BDI Corridor 8173 Low-Profile Media Console: A Stunning Review

CEO Khai Intela
If you've recently snagged an incredible deal on an OLED TV during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you might be faced with the dilemma of where to mount it or where to place it. While...

If you've recently snagged an incredible deal on an OLED TV during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you might be faced with the dilemma of where to mount it or where to place it. While mounted TVs offer a sleek look, that doesn't mean the space below it should remain unfurnished. What about soundbars or speaker systems? And the mess of wires? Thankfully, BDI media consoles have the solutions you need.

BDI, a company based in Chantilly, Virginia, has been specializing in modern A/V furniture since 1984. Having reviewed many BDI media consoles over the years, I can confidently say that their build quality is top-notch and their designs are stunning. These consoles are built to last, which is exactly what you should expect at their price levels. When it comes to A/V systems, BDI's furniture surpasses anything you'll find at West Elm, Room & Board, or Pottery Barn.

One console that has captured my attention is the BDI Corridor 8173. While the Corridor line has been around for eight years, the 8173 model stands out with its low-profile design and new natural walnut finish. The moment you unpack it, you'll be amazed by its beauty.

Which Corridor?

Before delving deeper into the Corridor 8173, it's worth mentioning its taller counterpart, the Corridor 8179. These consoles have identical functions except for their height. The 8179 stands 7.25 inches taller than the 8173 (28.25" vs. 21"). The choice between the two may depend on factors such as your TV's size, whether it will be mounted or placed on top of the console, and the height of your couch seating.

In my loft, I have a modern Crate & Barrel leather couch that sits low to the ground with a seat height of 16 inches. After mounting a 65-inch Sony OLED TV that was vertically centered to my eye-line while seated, I knew the space below the TV was crucial. While both the Corridor 8173 and 8179 would fit under the mounted TV, the low-profile 8173 provided 13 inches of room between the console and the TV, compared to the 8179's 6 inches. The extra space offers more flexibility for soundbars or center channel speakers and creates a less cramped look. However, if you intend to place a flat panel TV atop the stand, the standard-sized 8179 model is more likely to align vertically at eye level. Both consoles can support TVs up to 85 inches. If you want to place an ultra-short throw projector on top of the console, I would recommend the lower profile 8173 for added flexibility.


BDI Corridor 8173: After Base Parts Attached BDI Corridor 8173: After Base Parts Attached

The BDI 8173 arrives almost fully assembled, just like all BDI cabinets. While this style requires a bit more work compared to other BDI consoles, it's not too demanding. First, you need to screw the rollable base into place while the unit is turned on its side. Then, you'll need to attach the four black door handles to each door, ensuring they align evenly. Lastly, install the glass top by spacing rubber bumpers around the cabinet's edges and gently place the black satin-etched glass atop the cabinet with the help of another person.


Like all BDI consoles, the Corridor 8173 includes some of my favorite features:

  • Rear access panels
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Cable management channels
  • Adjustable feet levers
  • Hidden wheels
  • TV safety strap
  • Soundbar shelf (double-wide)
  • Remote-friendly doors
  • Flow-through ventilation

Subtle Details

BDI Corridor 8173: Top view before glass installed, shows ventilation through top BDI Corridor 8173: Top view before glass installed, shows ventilation through top

There are a few subtle details about the BDI Corridor 8173 that surprised and delighted me. First, the soft-close doors. It may seem insignificant, but once you experience it, you won't want to live without it. No more slamming doors or clunky magnetic push-to-open mechanisms. The doors close effortlessly with just a gentle nudge, creating a silent and seamless experience.

Another visually pleasing and functional detail is how the top glass shelf appears to float above the cabinet, extending the louvered appearance upward. This design not only looks great but also provides extra ventilation through the top of the cabinet. Additionally, the black door handles blend inline with the gap in the wood panels, almost disappearing.

Customer Support

BDI Corridor 8173 Media Console Box Hole Damage

Upon receiving my BDI 8173 shipment, I noticed a hole in the box. Although the console was double-boxed and protected with styrofoam, there was a slight nick in the left door that caught my attention. I immediately contacted BDI, and they swiftly shipped a replacement door. All they required were photos of the console to match the stained natural walnut finish.

Replacing the door was quick and easy, and it fit perfectly, as if there was never an issue. I want to thank BDI for rectifying the situation caused by the shipping mishap.


BDI Corridor 8173 Media Console Base Wheels

Thanks to the wheels on the base of the cabinet, maneuvering the BDI Corridor 8173 is a breeze, especially when connecting components to hard-to-reach inputs. The two middle doors open outward, providing ample space to hide a wide soundbar within the cabinet. While this model's wood doors don't offer acoustic transparency, they provide sufficient ventilation for components, and the slots are wide enough for remote control signals to reach interior devices. However, there may be instances where the angle of the remote affects the signal reception.


Ultimately, when choosing a media cabinet, it needs to be visually appealing, match your decor style, and fit perfectly in your space. The BDI Corridor 8173 ticks all these boxes and more. Before finalizing your home entertainment system, I highly recommend exploring BDI's entire lineup. Whether you choose the Corridor 8173 (4-door, low-profile), 8179 (4-door, standard height), or even the 8177 (3-door, standard height), you won't be disappointed. While the natural walnut finish is breathtaking, the charcoal stained ash (nearly black) and chocolate stained walnut (dark brown) options are equally appealing.

Not only did the BDI Corridor 8173 exceed my expectations, but it also received rave reviews from everyone in my family. That's not an easy feat to achieve.

BDI Corridor 8173 Low Profile Media Console Lifestyle Front

Where to buy:

Check for BDI retailers near you and visit the BDI Corridor 8173 product page on BDI's website. For more information on other BDI media consoles, refer to our BDI Home Entertainment Furniture Buying Guide.