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Easy DIY IKEA TV Stand Media Console: IKEA BESTA Hack

CEO Khai Intela
Are you looking to revamp your home entertainment setup in a stylish and affordable way? Look no further than the IKEA BESTA system! With its customizable features, IKEA BESTA cabinets make the perfect choice for...

Are you looking to revamp your home entertainment setup in a stylish and affordable way? Look no further than the IKEA BESTA system! With its customizable features, IKEA BESTA cabinets make the perfect choice for creating your own DIY TV stand or media console.

Not only will these cabinets hold all of your TV and media essentials, but they will also elevate the overall look of your living space. Whether you're in need of a new TV stand or a complete media center, an IKEA hack using the BESTA system can be tailored to fit your specific needs and design style.

Planning a Modern Media Console

Our living room recently underwent a transformation when we decided to upgrade our TV. Initially, I was hesitant about getting a 65" curved large TV, thinking it might be too big for the space. However, since we wanted the living room to be the focal point for TV viewing, we took the plunge.

Once we brought the TV home and placed it in the living room, we quickly realized that our old TV cabinet was too small to accommodate the new TV. This prompted us to start planning for a new media cabinet that would not only fit the TV but also blend seamlessly with the room.

While I initially considered creating a "built-in" media center on the wall, I never had a reason to do so until we got our new TV. I envisioned lower cabinets that would span the entire length of the wall, providing ample storage and creating a media center that appeared custom-made for the space. Although I contemplated adding upper cabinets with shelves for an entertainment unit, I ultimately decided against it. I wanted to maintain an open and spacious feel in the room, especially since the TV area is one of the first things you see when entering the living room.

To help you kickstart your own DIY IKEA BESTA media console project, here are the steps we followed:

Measure Your Space

Before designing your media center, it's essential to measure the wall or area where you plan to place it. This step will help you determine the size and number of BESTA units you'll need. Start by measuring the length of the wall and ensure that the cabinets will fit without leaving any gaps on the sides.

To proceed with the design, visit the IKEA website and explore their range of cabinet options.

Decide on the Layout

The layout of your media center depends on the size and shape of your space, as well as the type of TV you have. Consider how much additional storage you'll require for the entire piece. Sketch out your room and design on paper or use a design tool for a better visualization of how everything will come together.

Using the IKEA BESTA Planner to Design Your Media Console

The IKEA BESTA system offers a virtual planner online, accessible through your IKEA account. The planner allows you to specify the size of your room and visualize the space by adding various elements.

Firstly, create the overall space for your media console within the IKEA BESTA planner. This will give you an idea of how the media center will look on your living room wall. Next, select the appropriate IKEA BESTA frame cabinets based on the measurements you took earlier. Mix and match different base unit sizes to create a unique look. Utilize the planner to select and drag the selected BESTA products into your design.

Customize Your BESTA Units

Once you've completed the initial design of the BESTA frame, it's time to customize the units to fit your needs and style. Consider adding hardware to the drawers and door fronts that match your home decor. This will add a personal touch and enhance the overall look of your media console.

Additionally, you can consider painting your BESTA units to give them a unique and personalized look. Properly prepare the surface with primer and use high-quality paint for a durable finish. Choose a paint color that complements your space and other furniture.

If you have a larger living room, you might even consider adding built-in upper shelves using additional IKEA pieces or more BESTA units. This will create a custom IKEA entertainment center, adding both functionality and visual appeal to your space. Alternatively, you can incorporate IKEA LACK shelves to achieve a more open shelving look above your BESTA media console, providing ample space for displaying decorative items.

Purchase Your BESTA Cabinets at IKEA

With your design and customization plan ready, use the printed shopping list generated by the IKEA BESTA planner to pick and purchase all the necessary items at your nearest IKEA store. If you don't have an IKEA store nearby, check if they offer shipping options.

Fortunately, we were able to purchase everything for our media center at an IKEA store close to our home. We even took advantage of a sale and managed to keep the total cost under $500. Compared to the price of a custom-built media console, this DIY IKEA BESTA hack was a steal.

Assemble Your BESTA Units

Follow the detailed instructions provided by IKEA to assemble your BESTA units. It's a project that can be accomplished with the help of a partner, and while it may take some time, the end result will be worth it. Once assembled, place the media console against the wall and watch it fit perfectly, as if it was custom-made for your space.

Final Thoughts on the DIY IKEA TV Stand

In conclusion, the IKEA BESTA system offers a versatile and affordable option for creating a custom media console in your home. This DIY project made a significant impact on our living room and gave us a new TV unit that perfectly complements the space. With proper planning and DIY skills, you can transform a simple BESTA unit into a stylish and functional TV stand or media console.

Whether you choose to add doors, drawers, or open shelves, the BESTA system allows for customization to meet your specific storage needs and home style. Don't hesitate to get creative and add your own personal touch with paint or hardware. The possibilities are endless with the IKEA BESTA system, so start planning your perfect media center today.