Chill Out: The Best Wall AC Units for 2022

CEO Khai Intela
Image: A wall AC unit I'm from the south, where A/C exists everywhere. Air conditioning is a necessity to survive the scorching heat. But when I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I realized that central...

a wall ac unit Image: A wall AC unit

I'm from the south, where A/C exists everywhere. Air conditioning is a necessity to survive the scorching heat. But when I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I realized that central A/C is a myth, and wall AC units are prized possessions. Summers can get hot here too, and a recent heatwave in Portland saw temperatures soaring to record highs of 115. That's when wall AC units saved the day.

Who Needs Wall AC Units?

This guide is for anyone looking to cool their homes or offices with an air conditioning unit. Central A/C can be expensive and unnecessary in many parts of the country. But on those sweltering summer days, having icy blasts of air feels like magic. Installing a wall unit may seem like a challenge, but trust me, it's worth it.

How We Selected the Best Wall AC Units

When choosing air conditioners, we considered a variety of budgets and spaces. Our selection includes units suitable for studio apartments to larger offices. We also paid attention to features like fan settings, dehumidifying options, and remote controls. Some options even offer heating and cooling capabilities for year-round comfort. Multiple mounting options are available to meet various needs.

Features to Consider

If you're thinking about investing in a wall-mounted AC unit, here are some essential criteria to keep in mind:

Room Size

Air conditioners are measured in terms of BTU (British thermal units). Ensure that the unit you choose is powerful enough to cool the space where it will be installed. There are online BTU calculators to help you determine the ideal unit for your room size. For example, a 5000 BTU unit will cool a room up to 150 square feet, while a 7000 BTU unit is preferable for a 300 square feet space. Additionally, consider the maximum airflow of the model, as it affects the overall cooling performance.

Efficiency Rating

The more efficient the unit, the higher its EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). Most wall AC units have an average EER of 10.3, while the best units can reach up to 10.7.

Operating Modes

Invest in a unit with customizable settings and modes that match your preferences. Look for adjustable fan speeds and built-in dehumidifiers to maintain comfort and prevent mold. If you plan on using the AC unit overnight, choose one with a quiet operation and a sleep mode setting that gradually adjusts the temperature for a comfortable sleep experience.


Consider an AC unit with pre-programmable timer settings to save on electricity costs. It allows you to schedule when the unit turns on and off, ensuring optimal usage.

Digital Temperature Control

Many units come with remote controls and digital temperature control panels. These features allow you to adjust settings conveniently and monitor energy consumption.

Easy Clean Filters

Look for units with easily accessible and cleanable filters. Detachable filters that can be wiped down are preferable to those requiring professional maintenance.

Benefits of Wall AC Units

Here are some key reasons why we believe you'll appreciate a through-the-wall air conditioner:

  • All-year-round comfort: Wall AC units can provide heating and cooling functions, making them useful beyond the hot summer months. They offer flexibility and save space compared to separate heating and cooling units.

  • Less obtrusive: Wall AC units are typically less noticeable than window-mounted alternatives. They also don't require an open window to operate, allowing you to enjoy the view and fresh air.

  • Energy efficiency: Wall AC units are more energy-efficient than central air conditioning systems and more effective than window units. Their tight seal prevents cold air from escaping, resulting in lower energy costs.

Now that you have a better understanding of the features to look for and the benefits of wall AC units, it's time to find the perfect one for your space. Stay cool and comfortable all summer long!