Choosing the Perfect Rug Size for Your Queen Bed: A Complete Guide

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Looking to add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom? A rug is a classic and understated way to elevate your personal space with texture and color. However, selecting the wrong rug size for your...

Looking to add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom? A rug is a classic and understated way to elevate your personal space with texture and color. However, selecting the wrong rug size for your queen bed can be a disappointment. Returning it can be a hassle and costly. That's why it's crucial to get it right the first time. In this guide, we will help you choose the best rug size for your queen bed and provide tips on how to frame it properly.

How to Choose the Right Rug Size for a Queen Bed

There are various ways to place a rug under a queen bed. While there is an optimal rug size for a queen bed, different sizes can still work if you frame them right. Let's explore the different rug sizes and how they can fit your queen bed.

1. 4×6 Rug: Ideal for placing beside the bed

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Although a 4 by 6 feet rug doesn't technically go under a queen bed, it can still have a place in your bedroom if you think creatively. You can place a 4 by 6 feet rug next to the bed if your bed is against the wall. Alternatively, if your bed is in the middle of the room, you can use two rugs on either side. This adds warmth to a small room without taking up too much space. You can also experiment with different patterns on each side to bring depth to your bedroom.

2. 5×7 Rug: The smallest size to put under a queen bed

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If you have a small room and want to put a rug under your queen bed, a 5 by 7-foot area rug is your best option. It won't take up too much space around the bed, and you can start it either a foot from the bedframe or from the middle of the bed. This rug size won't cover your nightstands, but it provides a cozy fit for your queen bed.

3. 5×8 Rug: Perfect rug size for small bedrooms

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A 5 by 8 feet rug is also an excellent fit for small bedrooms. Center it in the room and extend it equally on the sides of the bed. On the bottom, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to frame the bed. This creates a defined area for the bed and adds comfort for a good night's sleep.

4. 6×9 Rug: Perfect rug size for a queen bed

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For medium or large bedrooms, a 6 by 9-foot rug is the best choice. It provides 25 inches of underfoot rug on either side of a standard queen bed. While it may not fit your nightstand, it still frames the bed perfectly. Depending on your preferences, you can place a bench or adjust the placement to have more or less rug space at the bottom.

5. 7×10 Rug: Largest rug size for an average-sized bedroom

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A 7 by 10-foot rug is the largest size that works well in an average-sized bedroom. It allows you to place your nightstand on the rug. By laying it perpendicular to the bed, you get 30 inches of extra rug space on either side. This creates ample walking space around the bed while still showcasing the rug.

6. 8×10 Rug: Ideal for large bedrooms

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If you have a considerably large bedroom with plenty of space around the bed, you can opt for an 8 by 10 feet rug. This size accommodates your nightstand, bench, and other furniture. It adds depth and boundary to a large bedroom, creating a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

7. 9×12 Rug: Works best in huge bedrooms

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A 9 by 12 feet rug is suitable for huge bedrooms, but careful planning is necessary to ensure it fits the space. Choose the texture and pile height wisely, opting for neutral colors and low piles. Proper placement is crucial to avoid creating narrow spaces between the rug and furniture. Center the rug in the room and ensure it doesn't overpower the space.

8. Round or Elliptical Rugs: Uncommon yet chic addition under a queen bed

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While not traditional rug sizes for a queen bed, round or elliptical rugs can add sophistication when used correctly. They bring warmth to your bedroom without committing to full carpets. Opt for larger carpets as they are challenging to fit under a bed without showing awkward edges.

The Best Rug Size for a Queen Bed: Our Opinion

Typically, a 6- by 9-foot rug is the best size for a queen bed. It fits well in any room, providing a spacious 25-inch underfoot rug on either side of a standard queen bed. Although it won't accommodate your nightstand, it frames the bed perfectly. You have the flexibility to choose how much rug you want to show on the bottom of the bed.

Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Rug Size for a Queen Bed

Before choosing a rug size for your bedroom, consider the following factors:

The size of the room

Ensure that the rug fits the room appropriately. A rug that is too large may make the room feel congested, especially in smaller spaces.

Type of bed

While this guide focuses on queen beds, it's essential to consider the specific dimensions of your bed. Non-standard queen beds may require different rug sizes.

Number of nightstands

The number of nightstands you have will impact how you position the rug. For symmetry, ensure the rug aligns with the nightstands.

Other furniture around the room

Allow sufficient space between the rug and other furniture to prevent narrow and awkward passages.

How to frame the bed

Position the rug perpendicular to the bed, with its length against the width of your bed. This arrangement creates a comfortable space around the bed and allows for a practical morning routine. Alternatively, consider placing a wider rug underneath your bed to accommodate nightstands and create a cohesive look.

How to Frame Queen Beds With Rugs: Top 5 Ways

The rug size is essential, but how you place and frame the bed is equally important. Here are the best ways to frame a queen bed with a rug:

1. The Two-Thirds Rule

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According to the "Two-Thirds Rule," position a smaller rug, such as a 5 by 7 or 5 by 8 feet rug, beneath the lower two-thirds of your queen bed. This ensures a balanced and visually pleasing effect, with a few inches of rug visible on all three sides of the bed.

2. Highlight the Bottom

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To showcase a charming rug pattern or if you have a larger-than-average bedroom, consider framing the rug beneath the foot of the bed. This arrangement adds visual balance and accentuates the design of your rug, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

3. Envelop the Bed

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Surround your entire bed with a well-fitted rug to achieve full coverage. Optimal rug sizes, such as 7' x 9', 8' x 10', or 9' x 12', provide sufficient length and width to cover the entirety of your bed, with additional space on the sides to showcase the rug's design.

4. Incorporate Your Nightstands

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Place your nightstands atop the rug for a stylish and cohesive look. This arrangement ensures that all bedroom furniture rests on the rug, creating a harmonious and unified appearance. Opt for generous rug sizes, such as 8' x 10' or 9' x 12', to accommodate both your bed and nightstands.

5. Add a Stylish Accent

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For a smaller area or when focusing on enhancing the bedroom's design, consider using a runner. These narrow rugs add style without occupying too much floor space. Runners seamlessly blend with your bedroom decor and don't require lifting the bed for placement.

By following these guidelines and considering your room's size, bed type, nightstands, other furniture, and preferred framing style, you can confidently choose the perfect rug size for your queen bed. Enjoy the process of creating a cozy and stylish bedroom retreat.