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Finding the Best Real Estate Company to Work For: A Comprehensive Guide

CEO Khai Intela
Image source: HousingWire Are you a real estate agent looking for a change? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which real estate company is the best fit for you....

Image Image source: HousingWire

Are you a real estate agent looking for a change? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which real estate company is the best fit for you. From national brokerages to local boutique offices, each one claims to be the best. But how do you really know?

In this article, we've done the research for you. We've evaluated the top real estate brokerages based on five key metrics – expenses and commission structure, market share and track record, marketing and technology, support and training, and culture and community. Let's dive in and find the one that's right for you.

Our Top 10 National Brokerages

Here's a summary of our top 10 brokerages, including their starting commission splits and the type of agent they are a good fit for. Keep in mind that the commission splits listed here don't include additional fees such as transaction fees, desk use fees, or marketing materials fees.

Top Five Boutique Firms to Watch

While not national leaders like the brokerages listed above, these boutique firms have caught our attention. Check out our favorite boutique brokerages in the country.

The Method to Our Brokerage Madness

Before we delve into the details of each brokerage, let's explain the five key metrics we used to evaluate them: expenses and commission structure, market share and track record, marketing and technology, support and training, and culture and community. We believe these criteria provide a comprehensive overview of each company.

Choosing the Best Real Estate Firm for You

It's crucial to remember that choosing a brokerage is a personal decision. Just because someone else chose a particular company doesn't mean it's the best fit for you. Consider your own priorities and what's important to you. Do you value extensive training programs for new agents? Are you tech-savvy and looking for cutting-edge tools? Or are you more interested in consistent income and marketing support?

Our Deep Dive on the Brokerages

Now, let's take a closer look at each brokerage. We've gathered information from trusted sources, including reviews, websites, and social media. We'll provide you with insights into what makes each company unique and determine which type of agent they are best suited for.

Keller Williams: Best for New Agents

Keller Williams is known for its comprehensive training programs for new agents. With an 85/15 split and a commitment to agent support, Keller Williams is a great choice for those looking to build a strong foundation in the real estate industry. They've also stepped up their technology game with the proprietary platform KW Command.

Coldwell Banker: Best for Experienced Agents Looking for a Change

With a long history and a strong reputation, Coldwell Banker is a trusted brokerage. While they may need to improve their technology and marketing tools, they offer a luxury marketing division and access to a larger real estate company network. If you have strong systems in place and don't necessarily need training or mentoring, Coldwell Banker may be the right fit for you.

Sotheby's International Realty: Best for Luxury Agents

Sotheby's International Realty is renowned for its luxury listings and wealthy clientele. With a global presence and a focus on branding and marketing, they offer agents access to a network of high-net-worth individuals. They've invested heavily in their web presence and social media campaigns to attract younger buyers and sellers.

REAL: Best for Tech-Savvy Agents

REAL is the newest player in the real estate game, but it's making waves with its innovative technology tools. They offer mobile platforms for agents on the go, streamline processes with automation and AI, and provide 24/7 access to training and resources. If you're tech-savvy and love agent-first technology and support, REAL may be the right brokerage for you.

RedFin: Best for Agents Who Need Consistent Income

For agents who value consistent income, RedFin is a great option. They offer salaries, bonuses, and benefits, providing agents with stability in an unpredictable market. While it may not offer the highest commission splits, RedFin's financial security can be a major advantage for agents starting out or looking for a reliable income stream.

Compass: Best for Agents Who Want Marketing Money

Compass is known for its marketing prowess and offers agents a suite of marketing tools to build brand awareness. From billboards to transit marketing, Compass provides agents with the resources to stand out in a crowded market. While they've had to make budget cuts recently, they still offer impressive marketing support and have a strong presence in the luxury market.

eXp: Best for Agents Who Like Recruiting

eXp agents benefit financially from agent attraction, and some make it a mission to recruit new agents. While this aggressive recruiting approach may turn some off, eXp offers a cloud-based platform and a range of training and support resources. If you're confident in your abilities as an agent and enjoy recruiting, eXp may be the right fit for you.

Century 21: Best for Latino/Latina Agents

Century 21 has a long-standing presence in diverse locations throughout the country, making it a top choice for Latino/Latina agents. They've established a strong mentorship program and offer scholarships to support underrepresented populations in the industry. If you're looking for a brokerage that values diversity and provides opportunities for career growth, Century 21 is worth considering.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services: Best for Agents Who Value Community and Connection

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services emphasizes community, culture, and connection. With a focus on charitable giving and mentorship, they create a welcoming and supportive environment for agents. While their commission split may be 50/50, the sense of community and the opportunities for networking and personal growth may be worth it for agents who value those aspects.

RE/MAX: Best for Agents Who Want to Work with Seasoned Veterans

RE/MAX agents have an average of over 13 years of real estate experience, making it a great choice for those looking to learn from seasoned professionals. With a strong support system and training programs, RE/MAX agents are set up for success. They also offer attractive earning potential, with agents earning an average of $250,000.

More than Reality TV, These Boutique Brokers are All-Stars

In addition to the national brokerages, we've highlighted two standout boutique firms. SERHANT. is known for its strong online presence and innovative approaches to marketing, while Hilton & Hyland dominates the luxury market in southern California. If you're looking for a niche brokerage that excels in their respective areas, these boutique firms are worth considering.

The Final Word on the Best Real Estate Company for You

Ultimately, the best real estate company for you depends on your unique needs and preferences. Consider your personality style, your tech-savviness, your desire for mentorship or consistent income, and your values when choosing a brokerage. Remember, everything is negotiable, so don't be afraid to ask for what you're worth. Take your time, do your homework, and find the brokerage that will support your success in the real estate industry.