Antique Reproduction Windsor Chairs: Crafting Timeless Masterpieces at D.R. Dimes & Company

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If you have ever marveled at the beauty and craftsmanship of antique Windsor chairs, you are in for a treat. D.R. Dimes & Company is on a mission to revive the art of crafting antique...

If you have ever marveled at the beauty and craftsmanship of antique Windsor chairs, you are in for a treat. D.R. Dimes & Company is on a mission to revive the art of crafting antique reproduction Windsor chairs that capture the essence of traditional American furniture. Let's delve into the artistry that defines their masterpieces.

D.R. Dimes & Company's Dedication to Craft

At D.R. Dimes & Company, crafting antique reproduction Windsor chairs is more than just a business - it is a labor of love. Their commitment lies in preserving the heritage of traditional American furniture, and each chair they create reflects that dedication.

They start by deeply appreciating the craftsmanship that came before them. By studying and paying homage to the designs and techniques that made antique Windsor chairs symbols of enduring quality and style, they honor the legacy of these remarkable pieces.

antique reproduction Windsor chairs Antique Reproduction Windsor Chairs

The Gilpin Comb-Back Arm Chair

One of their standout pieces is the Gilpin Comb-Back Arm Chair. It is not just a chair; it is a piece of history. Named after Thomas Gilpin of Philadelphia, the original maker, this chair is a testament to the artistry of the eighteenth century.

The Gilpin Chair's distinctive features include a large "D"-shaped seat, offering both comfort and aesthetics. The sharply chamfered seat boasts a unique double-line pattern, inspired by Pennsylvania Blunt Arrow. The turnings draw inspiration from the Pennsylvania Blunt Arrow and add charm to the piece. The beautifully scrolled comb showcases the Philadelphia style of the mid-eighteenth century.

antique reproduction Windsor chairs Gilpin Comb-Back Arm Chair

The Lancaster County Comb Back W/ Rockers

D.R. Dimes & Company's love for Windsor chairs extends to the Lancaster County Comb Back W/ Rockers. This chair combines beauty and functionality, embodying the historical innovation of rocking chairs in the early nineteenth century.

While rockers were not common in eighteenth-century Windsor chairs, D.R. Dimes & Company pays tribute to this evolution with their own twist. The Lancaster County Chair offers the grace and utility of traditional Windsor chairs while adding the joy of rocking. It is an example of how early Americans repurposed their furniture to adapt to new needs while preserving the timeless beauty of Windsor chairs.

The New England Comb-Back Arm Chair

The New England Comb-Back Arm Chair stands as a testament to New England's rich Windsor chair heritage. Its shield-shaped seat showcases the expert craftsmanship of the time. What sets this chair apart are the intricately carved knuckles on the armrest.

Hand-carved with painstaking attention to detail, these knuckles are not only beautiful but also comfortable. Running your hands along the knuckles offers a tactile experience that adds to the chair's allure. It is a small yet significant detail that truly makes it stand out.

antique reproduction Windsor chairs New England Comb-Back Arm Chair

Preserving Traditional American Furniture

Crafting antique reproduction Windsor chairs is a calling for D.R. Dimes & Company. With decades of honing their skills, they bring their creative visions to life while preserving the legacy of traditional American furniture. Each chair they create is a testament to their dedication.

The pieces crafted by D.R. Dimes & Company capture the essence of early American craftsmanship. They offer timeless beauty and lasting quality, standing as a testament to why the company has thrived for decades. In fact, they have even been commissioned by Independence Hall in Philadelphia to make antique reproduction Windsor chairs for them.

In a world where mass-produced furniture reigns, D.R. Dimes & Company takes pride in offering something different. Their antique reproduction Windsor chairs are handcrafted with love and attention to detail. These chairs are designed to stand the test of time, just like the chairs that inspired them.

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In our fast-paced world, it is easy to forget the beauty and craftsmanship of the past. At D.R. Dimes & Company, they are dedicated to preserving our heritage. Their reproduction Windsor chairs for sale are more than mere furniture; they are pieces of living history.

When you choose one of their chairs, you are investing in a piece of artistry and tradition. Explore the world of antique reproduction Windsor chairs and experience the beauty and history they bring to your home. Each piece created by D.R. Dimes & Company is made to order, ensuring it fits your vision and dreams perfectly. Contact them online today to commission a piece that will stand the test of time.