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The Power of Feng Shui in Enhancing Family Relationships

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By Jessie Kim If you are seeking to strengthen the bonds between family members and are open to exploring Feng Shui, then this article is a must-read. As a third-generation Feng Shui expert, I have...

By Jessie Kim

Feng Shui Family

If you are seeking to strengthen the bonds between family members and are open to exploring Feng Shui, then this article is a must-read. As a third-generation Feng Shui expert, I have witnessed countless individuals transform their lives through the power of Feng Shui.

Family Area Overview

According to the principles of Feng Shui, when improvements are made to the Family area of your surroundings, along with complementary enhancements to other areas, you can create a nurturing environment and foster positive relationships within your family. Neglecting this aspect can hinder wealth accumulation, even with a strong focus on your Prosperity corner.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Primary Element: Wood
  • Best Color: Green
  • Best Shapes: Rectangles, Vertical, Columns
  • Complementary Items: Black, Water, Free-Flowing
  • Destructive Items: White, Metal, Rounded

Family Area The Family area of your home is situated at the left-center part of your floor plan, right after you enter through the front door.

This section symbolizes the harmony and happiness of your family. By implementing Feng Shui principles in this area, you can strengthen the relationships with your current family members, honor your ancestry and lineage, and even cultivate a sense of global family.

Don't overlook this aspect even if you are applying Feng Shui in your office, as fostering a sense of family within your business is equally important (more on that later).

In addition to addressing the Family Gua of your home, pay attention to common areas like the living room and dining room. These spaces hold immense influence on the family dynamics in your home. Ensuring harmony in these areas, along with the Family Gua, is crucial.

Feng Shui Family Tree

The Family Gua is best associated with a family tree, representing the elements and colors ideal for this area. Envision a beautiful, lush family tree with abundant branches and foliage.

Green Colors

Just like you'd want your family tree to be adorned with vibrant green leaves, incorporate touches of green within your family areas. Green symbolizes growth and vitality within your family. You can experiment with different shades of green on your walls or simply add a few green throw pillows to infuse life into the room.

Wood & Water Elements

Continuing with the family tree analogy, the primary element to incorporate in the Family Gua is wood. Embrace wooden frames for happy family pictures to enhance the wood element. Avoid using metal frames or other metal objects in this area, as metal can weaken wood. Opt for wooden furniture or pictures of flourishing forests to create an ideal ambiance in your Family areas.

As water promotes the growth of trees, it serves as a valuable supplementary element to wood. Consider incorporating shades of blue or black, as they represent water and contribute to the flourishing of your family. However, be cautious not to overwhelm your forest of trees with excessive water elements.

Dangerous Elements & Cures

Steer clear of objects and colors that represent fire in the Family areas, as fire destroys wood. Avoid high-energy colors like red and orange in these spaces, as they symbolize fire.

If you have a fireplace in this area, hang a large painting of calm water above it. Even if you don't use the fireplace, it still represents a fire element. The serene water painting above the fireplace counterbalances the fire element and mitigates its effects.

Alternatively, instead of a water painting, you can opt for a large mirror. Mirrors are versatile Feng Shui tools that can reflect positive energy, ward off negative energy, or represent the water element due to their reflective properties.

No Family Pictures on the Fireplace!

As I mentioned in the Children & Creativity section, never place family pictures on top of a fireplace, regardless of which Gua of the house the fireplace belongs to. Doing so may lead to increased conflicts among the individuals in the pictures.

To illustrate, visualize your entire family driving together in a car without air conditioning through a scorching desert in the peak of summer. The rising tension and stress among family members due to the intense heat mirrors the impact of placing family pictures on the fireplace. Avoid this scenario, even symbolically, if possible.

This applies even if a person in the picture has passed away. Let's not provoke the departed spirits!

No Clutter

Similar to all areas of your home, the Family Gua should be free of clutter. Clean and uncluttered spaces allow positive energy to flow freely. Physical clutter represents mental and spiritual obstacles.

That's why it is crucial to prioritize comfort and cleanliness in every room of your home. Create an environment that nurtures harmony and tranquility.

Don't Ignore Your Business

If you are considering Feng Shui for your office or place of business, do not overlook the Family Gua.

A successful business fosters a sense of family among employees, customers, and vendors. Apply the above guidelines to your business just as you would to your home, providing opportunities for effective communication and collaboration.


Did any of the unique situations mentioned resonate with your home or office? Is the Family Area missing from your floor plan, or does it contain potentially disruptive elements? Are you seeking to strengthen family relationships?

Contact Ms. Feng Shui today for a consultation and add harmony and balance to your life. It will be the best investment you ever make.

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