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Aquarius Zodiac Sign: All About the Water Bearer Astrology

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Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Traits, Characteristics, Compatibility and Horoscope Aquarius zodiac sign is the water bearer and the eleventh sign of the zodiac cycle. It is a fixed sign, which falls every midwinter. Aquarius is also...

Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Traits, Characteristics, Compatibility and Horoscope

Aquarius zodiac sign is the water bearer and the eleventh sign of the zodiac cycle. It is a fixed sign, which falls every midwinter. Aquarius is also the last of the three air element signs of the zodiac. This means it transcends Gemini’s impishness and Libra’s charm into societal mindfulness. Its ruling planet is a complicated matter. Initially, it was Saturn until the planet Uranus was found. Now, Saturn is considered a minor planetary influence.

Aquarius Symbol: ♒ Meaning: The Water-Bearer Date Range: January 20 to February 18 Element: Air Quality: Fixed Ruling Planet: Uranus and Saturn Best Compatibility: Gemini and Libra Good Compatibility: Sagittarius and Aries

Aquarius Zodiac Traits and Characteristics

Aquarius zodiac sign is a group-oriented person, but only in that, they like to work with others to accomplish a goal. They also love their freedom and treasure it above nearly all else.

Consequently, Aquarius sun sign may have a huge circle of friends, but they fear intimacy, even from family members. Their love for others is tempered by their difficulty in understanding how to handle their own emotions; if only love could be an intellectual exercise! This inner turmoil produces very eccentric people who want to change the world in their way.

Aquarius Zodiac Positive Traits

Aquarius zodiac sign care a great deal about this world and the people in it. It is not unusual to find them heading up a nonprofit business or volunteer organization. More often than not, this is how they make a living. Aquarians are very good at gathering large groups of acquaintances and even followers who are focused on the same goals. Their take on the world is largely philosophical and not prone to running on emotions. As long as things stay on the intellectual plane, Aquarius star sign are great communicators as well. This skill is needed to organize groups, after all.

Aquarius Zodiac Negative Traits

Aquarius zodiac sign is emotionally stunted and needs to work on this to have healthy interpersonal relationships. Otherwise, they tend to lash out with stubbornness, sarcasm, and ultimately detachment that may be seen as coldness. These are all defense mechanisms.

Inside, many Aquarian zodiac people feel lonely and isolated, but they don’t know how to reach out. This is not to say that they need a major catharsis. But if the person closest to them is patient enough to take “baby steps” to help them open up, it can do wonders. Besides, those defenses may make them seem invulnerable to attack, but no one is.

Aquarius Man Characteristics

The first thing anyone will notice about the Aquarius man (or any Aquarius) is the fact that he is a non-conformist in every sense of the word. He is progressive and he seeks to free others from their biases and other conceptual restrictions. His vision may come across as overly ambitious, but don’t tell him that! One thing the Aquarius male doesn’t like is negativity. This man loves his freedom of thought and movement. Don’t be surprised if he takes off for the furthest corner of the world for a humanitarian mission at the last moment!

Aquarius Woman Characteristics

The Aquarius woman is an idealist and (of course) a non-conformist. She is loyal to her local family organic farmers, family-owned shops, and fair trade businesses (unless she hears of unethical practices). People are another matter for her.

The Aquarius female is surrounded by them but keeps them at arm’s length. Challenging her ideals is not a good idea. She will quickly dig in her heels and fight for all she’s worth! This woman loves exotic travel with a purpose just as much as her male counterpart, and the Aquarius lady requires the freedom to do what she wants when she wants!

Aquarius Zodiac Sign in Love Image: Aquarius Zodiac Sign in Love

Aquarius in Love

If love were a mental exercise, Aquarius in love would be in great shape! Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you find yourself falling for an Aquarian, guard your heart, and take your time. They do best with starting out as friends first. Give them time to build up trust.

Most Aquarius in love is simply not good at expressing their feelings, and if they feel pressured to do so, they will give you the cold shoulder, even if they truly like you. On the positive side, their quirky, free-spirited natures will make an Aquarius relationship anything but boring. One day, you are at a picnic to raise awareness for homelessness, and the next, he or she wants to take you away to the Caribbean!

Aquarius Man in Love

An Aquarius man in love may want a partner in life to discuss philosophy, help with his charity work, and even go on wacky dates with, but love? That is a difficult question for him. Deep inside, he may want that kind of connection, but it makes him uncomfortable. One thing is for certain; he must have a partner who is as independent as he is.

The last thing the Aquarius male in love wants is someone who is clingy and needy. Those are the people he helps, not those he lets inside his inner circle! A stable person with a career and life of his or her own is what the Aquarius man is after. While he may not show tokens of his love, or even feel comfortable telling you those three little words, but if he commits himself to you, he will do anything for you. Sometimes, that is enough.

Aquarius Woman in Love

The Aquarius woman in love is bright, well-read, eccentric, and fiercely independent. She does not let anyone all the way into her heart; her thoughts, perhaps, but not her feelings. If you are falling for her, give her plenty of space, both physically and emotionally. Like her male equivalent, she wants someone to share her adventures and charitable enterprises with, not someone who expects her to stay home and bake cookies.

Respect and mutual interest in making the world a better place will win the Aquarius female over faster than bouquets of flowers or other traditional tokens of love. She wants an equal partnership in which neither side is subservient to the other. If you can offer that to her, she may be worth the effort!

Dating an Aquarius: Love Compatibility

Aquarius is an air sign, so the two other air signs (Gemini or Libra) are a good fit. These signs are people-oriented thinkers. Gemini is the better of the two signs because they can handle Aquarius zodiac people’s need for personal freedom better than a Libra could. Other possible matches are the closest fire signs (Sagittarius and Aries). It is thought that adding a little spark to the air will liven things up a bit.

There is always the possibility of two Aquarians dating each other, and most experts agree that the pros outweigh the cons, but there are always things to look out for. Aquarius is many things, but practical is not one of them. Finances could be a problem. Finding a connection that goes deeper than a committed friendship is another. The absolute worst pick is Scorpio because of that sign’s constant fight for power and control in a relationship. The Freedom-loving Aquarius zodiac sign would not tolerate that.

Dating an Aquarius Man

Aquarius astrology sign, in general, is always involved in humanitarian endeavors, so the best way to get close to an Aquarius man is to get involved in a movement yourself. However, if you don’t care about the cause, he will quickly catch on and brush you aside. His mind and body are in constant motion, and you will need to keep up with him. Talk to him about social or political issues that interest you, but do not fall into idle chatter. That will bore him very quickly.

Because your Aquarius man on a date is such a social creature, it is best not to expect a great deal of time alone with him, even on dates. He wants to include everyone on your adventures. Most of all, don’t expect a deep sentimental attachment. This sign is intellectual, not emotional. If that doesn’t bother you, be prepared for a partnership full of fun adventures and few dull moments. His goal is to do some good in the world. If you stay with him, you just might find yourself doing the same thing.

Dating an Aquarius Woman

Don’t let her seeming coldness turn you off; there is so much more to dating the Aquarius woman! She is compelling, distinctive, witty, and brilliant, not to mention, full of non-stop energy! If you can keep up with her, she is worth it. She loves to share her ideas, so a good way to approach her is to ask her about them or tell her what charitable causes you are involved in and ask for her advice. Chances are, she has great ideas.

As for dating an Aquarius woman, traditional choices are not a good idea. Down to her core, she is a nonconformist. Therefore, traditional gifts are out as well. Truly, she values simple things like good conversation and an afternoon working at a soup kitchen. If you want to spoil her, surprise her with something unusual like bungee jumping or a short trip to somewhere exotic. She may not be the marrying kind, but if she lets you in, she will be a fun, fascinating partner in life.

Aquarius Zodiac Sexuality

Aquarius zodiac sign is a complicated sign when it comes to sexuality. They aren’t likely to sleep with multiple partners at once, but if it gets boring in the bedroom, they will be looking for a way out. For Aquarius, sex should be a fun adventure. They enjoy trying new things, and most of all, they love independence.

In other words, don’t expect the Aquarians to sleep with you every night, or they will feel smothered. Absence is just as significant as presence. They have few barriers when it comes to the “perfect” mate or the “perfect” look. It doesn’t matter very much to them. Aquarians are more interested in a partner’s mind.

Aquarius Man Sexuality

The Aquarius man sexually is about as open-minded as one can be. His partner’s looks are not at the top of the list, but his partner’s brains and adventurousness are. If you can think of something unusual to try, he is all for it. In fact, it is difficult to offend him. It is best to keep up with him, however. He wants his fair share of attention and sees sex as a two-way street.

One thing that separates Aquarius zodiac man sexually from most signs is his insistence on keeping sex and emotion completely separate. In fact, it is simply an exercise for him almost exclusively. He can go long periods of time without intimacy. That is not to say he doesn’t like sex. It’s just that his desire for constant diversity in his love life includes periods of “me time.”

Aquarius Woman Sexuality

The Aquarius woman sexually is a great deal of fun to be with, but very difficult to get close to. She views sex as a healthy, physical activity, but little more. That is not to say that she is boring in the bedroom - far from it! Variety and intrigue are the hallmarks of her sex life. She has just like the need for variety as her male counterpart, and that includes alone time. The last thing she wants is syrupy sweet nothings whispered in her ear or long cuddling sessions.

The Aquarius woman sexually wants to have fun and try new things. Do your best to be flexible for her sake. Try coming up with ideas on your own. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t leave it all up to her. Make sure she is just as happy at the end as you are. If having a bed partner rather than a marriage partner doesn’t sit well with you, then perhaps she isn’t the right fit for you.

Aquarius as a Parent: Parenting Compatibility

The Aquarius parent can be entertaining, peculiar, and just like having a grown-up friend. They may also be unpredictable, unavailable, and unapproachable when kids need an adult parent. Because Aquarians are so youthful and current in their views, there are rarely generation gaps between parents and children, even into the teen years.

This makes for excellent communication, which is vital, but children and teens need emotional support as well. Emotions are complicated for Aquarius parents to understand, let alone share. An essential thing Aquarius parents can work on is setting up boundaries for their kids, as far as Aquarians don't like authoritative structures. This will help their children feel safer in the world.

Aquarius as a Father

Aquarius fathers are (unsurprisingly) eccentric and unpredictable. This makes them a great deal of fun, but not so good at creating boundaries. He loves having smart, impish children, and he encourages nonconformist thoughts and appearances. Does a child want a purple mohawk? Go for it! A teen wants to wear second-hand plaid pants, a floral shirt, striped socks (of different colors), and a clashing hat? Go for it! Anything to make a statement.

Even better if the items were delivered locally or through fair trade practices. Things are great when the children are happy. When they aren’t, an Aquarius father may be at a loss, since he is not necessarily in touch with his own emotions. It’s great to be a buddy to the kids, but they need a supportive father to help them through the tough times, too.

Aquarius as a Mother

Fun. That is the best word to describe the Aquarius mother. She does love her children, in her way. She may not come out and say it, but because she believes in making people feel valuable and worthwhile, she views her children as no different. They usually do not lack self-esteem or confidence.

Aquarius mother loves to share her views and knowledge with her children as well as her sense of adventure. This continues through the children’s teen years. This mom is “hip” and current with all the trends. On the downside, her fickle nature and lack of boundaries can cause confusion and unease in her children. They need some stability as well as fun in their lives.

Aquarius as a Child: Boy and Girl Traits

Aquarius children are very bright and require constant stimulation, whether it is books, sports, music, or other things to keep them active. If not, you may find them taking apart small appliances to see how they work. This sign makes acquaintances very quickly but shies away from close bonds. These children tend to “do their own thing” and not worry about things like peer pressure or being famous. Lastly, the Aquarius zodiac kid does not like people (including teachers or other authority figures) they think are intolerant or offensive, and they don’t try to hide it.

Aquarius Fitness Horoscope

The last thing an Aquarius zodiac sign wants is an exercise regimen that requires a learning curve and too much thought. Thinking should be left open to loftier ideas! That being said, you need to stay in motion. Small things you can do throughout the day are helpful, such as taking micro-breaks from sitting at your desk, doing a little stretching or walking up and down the hall, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator are all helpful for circulation. For more action, try martial arts. If that requires too much thought, try HIT (High-Intensity Training) or circuit training with friends. You can still be social that way. To mix things up a bit, try throwing in resistance bands, a medicine ball, or even laps in the pool.

Aquarius Career Horoscope

If there is one thing the Aquarius zodiac sign loves most, it is independence. Therefore, working for yourself is your best bet! If you do work in a group, it can work for you, provided it is not a strict hierarchy with a demanding boss. Your people skills, future planning skills, and problem-solving skills are excellent selling points that can lead you into several different fields.

Commission-based jobs such as real estate and insurance could be right up your alley. In fact, if a sales job becomes competitive, it is all the more fun for you! Working toward a better future by helping the next generation could be just as fun for you, so consider the education or coaching field. Lastly, there are all kinds of scientific and technical wonders just waiting to be discovered - by you!

Aquarius Money Horoscope

Aquarius's free spirit is excellent for a self-propelled business, but not great for bookkeeping. You find routine tasks such as balancing the books, investing, and paying bills quite tedious. It may be best to hire professionals you trust to do those things for you.

Otherwise, you may end up in financial trouble. When it comes to lavish spending, that is not something Aquarians do. They are quite frugal, in fact. They don’t find pleasure so much in material things, so they don’t take priority. Giving to causes and charities is where it’s at for Aquarius zodiac sign.

Aquarius Fashion Tips

Aquarians do their own thing in life and when it comes to fashion. Their style is their own and not what is in the downtown department store window. Bright colors, bold shapes, a few jewelry statement pieces, and the occasional independently-made piece (most likely fair trade) make up the majority of what they own. Shoes must be comfortable above all, and who cares if they are in style? Because they belong to so many different social groups, they have looks that help them fit in at each one as well. They don’t do this to be fake; they do this for the fun of it. Fun, freedom, and social consciousness are what it’s all about for them.

Aquarius Travel Tips

Aquarius zodiac sign doesn’t want to go to typically touristy sites. Instead, they would instead go to places where they can find “enlightenment” and friendly local people. Petra in Jordon may not be as safe as it once was, but it is a fantastic pilgrimage. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is more than just the facade most often shown. A wilder option is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. There are guided tours, but it would also suit an Aquarius traveler to spend time with the native peoples, learning about their stories and legends. Indeed, the world is filled with lesser-known wonders. It just takes a bit of research, which Aquarius is quite good at.

Famous Aquarius Personalities

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Taylor Lautner
  • Emma Roberts
  • Mischa Barton
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Bob Marley
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Harry Styles
  • Alicia Keys
  • Nick Carter
  • Dr. Dre
  • Michael Jordan
  • William Henry Harrison
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • William McKinley
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Gertrude Stein
  • Langston Hughes
  • Charles Dickens
  • Toni Morrison
  • Christian Dior

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