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Colour Psychology: Unleashing the Vibrance of Orange in Interiors

CEO Khai Intela
The power of color in our lives is undeniable. It has the ability to impact our emotions, alter our moods, and create an atmosphere that resonates with us. In the realm of interior design, color...

Tangerine Tango Pantone Colour of the Year 2012

The power of color in our lives is undeniable. It has the ability to impact our emotions, alter our moods, and create an atmosphere that resonates with us. In the realm of interior design, color plays a crucial role in setting the tone and ambiance of a space. One color that can truly make a statement is orange.

The Rise of Tangerine Tango

Karen Haller

Earlier this year, Pantone declared Tangerine Tango as the Color of the Year. This vibrant hue radiates energy, motivation, and positivity. As a color expert and consultant, Karen Haller shares her insights on the psychological properties of orange and how to harness its positive attributes in interior design.

Embracing the Joy and Playfulness of Orange

A true orange hue embodies joy, fun, and playfulness. It sparks social interaction and stimulates the appetite. While red is often associated with stimulating the appetite, orange carries the same cultural significance in Chinese restaurants, symbolizing good fortune and abundance. Tangerine Tango, with its higher percentage of red, exudes liveliness and energy.

Finding Your Perfect Shade of Orange

When incorporating orange into your interiors, it is essential to find a tone that resonates with your personality. Whether you opt for Pantone's Tangerine Tango or a softer peach or apricot, the saturation of color will determine the intensity of the psychological qualities you experience. However, it is crucial to strike a balance and be mindful of the negative characteristics of orange when using it in combination with other colors.

Complementing Orange: A Play of Hues

To create a cohesive color scheme, consider the mood you want to evoke. For a retro look, pair shades of brown with orange, while touches of turquoise can lend a contemporary feel. Blue, being the complementary color to orange, enhances the vibrancy of both hues. For a fresh and fun look, combine orange with yellow. The key is to harmonize the tones to achieve a visually pleasing result.

Mastering the Art of Orange

When it comes to using Tangerine Tango successfully in residential interiors, a few factors warrant consideration. First and foremost, you need to genuinely enjoy the color. If Tangerine Tango feels too intense for your space, explore other tones of orange that evoke a similar sense of vibrancy. Furthermore, keep in mind that orange is not a relaxing color, so it might be best to avoid using it in areas where you aim to unwind or carry out focused work. Instead, leverage its stimulating qualities in entertaining or social spaces.

The Power of Orange in Challenging Times

In choosing Tangerine Tango as the Color of the Year, Pantone aimed to infuse more positivity and energy into our lives. As we navigate through the difficulties of the past few years, orange represents a new dawn in attitude. Its vibrant hues, particularly those containing a high percentage of yellow, evoke feelings of optimism and hope. Tangerine Tango, with its red-saturated brilliance, serves as a beacon of encouragement, motivation, and revitalization.

Embracing Orange with Confidence

For some, the prospect of incorporating such a bold and vibrant color into their homes might seem intimidating. However, if you are drawn to the energy and vibrancy of Tangerine Tango, start small. Introduce orange in the form of accessories that can easily be swapped out or rearranged if it becomes overwhelming. Remember, there is a vast range of orange tones to choose from, ranging from soft salmon and peach to burnt orange and Persian orange.

Bedroom featuring Backgammon Wallpaper in Harvest Orange by Mini Moderns

Orange-Infused Spaces: Letting Your Creativity Flow

Orange interiors find their ideal spaces in areas dedicated to fun, happiness, and social interaction. The kitchen and entertainment areas are perfect canvases for orange, given its psychological properties. The softer and paler shades of orange, such as salmon, peach, and apricot, can create a more romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, subject to personal associations with the color.

Illuminating Orange: The Role of Lighting

Lighting is a critical factor in bringing out the best in an orange-dominated room. Consider the room's aspect and natural lighting conditions, as different lighting sources can dramatically alter the color's appearance throughout the day. Awareness of the type and color bias of artificial lighting is equally important in ensuring the desired impact of orange.

As you embark on your journey to infuse the vibrance of orange into your interiors, keep in mind Karen Haller's expert advice and insights. Embrace the joy, playfulness, and energy that orange brings while finding the perfect balance that suits your individual taste and space. Let orange be the catalyst that elevates your home into a space that truly reflects your personality and inspires positivity in everyone who enters.

Author's note: We'd love to hear your thoughts on the use of orange in interiors. Feel free to share your experiences and questions in the comments below!