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Top 10 Examples of Exceptional Interior Design and Architecture Websites

CEO Khai Intela
For interior designers and architects, having a website that showcases their talent and skill is crucial. A mediocre website can give the impression of average service, which is not what these professionals need. In this...

For interior designers and architects, having a website that showcases their talent and skill is crucial. A mediocre website can give the impression of average service, which is not what these professionals need. In this article, we will explore my personal top 10 chart of interior design and architecture studios' digital domains. These websites serve as perfect examples of how your own website should look.

10. CASE 3D

CASE 3D Image Source: Saigon Intela

CASE 3D presents a nice animated portrayal of sketches turning into actual interiors. The website combines traditional menus with scrolling navigation and features extensive case studies for all completed works. However, aside from the interesting main page "drawing vs reality" solution, the other sections can be quite boring and straightforward.


DOCK Image Source: Saigon Intela

DOCK stands out with its interesting concept of image unification, using an Instagram-like "vintage" filter. This further emphasizes the studio's architectural style in showcasing their works. The animation sequence of the pages is also quite unusual. However, after the initial title page "block" animation, the further navigation becomes rather static.

8. JOVA Construction

JOVA Construction Image Source: Saigon Intela

JOVA Construction offers a unique navigation experience designed in the style of technical sketches. The page loading features lines forming perfect geometric shapes around text boxes, with each part of the drawing clickable and leading to the relevant section. However, while the navigation and page loadings captivate the eye, the portfolio images are static and of questionable quality.

7. Concrete LCDA

Concrete LCDA Image Source: Saigon Intela

Concrete LCDA introduces a catchy "double-view" paging concept that grabs attention. The website has a separate navigation hierarchy for arrow keys and mouse scroll, with smooth animation and a convenient portfolio slider that allows a close study of the work, even in preview mode. However, the navigation concept can be a bit confusing at first, and the overall color palette is a bit too grim.


HENGE Image Source: Saigon Intela

HENGE presents an elegant interior design showcase. Clickable buttons and menu elements are highlighted unobtrusively on mouseover, providing a neat solution. However, the scroll-down animation is rather straightforward, and the dark gamma of portfolio images sometimes makes it hard to discern the details.

5. VN STAR Development

VN STAR Development Image Source: Saigon Intela

VN STAR Development showcases a unique concept where a blue background circle changes into various shapes upon scrolling down. This effect, combined with the appearance and disappearance of different hero images, captivates the visitor. The portfolio pictures are taken from top-down and rendered with a transparent background, giving them a solid and monumental look. However, the website lacks a traditional menu to keep the categories organized.

4. JØSEPH a avoué

JØSEPH a avoué Image Source: Saigon Intela

JØSEPH a avoué offers a highly conceptual design that changes screens from black to white in a checkerboard order. Cases and portfolio works are presented in chronological order, with a short article describing the story behind each one. The animation is smooth and eye-pleasing. However, there is no traditional "structural" menu, and the website lacks an English version.

3. Powerhouse Company

Powerhouse Company Image Source: Saigon Intela

Powerhouse Company brings designs to life with short video slides. Seeing an interior or architectural piece from various angles adds to the presence effect. However, while it is a nearly perfect video showcase, it lacks static and textual descriptions.

2. Andrey Sokruta

Andrey Sokruta Image Source: Saigon Intela

Andrey Sokruta's website is one of the brightest interior design websites ever made. It revolves around the designer's style and vision, featuring unusual and innovative page flipping effects, a step-by-step customer guide, full-page background images of works, and a comprehensive and neatly animated portfolio showcase. It is only shadowed by the first one on our list.

1. Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid Image Source: Saigon Intela

Karim Rashid's website is a perfect example of a website that focuses on the man behind the works. The navigation is simple and convenient, with very comprehensive and distinct product categorization and a vivid portfolio showcase. It creates the impression of luxury and raises the service expectations to a similar level. It truly exemplifies a premium website for a celebrity designer.

Your website should reflect who you are as a designer or architect. At Vintage, we enjoy working with the world's top professionals and artists, strengthening their online reputation and propelling them ahead of their competitors. Our websites are designed to have a wow-effect, invoking emotions and creating strong brand connections, which are crucially important in this field.

We have had the privilege of creating one of the world's best interior design websites (although, we have decided not to include it in this article) that has secured six-figure contracts for its owner. It is regularly visited by tens of thousands of art lovers and is widely used as a design reference in the industry. And we are not stopping there.

If you are ambitious enough to create the best website in your field that truly reflects who you are, don't hesitate to contact us and reach new heights.