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15 Smart Ways to Advertise Your Rental Property and Find Renters Fast

CEO Khai Intela
Last Updated: September 13, 2023 by Cameron Smith Learning how to advertise your rental property is not just a skill, but a profitable one for rental owners. With a variety of strategies in your toolbelt,...

Last Updated: September 13, 2023 by Cameron Smith

Learning how to advertise your rental property is not just a skill, but a profitable one for rental owners. With a variety of strategies in your toolbelt, you can fill vacancies fast with incredible tenants who stay for the long haul.

Why Property Owners Must Advertise Effectively

Finding the right strategies that work with your budget, skillset, and time available is essential. The national average for rent is $1,995, making a vacancy one of the largest expenses for rental property owners. On top of that, you have to continue paying utilities, and the risk of vandalism or unnoticed damage (such as flooding) increases when a property is empty.

But it's not just about filling the vacancy, it's about finding the right tenant. You want someone who is unlikely to cause headaches and plans to stay for a while. Low turnover means you don't have to search for tenants as often, saving you time, effort, and money. By casting a wide net, you increase your chances of finding the perfect tenant.

15 Best Ideas For Advertising Your Rental Property

Here are the most effective tips for getting amazing renters in your property fast:

  1. Post on Rental Listing Sites: Put your listing up on sites that specialize in rentals, as this is often the first place potential tenants will go when searching for a property. Some popular rental listing sites include Zillow.com, Avail.com, Apartments.com, and Realtor.com.

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  1. Price it Right: Determine your rental's market value by researching the current rental rates of comparable properties in the area. Consider listing your property for $50 below the going rate to attract tenants who are happy with the price and are more likely to stay.

  2. Time the Market: Certain times of the year are more popular for people to consider a move. May-September is generally the hottest time of year for rental properties, and when you can charge top dollar. This is when college students are graduating, families are looking to settle before the new school year, and the weather is ideal for moving.

  3. Make Tenants' Lives Easier: Stand out from other rental options by offering conveniences such as online rent payment options, fair rent increases, online maintenance requests, proactive property maintenance, and sought-after amenities. Consider offering incentives or rewards for longer leases as well.

  4. Stick a Sign in the Yard: In the digital age, a yard sign may seem old-fashioned, but it can still attract potential tenants, especially in popular neighborhoods with high traffic. For a small investment, you can capture the attention of those driving around searching for available rentals.

  5. Go With Word of Mouth: Former and current tenants can be your best salespeople. If you have provided a positive living experience, they will likely recommend your properties to their friends and family.

  6. Cultivate a Great Reputation: Just as prospects avoid landlords with a bad reputation, they will gravitate towards a property owner who has a good one. Be open to making reasonable accommodations, ask current tenants for positive reviews, work towards repeat renters, handle complaints fairly, and ensure good communication.

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  1. Write Incredible Rental Listings: Grab prospective tenants' attention with a strong headline that highlights your property's top feature. Be clear and direct, and include important details such as amenities, neighborhood information, parking availability, pet policies, and nearby schools.

  2. Take Great Pictures: High-quality photos have a significant impact on attracting potential tenants. Clean your property thoroughly before taking pictures, remove personal decor, consider hiring a professional with real estate experience, and showcase attractive outdoor spaces using drones if possible.

  3. Use Paid Ads: Consider advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, as they allow you to target specific demographics and add more personality to your descriptions. This option is worth exploring if your regular listings aren't gaining enough traction.

  4. Share on Social Media: Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach a wider audience and take advantage of their digital features. Encourage sharing within networks, including neighborhood Facebook pages, where friends and acquaintances may want to live close to each other.

  5. Hold an Open House: Opening your doors for a publicized open house allows the maximum number of people to see your property in a short amount of time. It is a more efficient way to showcase your rental compared to scheduling individual appointments for every prospective tenant.

  6. Hire a Real Estate Agent: Leasing agents specialize in creating rental ads, have extensive networks to find prospects quickly, understand the housing market, and can effectively screen potential tenants. Consider this option if you are new to being a landlord, live far from your property, or simply don't have the time to handle the rental process.

  7. Work with a Property Manager: Property managers handle the entire rental process, including marketing vacant properties, screening tenants, collecting rent, handling complaints, and maintaining relationships with tradespeople and vendors. This is an excellent solution for owners who live far from their rental properties or prefer to avoid day-to-day management hassles.

  8. Splurge on a 3-D Rendering: While they can be a bit expensive, 3-D renderings have a significant impact on potential tenants. They can be used across various marketing channels and start around $300 each. Investing in a high-quality rendering can make your property stand out and attract more interested renters.

Finding renters for your rental property doesn't have to be a daunting task. By implementing these smart advertising strategies, you can attract amazing tenants quickly and efficiently. Remember to be proactive, offer desirable amenities, and create a positive rental experience to keep your properties occupied for the long term.