ford Transit van parked up with the MaxxFan Deluxe installed

Why You Need a Fan in Your Van

The short answer is yes, you absolutely need a fan in your van. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Airflow: Proper airflow keeps the air fresh, removes pollutants, and eliminates odors in a confined space. It ensures a clean and healthy living environment in your van.

  2. Condensation: Small living spaces like vans are prone to condensation buildup. This leads to mold, which can damage fabrics, cause rust, and lead to respiratory illness. A roof fan helps maintain airflow and prevent condensation issues.

  3. Ventilation: Cooking inside a van with a gas burner can lead to the buildup of dangerous gases. A roof fan with exhaust mode efficiently removes these harmful gases, ensuring a safe environment.

  4. Climate Control: A roof fan is essential for maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the van during hot weather. By opening windows and using the fan in exhaust mode, hot air can be quickly expelled and replaced with cooler outside air.

  5. Safety: With a roof fan, there's no need to leave windows open at night or while you're away. This eliminates the risk of intruders entering the van and provides peace of mind.

MaxxFan 7000K vs 7500K

Which MaxxFan Model is Best?

The best MaxxAir MaxxFan model on offer is the MaxxFan Deluxe. It's the gold standard of roof fans and lives up to the hype. When choosing a specific model, we recommend the 7000K or 7500k versions.

The main difference between these versions and the 5100/6200K models is the inclusion of an electric opening and remote control. While some may consider these features unnecessary, we found the convenience of the electric opening to be a game-changer. It saved time and effort when using the fan multiple times a day.

Why we installed a MaxxFan 7000k

Proper Installation and Placement

Proper installation and placement of the MaxxFan Deluxe are crucial to maximize its effectiveness. Consider the following:

  • Placement: Install the fan as far away from your main windows as possible to ensure optimal air circulation throughout the entire van. Placing it at the rear of the van is recommended if you have no windows near the rear.

  • Kitchen Placement: Installing the MaxxFan Deluxe above your kitchen area allows for efficient ventilation while cooking. It helps remove cooking odors and prevents condensation buildup.

  • Roof Thickness: Ensure your van's roof thickness meets the minimum requirement of 1 inch (25mm). Additional support, such as framing strips, may be necessary for proper installation.

  • Window Placement: Strategic window placement in relation to the fan is crucial for optimal airflow. A well-designed window and fan setup allows for effective air exchange and improved comfort.

Where should MaxxFan be installed

MaxxFan Deluxe Dimensions, Wiring, and Power Consumption

Here are some essential details about the MaxxFan Deluxe:

  • Dimensions: The MaxxFan Deluxe measures 22-1/2 inches long x 16-1/2 inches wide x 5 inches tall when closed (9.3 inches tall when open).

  • Roof Hole Size: The MaxxFan Deluxe fits the industry-standard van and RV roof opening of 14W x 14L inches (355x355mm).

  • Weight: The MaxxFan Deluxe weighs 11.9 lbs (5.4 kg) when fully installed.

  • Wire Gauge: The optimum wire gauge depends on the distance between the fan and your fuse box. Thicker gauge wire is recommended for longer wire runs to prevent voltage drop and ensure proper power distribution.

  • Power Consumption: The MaxxFan Deluxe operates within a range of 0.1 Amps on its lowest speed setting and 2.8 Amps on its highest speed setting.

MaxxAir MaxxFan Wiring Diagram

MaxxFan Deluxe Alternatives

While the MaxxFan Deluxe is the top-tier choice, we understand that budget constraints may lead you to consider alternatives. Here are a few options worth exploring:

  1. Fan-Tastic Vent 1200: This fan offers a lower price point but lacks a rain shield and has only three speeds. It's a decent choice if you're on a tight budget but still want a reliable fan.

  2. Maxxair MaxxFan 4500K: This midrange option provides 10 speeds, a built-in thermostat, and a remote control. However, it lacks a rain shield and can't operate properly in rainy weather.

  3. Heng's 71112-C: This budget-friendly fan offers basic airflow at a remarkably low price. It's suitable as a secondary fan or for those on a strict budget. However, it has limited speed control and ventilation power.

Ultimately, the MaxxFan Deluxe is the top choice for its superior performance, rain shield, and overall quality.


In conclusion, the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe 7000k is a fantastic investment for your van conversion or RV. Its exceptional performance, extensive features, and reliability make it the ideal choice for maintaining ventilation and comfort on the road.

Whether you're facing rainy weather, high temperatures, or condensation issues, the MaxxFan Deluxe will keep your van fresh and enjoyable. While alternatives exist, none can match the performance and versatility of the MaxxFan Deluxe.

Investing in a quality roof fan like the MaxxFan Deluxe is an investment in your comfort and well-being while on your van life adventure. So, go ahead and choose the best fan for your van and enjoy the benefits of proper ventilation and airflow.