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Airbnb Interior Design: Elevate Your Rental with These Top 8 Ideas

CEO Khai Intela
Are you a short-term rental host looking to enhance your property's appeal and attract more guests? The interior design of your Airbnb plays a crucial role in determining your occupancy rate and overall return on...

Airbnb interior design for vacation rentals

Are you a short-term rental host looking to enhance your property's appeal and attract more guests? The interior design of your Airbnb plays a crucial role in determining your occupancy rate and overall return on investment. In this article, we've compiled the top 8 ideas to style your vacation rental and create a stunning space that will leave a memorable impression on your guests.

How to Choose the Right Airbnb Interior Design?

1. Identify your target guest

When designing your Airbnb's interior, it's important to focus on the specific needs and preferences of your target audience. Choose a category of guests that you want to attract, such as families with kids, travelers with pets, workationers, snowbirds, millennials, or Generation Z. Design your space with their comfort and convenience in mind.

2. Keep the location in mind

Ensure that your interior design reflects the location of your rental property. For example, if you have a rustic mountain cabin, offering beach towels would be incongruous. Your style should align with the surroundings to create a cohesive and appealing ambiance.

Airbnb interior design ideas and interior design services

3. Consider creating a themed rental

To make your property stand out in a saturated market, consider opting for a themed design that resonates with your location or target audience. For instance, if you have a coastal property, a pirate or mermaid theme could add charm and uniqueness. Unique stays are increasingly popular among travelers.

4. Look for design inspiration

Finding the right style for your Airbnb doesn't have to be a daunting task. Explore online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for interior design inspiration. Save your favorite design ideas and create a mood board to visualize your potential design concept consistently.

Elevate Your Interior Design as an Airbnb Host

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1. Create an experience and tell a story

Personalize your Airbnb by adding thoughtful touches that tell a story about the host and the location. Guests appreciate unique and memorable experiences. Quirky items or local ceramics can spark interest and create intrigue. However, avoid cluttering the space with too many personal items.

2. Opt for durable, high-quality furniture

Investing in durable, high-quality furniture pays off in the long run. It not only looks better over time but also saves money on frequent replacements. Mix statement furniture pieces with unique second-hand items to create an engaging design that tells an intriguing story.

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3. Add bold accents

Enhance your property's look by incorporating bold accents. Experiment with wallpaper, wall colors, and lighting fixtures. Consider painting the front door a bold color or adding accent colors to specific areas. Bold accents help your listing stand out and attract more views.

4. Embrace small spaces

Small spaces can be transformed into cozy, intimate areas with the right furniture and design elements. Convert unused corners into reading nooks or create a comfortable workspace for staycationers and workationers. Avoid excessive use of patterns and graphics that can make the space feel cramped.

5. Create a comfortable workspace

If your target audience includes remote workers or staycationers, ensure your Airbnb offers a comfortable workspace. Provide a secluded area with reliable internet access, allowing guests to work or relax without distractions.

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6. Create good lighting

Good lighting sets the right mood and prevents accidents. Maximize natural light by placing mirrors next to windows and incorporate hanging lighting fixtures for a unique look. Avoid relying on a single source of light; mix overhead, task, and accent lights for a stylish and well-lit space.

7. Bring greenery in

Indoor plants and flowers breathe life into your rental property. Place bouquets of flowers on kitchen counters and add low-maintenance plants near windows or on coffee tables. To create a trendy look, consider hanging plants, which are currently popular. Research plants that are safe for humans and pets.

Decorate your entire place with Airbnb design in your vacation rentals

8. Spruce up your outdoor area

Enhance your property's curb appeal by maintaining a well-kept outdoor area. Invest in landscaping and create an inviting garden. Consider adding outdoor seating areas to provide guests with a pleasant outdoor experience. Ensure furniture and appliances are water-resistant to withstand the elements.

Should You Hire a Professional Interior Designer?

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While hiring a professional interior designer is an additional expense, it can significantly enhance your vacation rental's appeal and guest experience. Experienced interior designers understand how to create a space that caters to travelers' needs and preferences. They can save you time and help your property stand out, increasing your nightly rate and occupancy rate.

Consider your decorating skills, budget, and available time when deciding whether to hire a professional. The choice ultimately depends on your unique requirements and goals.

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