Here Is a Handy Guide to Duplex House Interior Design

CEO Khai Intela
A duplex house interior design can be quite tricky because of the many facets in a duplex. It is very easy to get carried away. However, with the right duplex house design, you can have...

A duplex house interior design can be quite tricky because of the many facets in a duplex. It is very easy to get carried away. However, with the right duplex house design, you can have a stunning house that will wow your guests. Don’t forget to strike a balance between less and more. In this article, we have put together some of the best duplex house interior design ideas that you can consider for your duplex house, to make it look lavish and classy at the same time.

Modern Duplex House Interior Design - A Stylish Staircase

A duplex is double-storeyed so going in for a stylish staircase will add to its appeal. The staircase in a duplex is the pivotal point of the house as it is the connection between the two floors. You can decide on the place where to put the staircase according to the total area of the house. There are a number of designs to choose from if you have an indoor staircase, traditional staircases, spiral staircases, wooden ones, marble or glass staircases or ones with railings. Place the staircase in the middle of the living room to make it the centre of attraction otherwise it can be put in a corner. For a classy duplex home design, go in for a wooden staircase. Get the wall painted in a nice texture to balance the steps. A mirror can also be put on the whole wall next to the staircase for symmetry. A suspended staircase works great to create an illusion of space and makes a room look bright. The railings are also available in many materials and designs. Invisible glass railings with a reinforced steel staircase are used in contemporary homes. use wrought iron in your railings for a lavish look. A trending design is the transparent glass railings with reinforced steel stairs. Thin, transparent railings are also a good idea for a duplex house. A majestic staircase will do wonders for the modern duplex house interior design. It will give a dramatic effect and elevate the look of the house.

Modern duplex house interior design - A Stylish Staircase Modern duplex house interior design - A Stylish Staircase

Colour Scheme for a Modern Duplex House Design

The entire look of your home will depend on the colour that you choose for the house. Let us look at some of the colour schemes for you to consider-

1. Blue

Choose lighter hues of blue to bring tranquillity to your home. It is also a good colour to be used in the bedroom. Darker shades of blue can be combined well with other lighter shades so even a dual colour scheme can be chosen for an elegant look.

2. Pink

Don’t restrict pink to only the children’s room. It is a very versatile colour that can be used in any part of the house. You can use it extensively in interior design for duplex houses. Pink will create an illusion of space in the room because it can reflect light and make the room appear brighter. Choose lighter hues for the bedroom. You can also combine it with other neutral colours.

3. White

modern duplex house design

White is a colour of tranquillity, purity and cleanliness. It can be combined with any colour. Use white on the ceilings and walls for your duplex house design to make your room look spacious.

4. Pastel colours

Pastel colours work very well in a modern duplex house design. Use dark and contrasting colours for separating spaces. If the living room has a light hue, the dining area and kitchen can be darker in deeper hues.

5. Red

Red is a bright colour that will represent excitement and enthusiasm. Therefore, it is perfect for the living area or any area where you spend time maximum time with your family.

Duplex House Interior Design Ideas

Here are some of the modern duplex house design ideas which will give your house a classy look.

1. Dining room

Choose a modern dining table design for the contemporary dining area. Traditional wooden or stone dining tables also add a nice charm. Place a high table for a trendy look. Use lighter colours if you want the area to look spacious. Use a bench on one side of the dining table and put chairs on the other side. Experiment with the latest table and chair designs for giving a new look to your dining space.

2. Living Room

Depending on the area of the house, you can choose from the various duplex house design interior ideas. Go in for an elaborate sofa set for the living room to add opulence or a small elegant one for a minimalist look. Add home décor items like vases, centre tables, side tables, bookshelves, etc. to complete the look. Place plants on the side tables to add greenery to the room.

3. Flooring


Put tall plants near the balcony. Use terracotta tiles on the floor or wall. Choose different types of flooring for different areas of the house. Use marble flooring for your living room and wooden flooring in your bedrooms.

4. Lighting

Pick false ceiling lights or chandeliers in your living room for an elegant and bright look. According to your requirement and duplex interior design needs. You can also put lights near the staircase as well as accent lighting in the areas of the house. Use white lights to brighten up the place.

5. Mirrors

Add mirrors to the interiors of your duplex home to make the area look brighter and bigger. Decorative mirrors can be placed in strategic places to enhance the overall look, from the living room to near the staircase.

6. Partitions

You can create a classy look in your living room and even other areas in the house with the help of partitions. Wood is a traditional and preferred choice for partitions. A Wooden partition will not only enhance the look but also is a perfect addition to the duplex home design.

Duplex houses can be either side-by-side or two-storied apartments with different living units. Though they are smaller in size as compared to villas, there is a lot of space to explore. You can create unique modern duplex house interior designs by combining traditional and modern themes. The theme, layout, and colours should reflect the taste of the residents.

Extensive planning and a creative approach are required for the successful implementation of the duplex house interior design ideas. It takes a lot more effort to design a single apartment. It is important to choose the theme, colours and aesthetics carefully to create a perfect and sophisticated ambiance for the house.

Vital points to keep in mind

Small Duplex House Design

Many people go in for small duplex houses. Because of the space constraints, the duplex house interior design ideas revolve around the fact that the area should look appear larger. Use lighter colours, let the natural light come in, and have indoor gardens to change the look of the house. Little hacks can elevate the look and feel of the entire house. People no longer want boring designs for their homes, they want trendy and contemporary designs and modern duplex house interior designs have a lot of such options to choose from. Select stylish accessories and furniture to change the look of the house. Do a mashup of designs to create a unique trendy look.

A duplex house will be divided into two levels and there might be a disconnection between the two floors. To avoid that, ensure that both levels have a view of each other. You can have glass walls around the staircase or open corridors to ensure you can see one level from the other. To connect the down floor to the upper floors, you can consider placing the staircase of the duplex house at one corner of the home. Place big plush sofas in the living room, along with some cosy cushions and other home décor accessories to accentuate the place. If the upper floor of the duplex has a space for the terrace, you could set up the living and dining rooms there, which will be useful in entertaining the guests as well while keeping the bedrooms on the lower floors.


There are a lot of options for modern duplex house interior design. You can have the same theme for both the floors or a different theme for each floor according to your preferences. The functionality should be kept in mind while designing a duplex house, with the ground floor having the living room, kitchen, dining area, utility, and even a guest bedroom. The upper floor can have bedrooms with the attached bathroom. Decide on which element is important and focus your effort on that. The best part of a duplex house interior design is the tall walls. Highlight it by placing a huge painting or wall art to make a statement. A good duplex house design needs meticulous planning as well as a creative touch.