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Best Mattress of 2024: Expert Tested and Sleeper Reviewed

CEO Khai Intela
To help you achieve the best sleep possible, our team of in-house sleep product experts has meticulously tested over 1,900 mattresses in our state-of-the-art Seattle Test Lab. After nearly a decade of research and analysis,...

To help you achieve the best sleep possible, our team of in-house sleep product experts has meticulously tested over 1,900 mattresses in our state-of-the-art Seattle Test Lab. After nearly a decade of research and analysis, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best mattresses for every type of sleeper. In this article, we will not only present our top picks for the best mattresses of 2024 but also provide valuable insights to guide your mattress buying journey.

Find a Mattress That’s Right for You

Finding the perfect mattress can be overwhelming, but fret not. We have simplified the process for you by asking three key questions that align with your sleep preferences.

In-Depth Reviews

We understand that every sleeper is unique, which is why we have developed an objective rating system that takes into account a wide range of factors. Our team of experts combines rigorous testing, data analysis, and valuable feedback from sleepers like you to provide an accurate assessment of each mattress's performance.

How We Test: Rigor, Data, and Sleeper Feedback

At Sleep Foundation, we are committed to improving overall well-being through better sleep. In our Seattle-based Test Lab, we employ a four-part process to evaluate mattresses. Our focus is on sleeping position, body weight, and the distribution of weight, as these factors greatly impact how a mattress feels.

How We Rated The Best Mattresses of 2024

Our database is the largest collection of mattress information on the web. It includes datasets from in-person performance testing, at-home field testing, deep product research, and analysis of consumer sentiment. Rest assured, our ratings are based on comprehensive data and real-world experiences.

Sleep Foundation lab testers utlizing lab equipment Image: Sleep Foundation lab testers utilizing lab equipment.

How to Choose a Mattress

There is no one-size-fits-all mattress solution. Each individual requires a mattress that caters to their specific needs. Our extensive testing enables us to categorize mattresses based on performance and provide recommendations for all types of sleepers. Take a moment to ponder these four questions to steer you in the right direction:

What bed works with my body?

Your body weight and sleeping position are crucial factors in determining your mattress needs. Finding the right balance of pressure relief, support, and firmness will ensure a comfortable and pain-free sleep experience.

What kind of bed feels right to me?

Different mattresses are made from various materials, such as bouncy latex or hugging memory foam. Each material offers a unique feel. Consider the surface and how it aligns with your personal preferences to find the perfect fit.

What are my unique needs?

Take into account any additional factors that may affect your sleep. Do you sleep hot? Do you share the bed with a partner? Do you have any specific health concerns? Addressing these aspects will further guide you towards your ideal mattress.

How much should I spend on a new bed?

Think of your mattress purchase as an investment in your well-being. While it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper option, longevity and quality should also be taken into account. A higher initial investment may result in better sleep and fewer replacement costs in the long run.

If you need further guidance in answering these questions, our informative video and comprehensive mattress guide will provide you with the necessary information.

Dive Deeper - Mattress Guides by Category

For more personalized mattress recommendations, explore our in-depth guides tailored to specific categories.

Other Mattress Resources

To expand your knowledge about mattresses, we offer a plethora of resources:

  • The Mattress Learning Library: A comprehensive gateway to everything you need to know about mattresses.
  • How to Buy a Mattress Online: An indispensable shopping tutorial for purchasing mattresses on the internet.
  • Mattress Sizes: Ensure that your bed is the perfect fit by consulting our sizing guides.

What We’re Testing Next

We are constantly striving to bring you the latest in sleep technology. In 2024, we have an exciting lineup of new mattresses for testing. Stay tuned for in-depth Test Lab results and user reviews on the following additions to our collection:

  • Cloverlane Foam Plush Soft
  • Cloverlane Foam Luxury Firm
  • Cloverlane Hybrid Plush
  • Cloverlane Hybrid Luxury Firm
  • DreamCloud (New)
  • DreamCloud Premier REST
  • Bryte Balance Smart Bed
  • Leesa Sapira Hybrid

At Sleep Foundation, we are dedicated to helping you find the best mattress for your needs. Let us be your trusted source for all things sleep-related. Rest assured, our expert-tested and sleeper-reviewed recommendations will ensure a good night's rest for years to come.

Sleep Foundation lab testers adjusting test dummy on mattress Sleep Foundation sleep testers analyzing mattress pressure Sleep Foundation sleep testers examining products Best Mattress of 2024 Expert Tested and Sleeper Reviewed

Images: Sleep Foundation lab testers adjusting test dummy, analyzing mattress pressure, examining products, and best mattress of 2024.