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Best 6 Office Lounge Chairs – Take Comfort To A New Level

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Thinking about which chair type is the best to equip your office waiting room? Well, you can’t go wrong with office lounge chairs! Since these chairs come in a variety of styles, designs, materials, and...

Thinking about which chair type is the best to equip your office waiting room? Well, you can’t go wrong with office lounge chairs! Since these chairs come in a variety of styles, designs, materials, and other characteristics, we made a selection of the best ones in this review. Plus, you’ll learn what’s the difference between this chair type and recliners. There are many misunderstandings about these terms. Let’s take a look!

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Let’s Clear it - What is a Lounge Chair?

The lounge chair was long considered a modern interpretation of the club chair and was used in living rooms. But in the meantime, the lounge chair found its place in the waiting and reception areas of modern offices. This chair type refers to any long upholstered chair on which you can recline. This chair will either have two or no armrests, an elongated seat, and a back that may be adjustable to allow you to recline but mostly, it’s a reclining style chair in a fixed position.

Then, What Is A Chaise Longue?

A combination of “chair” in French (chaise) and the verb “lounge” in English becomes “chaise lounge”. This is due to persistent misspelling among English speakers. Nowadays, the French for “chair” is dropped completely in favor of simply calling a chaise lounge a “lounge chair".

lounge desk chair Image: Lounge desk chair

Are Lounge Chairs Good For Your Back?

Sitting in this chair is good for your back as long as the chair provides proper lumbar support. Therefore, people with persistent back problems should look for something not too squishy, yet not too firm. Too soft means it’s too unstable and your muscles can’t stop contracting to keep you upright. Too hard isn’t good for your muscles, nerves, and blood circulation.

Difference Between Lounge Chair And Recliner Chair

The lounge chairs typically have no footrests the way the recliner does, allowing users to lie back in a fixed position with their legs extended on an ottoman or with their feet on the ground. Recliners start upright but can recline backward. This gives the user an additional option for how to sit in a recliner versus the fixed position of a lounge chair.

recliner vs lounge chair Image: Recliner vs lounge chair

What Is The Purpose Of The Lounge Chair?

This chair allows you or your clients and guests to relax sitting and enjoy while waiting. As the name implies, this chair is used for lounging and leisure. Usually, they have modern and elegant designs that will upscale your workspace. When it comes to workspaces, these chairs aren’t only for waiting areas but also they are appropriate for some casual spaces in which you can hold a meeting, so can be used anywhere. It’s also popular in home offices.

waiting room lounge chair Image: Waiting room lounge chair

Few Features to Consider

There are several factors to consider when looking for a lounge chair. You’ll want to choose one that fits the style and aesthetic of your space and that best suits your and your guests’/clients seating needs.

Chair Upholstery

If you're searching for a chair with a traditional flare, look for options that are made of silk or velvet. If your taste leads more towards modern, look at linen or leather models.

  • Leather - Leather chairs are more sophisticated and classic and pair well with a variety of design schemes. They usually come in neutral colors - black and brown. Choose between full-grain leather (the highest quality), bonded leather (more affordable), and faux leather (ideal for vegans).

  • Fabric/Microfiber - One of the most popular upholstery options, it’s a soft, comfortable, and hypoallergenic option that resists stains. Available in unlimited colors and textures.

Seat Comfort

You also want to pay attention to the thickness and plushness of the cushions of your chair. A thick cushion will be ideal for comfortable sitting. It supports body posture and doesn’t cause fatigue or strain. Also, you can choose a model with slim padding, but keep in mind it isn’t so comfy.

Durable Construction

It can be made from wood or metal/steel. Many lounge chairs are made from high-quality woods, such as walnut, oak, mahogany, maple, cherry, etc. That wooden frame can be finished with stains of lacquer to make it look vibrant and elegant. Modern designs often use a metal frame, base, or feet. Metal can come in many finishes - antiqued, brushed, hammered, polished, satin and give an attractive look.

Weight Capacity

People tend to forget about this feature, but it’s very important to consider, especially if you aren’t an average-sized person. The standard chairs often support a weight of 250 pounds, so if you weigh 240 pounds, we recommend considering the chair that supports more than 250 lbs, for example, 265lbs. Don’t exceed the weight limit; that will shorten the chair’s lifespan.

Best 6 Office Lounge Chairs

They come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs to match the decor of your office. Check out these chairs and pick the model that complements your existing decor. Choose between modern, mid-century, leather, fabric chairs with or without an ottoman.

Flash Furniture Green Chair

Flash Furniture Egg Series Green Fabric Side Reception Chair review Image: Flash Furniture Egg Series Green Fabric Side Reception Chair review

Flash Furniture was inspired by the Egg chair when designing this office chair. It is a beautiful, attractive, and quality chair available in a few vibrant colors - green, orange, red, purple, blue, and other colors. Its proven commercial quality will last for decades.

This chair features a sturdy aluminum base which makes the chair lightweight. Also, it can withstand an average size weight of up to 250 pounds. Flash Furniture has a 360-degree swivel feature, allowing you to rotate in any direction with ease.

It is an ultra-comfortable office chair thanks to its soft padded seat and backrest. The manufacturer uses thick and quality foam, which functions to support your body. The package contains instructions, hardware, and an additional pillow for added lumbar support.

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Mellcom Office Desk Chair

MELLCOM Office Lounge Chair with Massage review Image: MELLCOM Office Lounge Chair with Massage review

Mellcom is an elegant massage chair that comes with a matching ottoman. It requires assembly, so follow the included instructions. High-quality steel provides stability and supports up to 350 pounds. The chair upholstery is made from durable PU leather; it’s soft and easy to maintain.

This modern chair has an ergonomic design, so once you find the right angle to sit down, the seat will automatically adjust to the most comfortable angle. There are soft and padded armrests that keep your forearms relaxed. The chair seat and backrest are also stuffed with a high-density sponge.

You can adjust the backrest angle from 90° to 135°; just use the knob. Mellcom's 360-degree seat allows you to rotate and reach anything from your desk without getting up from your chair. Also, this is a massage chair that offers five massage modes.

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Dolonm Velvet Modern Chair

Dolonm Velvet Accent Chair Modern Tufted Button Wingback Vanity Chair review Image: Dolonm Velvet Accent Chair Modern Tufted Button Wingback Vanity Chair review

Dolonm is a modern tufted button chair available in multiple colors. Choose between beige, pink, brown, grey, blue, and others. Also, you can choose its material. Pick leather for a more classy look or fabric if you prefer a softer surface.

The chair design is inspired by the mid-century style, making it ideal for complementing traditional and rustic-designed decors. Its weight capacity is rated from 250 to 300 pounds. The metal and wood frame along with wooden legs ensure excellent stability.

Dolonm chair features an armrest, allowing you to rest your forearms while waiting. It’s very easy to put this chair together; you’ll need approximately 15 minutes. The package includes instructions and all necessary hardware and tool. No extra equipment is needed.

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Rimdoc Mid-century Chair With Ottoman

Rimdoc Mid Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman review Image: Rimdoc Mid Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman review

Rimdoc lounge chair and ottoman set provide a stunning appearance. They perfectly fit modern and luxurious home offices and offices. For installation instructions, check the installation video or the installation guide. Keep this set away from high temperatures and don’t expose it to the sun.

The chair’s four-claw legs are made from durable and quality steel, while the frame is constructed from sturdy wood. These materials make the chair durable, easy to clean, and sturdy enough to hold up to 330 pounds. That means it works for most people.

The chair upholstery is made from high-quality genuine leather which gives a sophisticated look. Stuffed with a thick sponge, the chair armrests, backrest, and seat provide max comfort during your break time. The backrest and seat are tilted, so it’s easy to relax.

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Christopher Knight Hariata Chair

Christopher Knight Home Hariata Fabric Contour Chair review Image: Christopher Knight Home Hariata Fabric Contour Chair review

Christopher Knight crafted this Hariata fabric contour chair and ottoman set. Available in a modern orange, this chair will enliven your workspace. The additional ottoman provides leg support, allowing you to rest after a long workday.

Blending together iconic splayed legs with a stunning wood frame, this chair offers a mid-century look. The button-tufted stitching on the chair and ottoman surface offers an extra touch of sophistication. Framed by two wings, the backrest allows for both style and functional comfort.

The ottoman dimensions are 21.5” W x 16.5” D x 15.2” H. You can use it as a footrest, extra seat, or storage space - place some books or notebooks on it. Also, when not in use, tuck it under your desk. The Hariata is perfect for small spaces thanks to its dimensions.

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Giantex Leather Lounge Chair

Giantex 360 Swivel Leather Lounge Chair with Ottoman review Image: Giantex 360 Swivel Leather Lounge Chair with Ottoman review

Giantex is a beautiful, high-quality chair inspired by mid-century design. Except for this attractive yellow, it’s available in green and black colors. The chair upholstery is made from top-quality top-grain cow leather. Also, it’s stuffed with a great resilient sponge for comfortable support.

This comfy chair offers excellent balance and stability thanks to the durable steel frame and four-claw aluminum bases. The anti-rust design helps to maintain an attractive chair appearance. It is tested to withstand the maximum weight of up to 330 lbs.

With both rocking motion and a full swivel option, this leather chair will take comfort to a new level. The package includes a matching ottoman, instructions, and hardware. Giantex requires low maintenance thanks to the water-resistant leather surface.

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Can I Use It At a Desk Or Computer?

It’s not a kind of chair for a desk, but you can use it for a computer if you place it on a desk designed for a laptop. This way you are in the half-lying position which is pretty comfortable and still practical for writing on the keyboard and using a mouse. It’s more recommended for home offices where you can completely relax.

man sitting in the lounge chair with a stand Image: Man sitting in the lounge chair with a stand

Lounge Chair Accessories

If you want to make your sitting even more comfortable, consider some additional equipment for your chair. Some models come with these accessories included. That could be an extra pillow and/or ottoman for your feet.

  • Lumbar Cushion - If your chair doesn’t offer the lumbar support you need, you can always add a small pillow. It will support the natural curvature of your spine. The molded memory foam lumbar pillow will serve the purpose.

lumbar pillow back pain support Image: Lumbar pillow back pain support

  • Ottoman - It is a separate and multipurpose piece of furniture. It can be used as a comfortable footrest, space-saving storage, and extra seating for one person. It is ideal for kicking your feet up at the end of a long day.

three ottomans Image: Three ottomans