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Amazing Examples of Art in Interior Design

CEO Khai Intela
“Sand storm” by Ron Deri - Abstract art in home decor. Photography by Kam Idris Art has the power to transform a space, adding depth, character, and personality to any interior design. When chosen thoughtfully,...

Abstract art in modern interior design inspiration, Gold and yellow art “Sand storm” by Ron Deri - Abstract art in home decor. Photography by Kam Idris

Art has the power to transform a space, adding depth, character, and personality to any interior design. When chosen thoughtfully, artwork can be the focal point that ties a room together. In this article, we'll explore some amazing examples of how art can elevate interior design, creating harmonious and visually captivating spaces.

Matching an Artwork to Room Decor by Color

Gold and blue abstract art for interior design and wall decor

Choosing an artwork that complements the color scheme of a room can have a stunning effect. Take, for instance, this abstract artwork with gold and blue tones. The vibrant orange tones in the painting beautifully match the tones of the chair, while the golden frame harmonizes with the cabinet below it. This careful selection of art perfectly complements the room's design, achieving the desired aesthetic.

Bringing Back a Touch of Nature Using Art

Art in interior design, inspiration, Abstract art, Ocean art, Painting, Wall decor

In our modern homes filled with glass, metal, and concrete, it is essential to reintroduce a touch of nature. Art can be the perfect way to accomplish this. The textures and blue tones in this artwork take us to the ocean, infusing the room with a soothing natural vibe. By incorporating art inspired by nature, we can create a more balanced and calming environment.

Adding Color to Interior Decor

Abstract art for sale, Interior design inspiration, Home decor, Wall art, Canvas painting

Sometimes, interior designs are based on dark, moderately saturated tones. While this creates an elegant atmosphere, it's essential to add vibrant elements to enliven the space. This colorful abstract artwork, combined with the flowers on the table and mantle, brings light and life to the decor. By introducing splashes of contrasting color, the design becomes more dynamic and captivating.

Creating a Gradient of Tones Using Abstract Art

Light toned art in interior design and home decor, Wall art, Abstract painting

Art can also be used to create a seamless gradient of tones in an interior design. This concept is beautifully demonstrated in this room, where the wooden floors and table transition smoothly to the white and grey tones in the carpet and sofa. The light blue tones of the artwork complete the gradient, providing an elegant and satisfying visual transition.

Creating Contrast in Interior Design Using Abstract Art

Abstract wall art, Canvas painting, Interior design inspiration, Home revamp

Contrast can add intrigue and sophistication to an interior design. In this room, the designer cleverly uses contrasting elements, such as the lightly toned table, cabinet, and floors against the dark vases and chair frames. To prevent the design from appearing too monotonous, a bold and colorful piece of art is chosen. By embracing contrast, the room achieves a clean and elegant look.

Adding Complexity to Interior Design Using Abstract Art

Abstract painting in interior design, home decor inspiration, Wood wall art

In some interior designs, simplicity is key. However, introducing an element of complexity can enhance visual interest. This interior design features several simple elements, such as the straight lines in the wood wall, smooth textures of the chair, carpet, and table. To create visual complexity, a bold and "messy" piece of art is incorporated. The art stands out against the clean design, adding depth and capturing attention.


Art, particularly abstract art, is a powerful tool in the interior designer's toolbox. It can transform a space, evoke emotions, and create visually captivating environments. When carefully chosen and integrated into interior design, art can elevate a room's decor to new heights. So, choose your art wisely and let it speak volumes about your style and personality.

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