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August Virgo vs. September Virgo: Uncovering the Differences

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When it comes to Virgos born in August and September, there are intriguing differences that need to be considered when interpreting the influence of planets in this sign. In astrology, the degrees at which planets...

August Virgo vs. September Virgo: The Difference

When it comes to Virgos born in August and September, there are intriguing differences that need to be considered when interpreting the influence of planets in this sign. In astrology, the degrees at which planets are placed in a sign determine their expression. Planets in the early degrees may have a slightly different impact compared to those in the mid or late degrees. Let's dive into the unique characteristics of August and September Virgos and explore how these differences shape their personalities and traits.

Types of Virgo

Decans play a significant role in dividing each of the twelve zodiac signs into three ten-degree sectors. Every decan is ruled by a planet, and when a planet occupies a specific decan, it inherits the qualities associated with that decan's ruler. In Virgo, the degrees can be classified as follows:

1st Decan Virgo

Planets positioned within the first 0-9 degrees of Virgo fall within the sun's decan. This means that these planets take on more solar characteristics. While the detail-oriented and communicative traits of Virgo remain intact, the sun's influence adds an extra dose of energy, confidence, and vibrance to the mix. If you have planets in this decan, expect them to express themselves with greater expressiveness and enthusiasm.

2nd Decan Virgo

In the second subdivision of Virgo, planets adopt a more Venusian quality. Productivity-oriented planets in this decan prioritize unity, connection, and balance. They are inclined to prioritize love and relationships while avoiding conflict and discord. This decan brings a harmonious touch to the practical nature of Virgo.

3rd Decan Virgo

The third and final decan of Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet that already governs Virgo. As a result, planets in this decan exhibit an incredibly strong Mercurial quality. They are highly interested in details, communication, logic, and productivity. Problem-solving and a level-headed approach to tasks take precedence for planets in this decan. If your birth chart contains planets in the final decan of Virgo, your natural Virgo tendencies will be reinforced.

August Virgos

Virgos born in August are more likely to have planets in Leo in their birth charts since Leo precedes Virgo in the zodiac calendar. This infusion of Leo energy brings out a more outgoing, confident, and expressive side in these individuals.


  • Authoritative
  • Confident
  • Leaders


Virgos born in August are typically more extroverted due to the influence of Leo in their charts. The combination of confidence and attention to detail allows them to shine, even though they often prefer to operate behind the scenes. The Leo placements push them out of their comfort zone and enable them to embrace attention and acknowledgment more readily.

September Virgos

Virgos born in September tend to have more Libra in their birth charts as they are closer to the start of the Libra season. This grants them a more Venusian and partnership-oriented quality.


  • Creative
  • Diplomatic
  • Mediator


September Virgos are usually more social and friendly. With the possibility of having air placements in their charts, they possess strong communication skills and convey their thoughts in a pleasant and Venusian manner. The Libra placements also indicate a tendency to prioritize romantic relationships and partnerships, making them inherently romantic individuals.

According to Narayana Montúfar, an astrologer and author of "Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power," Virgos are highly intellectual individuals who often find themselves lost in their thoughts. They possess tremendous intellect, excelling in facts, communication, analysis, and organization. Their clean and put-together nature compels them to maintain control of their environment for optimal productivity and inner peace.


Are Virgos hard-working?

"Yes," says Narayana Montúfar. Most Virgos are diligent and hard-working due to their ruling element, earth. In astrology, earth is associated with the accumulation of wealth, and Virgos are skilled at generating it, albeit often subtly. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, thought process, and numbers, Virgos exhibit remarkable agility in dealing with numbers and facts, making them valuable assets to their respective teams. However, their agility can sometimes lead them to overwork themselves as their abilities are in constant demand.

Are Virgos mean?

"Virgos are not mean," clarifies Narayana Montúfar. They tend to approach life from an intellectual perspective, which may occasionally create the illusion of coldness, particularly when it comes to emotions and relationships. In a work environment, their pursuit of perfection leaves no room for rest until they achieve it. This can be a source of annoyance for those who do not uphold the same standards. Virgos are straightforward individuals and tend to say what is on their minds, sometimes coming across as nitpicky. Their intentions stem from a desire to see their loved ones succeed, even if it means offering some tough love along the way.

When is Virgo born?

Virgo spans from August 22 to September 23, encompassing those born within this period.

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