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AceableAgent Reviews – What You NEED to Know

CEO Khai Intela
The Right School Can Prepare a Real Estate Agent to Take the Industry by Storm In today's digital world, the real estate industry has seen a shift towards online certification courses. But with so many...

The Right School Can Prepare a Real Estate Agent to Take the Industry by Storm

In today's digital world, the real estate industry has seen a shift towards online certification courses. But with so many options available, it's essential to choose a reputable and reliable school. One such school that stands out is AceableAgent. Let's dive into what AceableAgent has to offer and why you should consider them for your real estate education.

What is AceableAgent?

AceableAgent is an online school that aims to help potential real estate professionals obtain their licenses. What sets them apart is that they are the first real estate education platform designed specifically for mobile and web use. All their materials are digital, allowing students to study at their own pace and convenience.

Based out of Austin, Texas, AceableAgent started as a local certification provider and quickly became one of the largest certifiers in the area. Their success led them to expand their reach to other states, making them a nationwide real estate education platform.

Where does AceableAgent operate?

While AceableAgent continues to expand, they currently operate in 12 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. This extensive coverage ensures that aspiring real estate professionals can get certified regardless of their location within these states.

How much does AceableAgent cost?

Real estate certification costs vary by state, and AceableAgent offers a range of prices. For example, the cost of the course in Florida is $82, while in California, it's $119. On the higher end, the course for South Carolina costs $489, and for Tennessee, it's $429.

It's essential to note that these prices only cover the pre-license courses. Additional costs, such as exam fees and licensing fees, will also be required to complete the certification process.

How long does it take to complete an AceableAgent course?

The time required to complete an AceableAgent course varies depending on the state's guidelines and the number of course hours. For example, California offers 135 hours of content, while Texas boasts 180 hours. On the other hand, Pennsylvania only requires 75 course hours, and Virginia has 60 hours.

It's worth mentioning that AceableAgent offers a "pass the test or your money back" guarantee in certain states, including Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Texas, and Virginia. This ensures that students feel confident and protected throughout the learning process.

AceableAgent Reviews

Before enrolling in any course, it's crucial to consider reviews and feedback from other students. AceableAgent receives high praise from its students, with a 4.7/5 student recommendation rate on their website. Additionally, other review platforms like Trustpilot, Google, and Facebook also show positive ratings, further affirming the quality of their courses.

It's important to note that while these reviews are overwhelmingly positive, it's always a good idea to consider multiple sources and opinions before making any decisions.

Should you work with an AceableAgent-certified agent?

If you come across a real estate agent who has obtained their certification through AceableAgent, you can have confidence in their industry knowledge and expertise. However, it's crucial to remember that certification is not the sole determinant of a good real estate agent. Experience, personality, and compatibility are also vital factors to consider when choosing an agent.

Commission Splits

AceableAgent-certified agents operate under the same commission split structure as other agents in the industry. Typically, real estate agent commissions are split 50/50 between the buyer's and seller's agents. This means that out of the gross 6% commission, the agent usually receives 3%.

Keep in mind that commission rates are negotiable in real estate, and agents may be willing to offer discounts or incentives based on various factors, such as transaction type, services required, and frequency of business.

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In conclusion, AceableAgent provides a reputable and convenient option for aspiring real estate professionals. Their online courses, nationwide coverage, and positive reviews make them a compelling choice for those looking to obtain their real estate license. Remember to consider multiple factors when choosing an agent and utilize platforms like UpNest to find the best Realtor for your specific needs.