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Hawaii Real Estate License Requirements & Costs - Your Gateway to Success in Paradise

CEO Khai Intela
Are you dreaming of a career in real estate in the beautiful state of Hawaii? With its stunning landscapes and endless opportunities, Hawaii is truly every real estate agent's playground. However, before you can embark...

Are you dreaming of a career in real estate in the beautiful state of Hawaii? With its stunning landscapes and endless opportunities, Hawaii is truly every real estate agent's playground. However, before you can embark on this exciting journey, there are a few requirements and costs you need to be aware of. Don't worry; we've got you covered with our comprehensive guide to obtaining your real estate license in Hawaii. So, let's dive in and discover how you can say "Aloha!" to a successful career in the industry.

Hawaii Real Estate License Requirements

To become a licensed real estate agent in Hawaii, you must meet a few prerequisites. Here's what you need to know:

Hawaii Real Estate License Prerequisites

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You need to have a high school diploma or GED.
  • You should be a lawfully admitted resident of the U.S.

Before enrolling in the pre-licensing courses, you will need to complete the Request for Preliminary Decision Application. Additionally, you must provide information about any criminal offenses associated with your name. The Hawaii Real Estate Commission (HREC) will review this information to determine your eligibility for licensing.

It's important to note that Hawaii does not have reciprocity agreements with any other state. This means that even if you have a real estate license in another state for more than a year, you will still need to fulfill the pre-licensing education requirement or take the Uniform Examination. Furthermore, while agents and brokers from other states can conduct business in Hawaii, they are not allowed to enter the state for real estate showings or property closings.

1. Complete the Required Hawaii Real Estate Pre-licensing Courses

Once you meet the legal requirements, the next step is to enroll in the real estate prelicensing courses. These courses, which can be taken online or in person at an accredited school, will prepare you for the licensing exam and provide you with the knowledge and skills essential for success in your real estate career.

Here are two top Hawaii real estate pre-licensing schools you can consider:

  • The CE Shop Hawaii Pre-Licensing Course
  • Real Estate Express Hawaii Pre-Licensing

The cost of pre-licensing courses for aspiring real estate agents in Hawaii typically ranges from $300 to $849. The exact cost will depend on the course package you choose.

Hawaii Real Estate Pre-Licensing Cost Picture: Hawaii Real Estate Pre-Licensing Cost

These courses cover a wide range of topics, including property ownership, land use regulations, property valuations, financing, property disclosures, real estate contracts, and more.

If you have a law degree, a business degree, or a real estate bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. school, you may be exempt from the prelicensing education requirements and can proceed directly with the application process.

2. Take the State of Hawaii Real Estate Exam

The Hawaii real estate exam consists of two multiple-choice sections: the national section and the state section. To obtain your real estate license in Hawaii, you must pass both sections.

The pass rate for the national section is set at 56%, while the pass rate for the state section is set at 46%. The exam is computer-based, and your score will be displayed immediately after completion. In case you don't pass a section, you'll receive an analysis report highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.

To schedule your exam, create an account on the PSI website, the national provider for state licensing exams. The exam fee is $61, payable by credit or debit card. Remember that your test results will be valid for two years from the date of the examination, so it's important to apply for your Hawaii real estate license as soon as possible after passing the exam.

3. Pick a Hawaii Sponsoring Real Estate Brokerage to Work For

To activate your real estate license, you need to find a sponsoring brokerage to work under. This decision is crucial, as your choice of brokerage can have a significant impact on your career. Consider factors such as reputation, support, training, and the volume of revenues generated by different brokerages.

Here are the top five brokerages in Hawaii recommended by Real Trends in 2022:

Best Hawaii Real Estate Brokerages Picture: Best Hawaii Real Estate Brokerages

4. Apply for Your Hawaii Real Estate License

Once you pass the exam, you will receive the Hawaii real estate license application and detailed instructions on how to submit it. You will also need to submit your official school transcripts online and provide the necessary fees to the Hawaii Real Estate Commission (HREC).

Your application will be processed within three to five business days, and upon approval, you will receive your Hawaii real estate license. Congratulations! You're now ready to start your exciting journey in the real estate industry.

Hawaii Real Estate License Costs

Obtaining a real estate license in Hawaii comes with certain costs. Here's a breakdown:

  1. Coursework for Hawaii pre-licensing: $900+. The cost of pre-licensing schooling in Hawaii varies from year to year. In odd-numbered years, the cost is around $1,026, while in even-numbered years, it can be as low as $963.
  2. PSI tests: $61. This fee covers the cost of taking the real estate license exam in Hawaii. If you don't pass the exam, the fee for retaking it is also $61.
  3. Background check: $25. After passing the exam, you'll need to undergo a background check, which incurs a fee of approximately $25.
  4. License application fees: $65 to $382. The fee for a broker license is $65 regardless of when you submit your application. For a salesperson license, the cost varies depending on the year. In even-numbered years, the fee is $282, and in odd-numbered years, it is also $282.

Hawaii Real Estate Broker Requirements

If you aspire to become a real estate broker in Hawaii, you must fulfill specific requirements. These include:

  • Hold an existing Hawaii real estate salesperson license or a current salesperson or broker license in another state.
  • Possess at least three years of full-time experience as a Hawaii real estate agent.
  • Complete a pre-licensing course and pass the broker examination.

Hawaii currently does not have reciprocity agreements for broker licenses with other states. However, if you already hold a real estate license from another state, you will only be examined on the Hawaii section of the exam.

Hawaii Real Estate License Requirements - Final Thoughts

Becoming a real estate agent in Hawaii offers a world of opportunities in a stunning location. However, it's essential to meet the necessary requirements and follow the steps outlined in this guide to ensure a smooth path to success.

Remember, a real estate career requires dedication, passion, and continuous learning. With the right mindset and the right preparation, you'll be well-equipped to conquer the real estate field in Hawaii. So, take the first step, embark on this exciting journey, and start your successful career in paradise!

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