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All You Need to Know About Citrine Money Tree: Invite Prosperity and Abundance into Your Life

CEO Khai Intela
Have you been feeling stuck with your finances? Or maybe you’ve been having a hard time and feeling negative all the time? Well, the Citrine Money Tree might just be the answer to all your...

Have you been feeling stuck with your finances? Or maybe you’ve been having a hard time and feeling negative all the time? Well, the Citrine Money Tree might just be the answer to all your money problems. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of the Citrine Money Tree, one of the best feng shui pieces you can have in your home to attract wealth and prosperity.

What is a Citrine Money Tree?

gold money tree The Citrine Money Tree is a special feng shui ornament made of natural citrine crystal. It is believed to bring wealth and abundance into your household. The leaves of the tree are made of natural citrine stones, while the base features a feng shui money bag. The stem and roots are crafted from twisted copper. Throughout history, the Citrine Money Tree has been used to attract money luck and ward off negativity and ill fortune.

Citrine is a gemstone known for its positive and optimistic energy. It brings wealth and prosperity to one's home. The feng shui money bag at the base of the tree is a powerful symbol of wealth, often made of red or gold silk and filled with coins. The Chinese character for good fortune, "fu," is written on the money bag. The feng shui money bag is considered a powerful activator of wealth energy.

How did the Money Tree Originate?

The legend of the natural citrine money tree originates from China. According to the story, a heavenly fairy named Shang Ziyie traveled to Earth to marry a commoner named Chooi Wen Lui. Since they had very little money, the fairy grew a magic tree that produced coins. The tree provided for their financial needs and helped other villagers when they shook it.

This legend gave rise to the tradition of "wish trees" in Asian countries like China and Hong Kong. People write their wishes on red incantation papers and tie them to the tree along with juicy mandarin oranges. It is believed that these wish trees have the power to make wishes come true.

Wish trees have been used for centuries as symbols of wealth, better health, and family harmony. Coins like those grown from the branches of the wish tree in the legend were said to fall into a bountiful treasure bowl. It is believed that the citrine money tree will provide abundance and fortune in people's lives, just like the legendary tree.

Citrine Money Tree Meaning

The feng shui citrine money tree incorporates the powers of citrine, the feng shui money bag, and the symbolism of the wish tree. By combining these elements, it brings positivity and wealth-attracting energy to your home or business. The citrine money tree is a powerful symbol of wealth.

Tree Symbolism in Feng Shui

In feng shui, trees are symbols of luck and represent vital wood energy, growth, vitality, and life. They are associated with kindness, flexibility, and growth, all of which are important for a balanced life. Trees also symbolize good health and abundance, as they bear fruits that represent prosperity. They act as a link between the heavens and the earth, grounding and stabilizing individuals. Trees are seen as symbols of wisdom, providing knowledge and enlightenment. They balance the life force energy or chi, removing blockages that can hinder prosperity and harmony.

Types of Gems for Money Tree and Their Meanings

There are various types of feng shui money trees, each with its own purpose and benefits. Here are a few examples:

  • Citrine Money Tree: The citrine money tree is the most common and famous type. Made of natural citrine stone, it is known as the "stone of wealth," "merchant stone," and "success stone." Citrine attracts wealth, success, and good fortune. It clears negative energy, brings balance, confidence, and optimism.

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  • Aquamarine Gem Tree: Aquamarine money trees bring balance, stability, and emotional regulation. The stone ranges from light to dark shades of blue-green. It relieves stress, releases good vibrations, and promotes self-expression.

  • Amethyst Gem Tree: Made of amethyst, a deep purple stone, this money tree offers protection, spiritual wisdom, and contentment. It reduces anger, anxiety, and sadness.

  • Black Tourmaline Gem Tree: This money tree focuses on protection. Black tourmaline removes toxicity from the environment and creates a barrier against negative energy. It increases wisdom and promotes better communication with others.

  • Rose Quartz Gem Tree: The rose quartz tree invites love and compassion. Known for its lovely pink color, rose quartz inspires love, healing, and emotional release. It improves relationships with self, friends, family, and partners.

Citrine Money Tree Benefits

The citrine money tree offers numerous benefits that can bring financial stability to your life. Let's take a look at each one:

  1. Protection from negativity: Citrine, also known as the "happy stone," removes negative energies and replaces them with positive feelings of joy, contentment, and happiness.

  2. Wealth and abundance: Citrine is the stone of wealth and prosperity. It invites financial prosperity, luck, and good fortune into your home or office. It helps maintain an energy of everlasting profit and wealth retention.

  3. Improved physical health: The positive energy of citrine can improve physical health and well-being.

  4. Increased creativity and confidence: Citrine stimulates creativity and boosts confidence, helping individuals unlock their full potential.

  5. Enhanced manifesting powers: Citrine helps manifest desires and goals, allowing individuals to attract what they truly want in life.

How to Use the Money Tree

Now that you understand the wonderful benefits and meaning of the citrine money tree, it's essential to know how to use it properly to maximize its powers. Here are some tips:

Where to Place Citrine in the Home for Wealth

To increase general wealth, place the citrine money tree in the southeast sector of your living room or office. This is the most powerful area for prosperity and wealth. You can also place it in the northwest sector to enhance business opportunities and career luck.

If you specifically want to enhance your education and studies, place the citrine money tree in the northeast corner of your bedroom. For better family relations and harmony, position the tree in the center of the main family room.

Which Feng Shui Gem Tree to Use

Choose a gem tree based on your needs and intentions. For peace and calmness, use an amethyst gem tree. For love and prosperity in relationships, opt for a rose quartz gem tree. However, for an all-in-one solution that attracts wealth, protection, and positivity, the citrine money tree is the best choice.

How to Activate the Money Tree's Powers

Displaying your citrine money tree will already increase its positive energy. However, you can further activate its wealth-attracting properties through cleansing and activation rituals.

Physically cleansing the citrine money tree involves wiping it with a soft cloth to keep it dust-free. Avoid placing it under direct sunlight, as citrine stones are sensitive to sunlight.

Spiritually cleanse the tree by exposing it to moonlight overnight. Moonlight cleansing helps remove any negativities absorbed by the tree. You can also use sage cleansing by burning sage and letting the smoke surround the money tree. This promotes healing and clears negative energy.

When it comes to activation, using a Tibetan cleansing bowl creates sound vibrations that clear excess energy and blocks hindering the tree's powers.

Feng Shui Tips for the Money Tree

To enhance the wealth-attracting properties of the citrine money tree, consider these feng shui tips:

  1. If you want to enhance your luck in education and studies, place the tree in the northeast corner of your bedroom.

  2. For stronger family bonds and improved harmony, position the tree in the center of the main family room.

  3. To enhance the money tree's wealth-attracting powers, place gold or silver coins around its base in auspicious numbers of 8 or 9. This further amplifies its ability to attract wealth.

Getting Your Own Citrine Money Tree

It's crucial to obtain your feng shui ornaments from a reliable source to ensure authenticity. Fake citrine money trees won't provide the positive wealth-attracting benefits you seek. When purchasing a citrine money tree, check if the stones have any bubbles, as natural citrine does not have bubbles.

At Inner Wisdom, we offer authentic feng shui jewelry and ornaments that promote healing, abundance, protection, and love. Our hand-picked items have satisfied numerous customers who have experienced the benefits of the citrine money tree.

In conclusion, the citrine money tree is a powerful feng shui ornament that brings protection, positivity, and wealth into your life. Its beauty and symbolism make it a stunning addition to your living room, office, or desk. Acquire your own citrine money tree today and witness the abundance flow into your home. Remember to follow the tips and steps provided to unleash its full potential.