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9 Modern Neoclassical Design Tips for Your Living Room

CEO Khai Intela
Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living room? Look no further than modern neoclassical interior design. This style combines the timeless appeal of classical architecture with contemporary elements,...

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living room? Look no further than modern neoclassical interior design. This style combines the timeless appeal of classical architecture with contemporary elements, creating a space that is both refined and beautiful.

In this article, we will explore nine tips to help you incorporate neoclassical design into your living room. From color considerations to architectural details, we'll guide you through the process of creating a stunning neoclassical-inspired space.

1. Color Consideration

Neoclassical interior design often features subdued and muted color palettes. Cream or white backgrounds are complemented by shades of grey, blue, and yellow. To enhance the design elements, accent colors like black, crimson, gold, and silver can be used. Consider incorporating paintings of classical architecture or figurative art, as well as accent wall designs with floral art for a neoclassical touch.

colour palettes neoclassical interior Colour palettes in neoclassical interior design.

2. Dressings the Windows and Doors

Neoclassical interior design often features solid and heavy architectural features. Soften these elements by adding luxurious curtains to expansive windows, doors, and high ceilings. Consider using heavier fabrics like silk, velvet, faux silk, or linen to add warmth and emphasize the proportions of the space.

dressings the windows and doors Dressing windows and doors in neoclassical design.

3. Incorporate Neoclassical Décor

Achieve a harmonious balance by incorporating essential decorative elements. Neoclassical interior design emphasizes rich and decorative components. Add large mirrors, flower arrangements, statues, detailed vases, vintage Wedgewood China sets, artwork, and elaborate moulding to the walls and ceilings of your living room. The key is to strike a balance between luxury and subtlety, creating a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

incorporate neoclassical décor Incorporating neoclassical décor in your living room.

4. Add Neoclassical Décor Patterns and Motifs

Neoclassical decorating style often features ornate motifs and patterns inspired by nature. Incorporate intricate floral patterns in carvings, walls, ceilings, sculptures, carpets, and mirrors. Crown mouldings, decorative flower mouldings, or POP designs can enhance the overall aesthetic. Consider using white or lighter tones to highlight these motifs and patterns.

neoclassical décor patterns and motifs Neoclassical decorative patterns and motifs.

5. Add Neoclassical Architectural Details

If you have the opportunity to start from scratch, incorporate elements of neoclassical architecture into your interior design. Lofty walls, wide windows, expansive entryways, columns, and spacious layouts can create the perfect canvas for a neoclassical living room. Consider marble-clad flooring or light wood flooring for a high-end yet modern aesthetic.

neoclassical architectural details Neoclassical architectural details in your living room.

6. Embellish with Mirrors of Various Sizes

Mirrors play a significant role in neoclassical interior design. Opt for round or oval ornamental mirrors for a traditional feel, or choose rectangular or square mirrors for a more modern flair. Look for mirrors with luxurious finishes like gold, silver, or bronze to add a touch of elegance to your space. Lavishly embellished frames can further enhance the neoclassical style.

mirrors of various sizes Mirrors of various sizes for a neoclassical touch.

7. Bring Comfort Underfoot

Complete the neoclassical look by adding a plush carpet to your living room. Ancient or vintage-styled carpets featuring nature motifs or geometric patterns can enhance the overall design. The carpet should complement the color scheme and add an extra layer of elegance and comfort to the space.

vintage neoclassical-style carpet Vintage neoclassical-style carpet.

8. Add Ornamented Neoclassical Decorative Elements

Modern neoclassical interior design embraces lavish and extravagant design details. Incorporate floral patterns and ornamental components like painting frames, mirrors, chandeliers, columns, statues, and artworks. Opt for gold, silver, copper, or bronze finishes to achieve a luxurious neoclassical aesthetic.

ornamented neoclassical decorative elements Ornamented neoclassical decorative elements.

9. Symmetrical Layouts

Symmetry is a key component of neoclassical interior design. Incorporate elegant and ornamental furniture pieces such as upholstered couches, chairs, coffee tables, and neoclassical architectural elements like mouldings, windows, and lighting. Strive for balance and harmony in the arrangement of furniture and decoration.

symmetrical layouts Symmetrical layouts in neoclassical design.

Decorate your living room with these modern neoclassical design tips to create a space that is sleek, sophisticated, and timeless. For more expert advice and assistance on neoclassical interior design, head over to Homelane. Let your living room reflect the elegance and refinement of neoclassical design.


1. What Is Neoclassical Interior Design? Neoclassical interior design is inspired by the classical home décor of Greece and Rome. It focuses on sophistication, elegance, and showcases wealth, luxury, and unique vintage artwork. Neoclassical interior design remains popular due to its timeless appeal and luxuriousness.

2. What Are the Key Elements of Neoclassical Interior Design? Neoclassical interior design is classier, cosier, and more spacious than sleek contemporary styles. The key elements include a subdued color palette, symmetrical and ornamental furniture, and decorative elements such as large mirrors, artwork, and elaborate mouldings.