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B&Q Fitted Kitchens Review: An Expert's Perspective

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As a seasoned SEO specialist and copywriter, I've had the pleasure of examining countless fitted kitchen suppliers. Today, I'd like to delve into B&Q and provide you with a unique perspective on their offerings. With...

B&Q fitted kitchens review Balsamita range in matt grey

As a seasoned SEO specialist and copywriter, I've had the pleasure of examining countless fitted kitchen suppliers. Today, I'd like to delve into B&Q and provide you with a unique perspective on their offerings. With over 50 years of experience in the DIY and installation business, B&Q has established itself as one of the leading fitted kitchen suppliers in the UK.

Fast Facts About B&Q Fitted Kitchens

  • Kitchen ranges: 12
  • Number of styles: Three
  • Finance available: Yes
  • Installation service: Yes

When it comes to kitchen renovations, B&Q offers a wide range of designs, appliances, accessories, and finishing touches. These products cater to various budgets, allowing homeowners to personalize the color and style of their kitchen without breaking the bank. In fact, B&Q's prices are highly competitive compared to other national fitted kitchen suppliers like Homebase and Wickes.

One standout feature of B&Q is their free kitchen planning and design service. This service includes a 3D model of your dream kitchen, allowing you to visualize the end result before making any purchasing decisions. It's a fantastic tool that can help you make informed choices and ensure the perfect kitchen for your home.

Key Features That Set B&Q Apart

  • Highlights: B&Q kitchens offer a touch of class with a dedicated range of door designs and the choice of a matt or glazed finish. The fitted kitchen comes complete with cabinets, worktops, and drawers, giving you a complete package. Plus, there are several colors to choose from, making it easier to match your kitchen's existing color scheme.
  • Warranty: B&Q provides a 25-year guarantee for the GoodHome kitchen ranges and hardware.
  • Cost: Prices for an eight-unit fitted kitchen setup start at £1,054 for the budget-friendly GoodHome Chia collection and go up to £2,897 for the exquisite Verbena range.
  • Payment options: B&Q offers convenient payment options, including a "buy now, pay later" plan and three-month to five-year interest-free credit.
  • Key benefits: With B&Q, you can enjoy budget-friendly kitchen setups with a wide selection of colors and door ranges.

The Upsides and Downsides of B&Q Fitted Kitchens

Every purchase requires careful consideration, so let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of B&Q kitchens:

  • Pros: B&Q offers an extensive collection of kitchen ranges, provides a free expert consultation, and even offers a kitchen visualizer tool to help you design your dream kitchen.
  • Cons: On the downside, B&Q lacks size customization options and their color choices may be limited for those seeking unique options.

How Do B&Q Fitted Kitchens Work?

A B&Q fitted kitchen from the Alisma range in high gloss white with a breakfast bar and a brick wall on one side of the room.

B&Q makes planning your kitchen renovation a breeze. They offer a free planning meeting and a handy kitchen visualizer tool, allowing you to start the process from the comfort of your own home.

During the planning meeting, a knowledgeable kitchen expert will sit down with you to discuss your specific needs and preferences. They will then create a custom kitchen design tailored to your taste. If you're unsure about your desired style, the kitchen visualizer tool allows you to experiment with different layouts, colors, and worktops. It's a fantastic tool that lets you see exactly how your dream kitchen will look before construction begins.

Once you've made your selections, B&Q will deliver and install everything for you. However, if you prefer, you can hire a different fitting service or even do it yourself. B&Q truly puts the power in your hands.

B&Q Fitted Kitchens Versus Competitors

B&Q is renowned for its competitive prices and decent product selection. However, how does it stack up against other leading home improvement retailers in the UK?

While B&Q offers excellent options, if you're looking for customization and luxury, you may need to explore other brands. Both Wickes and Wren Kitchens allow you to design your kitchen from scratch, selecting everything from worktops to finishes and materials according to your preferences.

If high-end fitted kitchens are more your style, Magnet could be your best bet. Their product aesthetic is breathtaking, and you can choose from over 20 designs.

How Much Do B&Q Fitted Kitchens Cost?

B&Q understands that budget flexibility is essential. They offer various finance options, including interest-free credit, fixed monthly installments, and "buy now, pay later" plans. PayPal users can also opt for three interest-free payments over an agreed period.

To give you a sense of pricing, here's a comparison of the eight-piece units of fitted kitchens from different companies:

  • B&Q: £1,054 to £2,897+
  • Homebase: £1,134 to £2,880+
  • Magnet: £2,393 to £8,366+

Maintaining Your B&Q Fitted Kitchen

A B&Q fitted kitchen from the Chia range in woodgrain finish with black worktops and dark walls.

Keeping your kitchen in top shape is crucial for both aesthetics and longevity. Fortunately, B&Q fitted kitchens are designed to be easy to clean and come with a 25-year guarantee. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure your kitchen remains pristine and prevent the need for costly repairs or replacements.

What the Experts Say

"B&Q kitchens just had an update, and we're SERIOUSLY impressed. The new GoodHome collection is a budget-friendly, eye-pleasing range designed to suit a range of house styles, and it's totally blown all other DIY store kitchens out of the water." - RealHomes

"B&Q has improved the in-store experience, totally transforming the kitchen showrooms in all stores nationwide. The new kitchen showrooms feature a new Project Advice zone that shows how to make the best use of spaces and lets customers mix and match the range of doors, worktops, and handles. B&Q kitchen experts are on hand to provide customers with personalized support with their kitchen planning." - Advertiser

Customer Reviews

Here's what some customers have to say:

"With such a large company, it all comes down to each store, but everyone I have come across at the Harlow branch has been polite and helpful. Particularly a big thank you to both Nicky and Gemma in the kitchens department, who really helped and guided me through the purchase of a new kitchen. So pleased with the result, which with their help was half the price I initially got quoted from Magnet and looks and is designed better." - Diana Church via Trustpilot

"I bought a kitchen off these cowboys. They were supposed to deliver it in two parts, which did happen, however, the delivery drivers didn't give me time to check it all off the order list. Hence when we have come to install it, there are six rather large items missing. I went to the store, and I have been told we now have to buy the missing items again as it's been over five months! Livid doesn't come close. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired. They absolutely do not [care] about the fact that these items have been paid for and it is their wrongdoing for not picking the order correctly! Not to replace them is a disgrace. Why should I be out of pocket? It's not like I can get these items elsewhere. At a time when finances are stretched to the max, they throw insult to injury!" - Georgia Hale via Trustpilot

Our Recommendation

When it's time to renovate your kitchen, there are many options available, but B&Q stands out with its 50-plus years of industry experience and quality products. They offer a wide range of fitted kitchens, designed to optimize your space with ample storage and worktop areas. B&Q is a one-stop shop, making it convenient to get everything you need for your kitchen makeover, from appliances to flooring and paint. Plus, their competitive prices ensure that you'll find a fitted kitchen that fits your budget.

How We Chose the Top Fitted Kitchen Companies

To rank the top fitted kitchen companies, we utilized our Reviews Standards matrix, scoring each company across multiple categories. These categories include the number of showroom kitchen styles offered, length of guarantees, payment options, reputation on Trustpilot, and any additional benefits provided, such as virtual appointments, complementary services, nationwide showrooms, and customer support availability.