Does the Feng Shui Ring Really Work: Unleashing Its Power

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Improving our positivity and fortune in life is the goal for almost everyone. We all want comfortable days filled with good luck. While hard work and pursuing our dreams undoubtedly improve our quality of living,...

Improving our positivity and fortune in life is the goal for almost everyone. We all want comfortable days filled with good luck. While hard work and pursuing our dreams undoubtedly improve our quality of living, feng shui jewelry can help us achieve our goals and manifestations faster.

Feng shui rings, in particular, are not only fashionable but also renowned for bringing wealth into your life. Among the best choices is the feng shui pixiu mantra ring, which combines wealth-attracting properties with wearer protection.

But does the Chinese ring really work? In this article, we will explore the reasons to activate these powerful rings. If you're feeling unmotivated, unprotected, or struggling with wealth, read on to discover how this ring can empower you.

Reasons to Activate the Lucky Feng Shui Rings

Acquiring lucky rings may seem easy - just buy from a store that sells feng shui charms. However, to gain the maximum benefit, you need to maintain and retain the powers of feng shui, which requires effort.

One way to activate your feng shui ring is through cleansing. Take the pixiu mantra ring as an example. The ring features the eminent pixiu, a celestial creature known for bringing wealth and protection. It's crucial to build familiarity with your pixiu, as your ring may have been handled by someone else before reaching your hands.

Another form of activation involves regularly petting your pixiu. Just like your house pet, this helps build loyalty with your pixiu, which in turn enhances your financial prosperity.

While we won't delve too deep into the actual activation of the Chinese ring here, it is vital that you activate it to unleash its full potential. Neglecting to do so will diminish its powers and effectiveness.

Remember, by believing in and caring for your feng shui finger jewelry, you can activate their powers. Set your intentions with the ring as soon as you purchase it, clarifying the goals you want it to help you achieve.

How to Activate Your Feng Shui Ring

Having understood the importance of activation, let's explore how you can activate your feng shui rings effectively:

Cleanse Your Feng Shui Ring

Claiming ownership of your ring means removing the energy of previous handlers. Thus, it's essential to cleanse your ring as soon as you acquire it.

Additionally, regular cleansing is necessary, especially if you wear the ring frequently. This helps remove excess energy that may hinder its powers. Physically wiping the ring with a soft cloth to remove dirt and debris is one way to cleanse it. Spiritually, you can use methods like moonlight cleansing, sage cleansing, or a Tibetan cleansing bowl.

By employing these methods, your ring can absorb the energy it needs to support you.

Keep an Intention in Mind

Believing in the powers of your ring and setting an intention are vital aspects of its effectiveness. For example, with the pixiu mantra ring, setting a mantra like "I attract wealth and abundance" will enhance its wealth-attracting properties. Repeat this mantra multiple times daily to attract the energy you need. Manifesting your desires helps strengthen the ring's energy, making it a potent source of prosperity.

Feed Your Feng Shui Ring

Similar to yourself, it's important to "feed" your wealth-attracting pixiu to show that it is cared for. Place your ring in an area where it can attract the necessary energy to further its growth.

For the pixiu mantra ring, train the pixiu to look for treasures, even when you're not using it. Place the ring in a bowl filled with precious stones, coins, or gems. The pixiu dragon is attracted to these riches, which it keeps in its belly. This practice must be done regularly and annually, particularly before the Chinese New Year, to invite good fortune at the beginning of the year.

Avoid placing paper bills in the bowl, as the pixiu is not attracted to them. Whatever you put in the bowl is what you will teach your pixiu to search for and bring into your life.

Wear the Ring Properly

Feng shui rings are uniquely made for different needs and purposes. While they all bring prosperity and a better quality of life, they must be worn on specific fingers, in accordance with feng shui rules.

The pixiu mantra ring, for instance, should be worn on your middle finger, as it is connected to the palm's money line. Wearing it on the correct finger enhances its powers. On the other hand, a jade ring can be worn on your index, middle, or pinky finger, depending on the properties you wish to tap into.

By wearing the ring properly, you not only follow feng shui principles but also activate and utilize its powers effectively.

Place the Ring in the Proper Direction

Feng shui emphasizes the natural order of things, so it's important to position your ring correctly. This is especially true for the feng shui pixiu mantra ring. As the pixiu is a fearsome creature, the ring should not be worn while sleeping or bathing.

Place the pixiu in a direction facing outward, so it continues to invite wealth into your home even when you're not wearing it. Position it in front of a window or facing your living room. However, ensure it does not face your bed, as the pixiu's formidable energy may disrupt your sleep.

Pet Your Ring

Creating a bond with your ring can be achieved by not only wearing it regularly but also by "petting" it. Think of it as a relationship between a pet and its owner.

With the feng shui pixiu mantra ring, it is vital that you pet the pixiu's body. This helps strengthen the ring's wealth-attracting energies. Remember to only pet the body and not the eyes and mouth, as those are the parts the pixiu dragon uses to search for treasure.

Where to Get Original Feng Shui Jewelry

Yes, the feng shui ring really works! If you still have doubts, remember that activating the ring will unleash its power.

Now that you know how to activate and use feng shui rings properly, you can tap into their vast potential for greater prosperity.

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