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Corner Bathroom Sink Styles: Maximizing Space and Style in Your Bathroom

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Thinking about getting a corner bathroom sink for your home? If you're renovating a small bathroom and searching for a way to add more space, a corner-mounted sink might be the perfect solution! Not only...

Thinking about getting a corner bathroom sink for your home? If you're renovating a small bathroom and searching for a way to add more space, a corner-mounted sink might be the perfect solution! Not only are they small and easy to install, but they also come with a nice little corner countertop. But did you know that they can also work well in larger bathrooms, adding counter space while freeing up floor space? Plus, they can be the perfect addition for powder rooms that lack vanity counter space. Today, we will explore the benefits of corner sinks, the different styles available, and how to install them.

Why Install a Corner Sink?

You might want to consider installing a corner sink if you have a small half bath that feels a bit cramped. Usually, half baths feature a pedestal or wall-mounted sink perfectly centered on one wall, taking up the whole side of the bathroom and leaving little room for anything else. But what if you installed a small wall-mounted sink in the corner instead? That would open up plenty of room next to it for additional shelving and storage.

Corner sinks come in various styles, including pedestal, wall-mounted, console, and drop-in sinks. However, some may require customization to fit the available space. The advantage of customizing your corner sink is that the design possibilities are endless. Not only does it require fewer materials due to its compact size, but it can also be much more cost-effective compared to building a larger vanity with a drop-in sink, for example.

The Benefits of Installing a Corner Bathroom Sink

There are several advantages to installing a corner sink over traditional bathroom sinks and vanities.


Corner bathroom sinks are incredibly space-efficient. Whether installed in a small bathroom to open up floor space or in a larger bathroom as a corner vanity, they make every inch count. Half baths can be as small as 20 square feet, and a corner sink takes up only about 4 square feet, leaving plenty of room for a toilet, storage, or even a small standing shower.

corner bathroom sink styles Caption: Corner bathroom sink styles


Although corner bathroom sinks don't come in standard sizes, they offer ample opportunities for customization. You can easily build a corner cabinet unit or shelving unit to create a corner console sink as a DIY project. With minimal materials and simple installation, you can design and assemble a compact sink in no time. Additionally, you can build a small cabinet to conceal the pipes for existing corner wall-mounted sinks, creating extra storage space in any tight bathroom.

When it comes to mirrors, you have numerous options for installing them in the corner. Try placing two half-circle mirrors together to create a unique corner mirror effect. Alternatively, opt for a swivel mirror, or display a mirror on one side and artwork on the other. The possibilities are endless.

compact bathroom sink Caption: Compact bathroom sink

Unique Design

Corner bathroom sinks are not commonly seen in most bathrooms, making them a unique addition. While pedestal and wall-mounted sinks are the most common styles available in stores, you can personalize these store-bought ceramic bowls by swapping out the fixtures and constructing an attractive cabinet or shelving unit to accompany them.

Another great option is compact sinks, which can be seamlessly installed in bathroom corners or walls without taking up much space. These sinks offer abundant opportunities for customization to match your bathroom's style or add more functionality, such as additional storage.

stunning compact bathroom sink styles Caption: Stunning compact bathroom sink styles

Opportunity for Added Counterspace

Corner sinks are not only ideal for small bathrooms but also highly space-efficient in larger bathrooms. Imagine having two open walls in your bathroom, with one wall occupied by his and hers sinks that stretch the entire length. What can you do with the unused wall space to your right? Why not add more counter space?

Replace the lengthy counter with two sinks with a corner cabinet unit featuring one sink and one vanity. Two sinks may not be necessary, but having two mirrors is essential. Utilize the corner space by installing a sink with a mirror, then place a vanity with storage and a mirror alongside it for getting ready in the morning. Additionally, you can use any leftover space on the sides for installing shelves or conveniently storing laundry hampers.

How to Install a Corner Sink in Your Bathroom

When it comes to home improvement, installing a small corner sink is relatively easy to do yourself. These sinks are smaller in size, have lighter brackets, and can be installed quickly. Here are some simple steps to follow for installing a wall-mounted corner sink in your bathroom. (Note: Sink installation may vary slightly for drop-in corner sinks with a cabinet that can be placed against the wall and secured with screws.)

Step 1: Mark Your Measurements

Measure the desired sink height (usually around 30-36 inches) and mark that height on each wall. Locate the studs and draw the sink's size (standard size is 16x16) on the wall. Cut out the appropriate size, and then secure a block of wood between each stud to act as your mount. (Tip: Remember to turn off the water main before proceeding.)

Step 2: Drill the Plumbing Holes

Carefully cut out the holes for the pipes and plumbing fixtures, ensuring you don't damage any existing pipes. Place the mounting plate and pre-drill holes for installing your sink.

Step 3: Install the Fixtures & Mounting Plate

Attach the mounting plate to the newly installed wood block, making sure it stays in place. Install the drain and pipe assemblies onto your sink, preparing it for the installation.

Step 4: Mount the Sink

Secure your sink to the mounting plate using strong anchor bolts. Ensure everything is properly aligned before proceeding with further installation.

Step 5: Final Check

Turn the water back on and test all faucets and pipes. Look for any leaks, tighten connections if necessary, and make sure the water drains well in the sink.

install wall mount sink Caption: How to install a wall-mount sink

Are Corner Bathroom Sinks for You?

As you can see, corner sinks and vanities offer amazing, unique options for your next bathroom remodel. The price, modern design, and the ability to open up floor plans make them a highly attractive choice for those looking to upgrade from standard pedestal and cabinet sinks.

If you're not the DIY type, we recommend reaching out to professionals who can handle the installation, repair, and replacement for you. AJ Alberts is a trusted team of highly trained professionals ready to assist you. Contact us today to get started!

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