A Unique Guide to Interior Design Websites: Get Inspired by 20 Great Examples

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Interior design is an industry that thrives on aesthetics, and this extends beyond just the physical spaces designers create. Their websites are a reflection of their unique style and can provide inspiration for your own...

Interior design is an industry that thrives on aesthetics, and this extends beyond just the physical spaces designers create. Their websites are a reflection of their unique style and can provide inspiration for your own business website. Whether you're starting out or looking to redesign, this guide will introduce you to some of the top interior design websites that showcase creativity and conversion-driven designs.

Laurel & Wolf: Blending Interior Design with Business Web Design

Laurel & Wolf's website is a prime example of how interior design can seamlessly blend with traditional business web design. While they use the familiar framework of a business site, they incorporate stylish elements that set them apart from the rest. This "best of both worlds" approach includes features like logos of partner companies, press mentions, and comparisons to other service providers. The site also boasts convenient communication options, such as online chat and direct messaging with their designers.

Laurel and Wolf Caption: Laurel and Wolf's website showcases a blend of business design elements and stylish aesthetics.

Appleleaf Interiors: Simple and Elegant WordPress Design

Australian-based Appleleaf Interiors demonstrates how a basic WordPress theme can be transformed into a stunning website. Their layout is minimalistic yet solid, with standard placement for service pages and design elements. What sets them apart is their impressive gallery page, which features lazy-loading images that effortlessly showcase their design elements. The inclusion of a modal pop-up window and slideshow adds an interactive touch to the browsing experience.

Appleleaf Interiors Caption: Appleleaf Interiors website features a clean and elegant design with a well-curated gallery page.

Anoushka Allum Design: Bringing Together Style and Functionality

Anoushka Allum Design's website grabs attention with a full-screen image and clean, attractive menus. While the individual design elements may seem standard, their arrangement, styling, and the use of subtle colors elevate the overall impact of the site. The only drawback is the top-of-page menus over the photo, which lack adequate contrast for modern accessibility standards. However, this issue can be easily resolved.

Anoushka Allum Design Caption: Anoushka Allum Design's website captivates with its clean design, attractive menus, and subtle use of color.

Wolfe Interior Design: Minimalistic Design with Eye-catching Elements

New Zealand-based Wolfe Interior Design opts for a simple and minimalistic website design. The use of limited elements on each screen emphasizes their calls to action. While the design may not fully reflect their actual aesthetic, adding a few embellishments could help better showcase their portfolio. Small details can make a significant difference in capturing the attention of potential clients.

Wolfe Interior Design Caption: Wolfe Interior Design's minimalistic website design draws attention to their captivating portfolio.

Victoria Bell Design: Bold and Accomplished Website

Victoria Bell Design's website makes a bold statement with a captivating above-the-fold image. As you scroll down, accolades reflecting their quality as a design firm, such as mentions on HGTV and various magazines, become immediately visible. The portfolio section allows users to browse by project or specific room, catering to those interested in single-room designs.

Victoria Bell Design Caption: Victoria Bell Design's website impresses with its bold above-the-fold image and a focus on project and room-specific browsing.

Erika Flugger NYC Interior Design: Highlighting Local Expertise

Erika Flugger NYC Interior Design prioritizes their area of expertise by prominently featuring it in their website design. The clean and minimalistic layout, coupled with a clear call to action, provides visitors with a glimpse into the services they offer. They cater to specific considerations relevant to their location, such as townhouse design and renovation.

Erika Flugger NYC Interior Design Caption: Erika Flugger NYC Interior Design's website emphasizes their local expertise and offers a clean and minimalistic design.

Home Designing: A Unique Take on Interior Design

Home Designing showcases that the interior design space isn't solely dominated by specific agencies. They offer an almost Pinterest-like board of ideas, concepts, and products that users can purchase for their own spaces. The clean design allows users to hover over specific items for more information, creating an engaging and interactive experience.

Home Designing Caption: Home Designing's website provides an inspiring collection of ideas, concepts, and products for interior design enthusiasts.

Sonya Cotter Design: Standing Out with Unique Design Choices

Sonya Cotter Design's website stands out with its tall, vertical, and segmented design. The bold transitions between clean, white sections and darker, more image-heavy elements showcase their design aesthetics effortlessly. With darker earthy colors and accents in lighter hues, they present a unique visual identity compared to other design firms.

Sonya Cotter Design Caption: Sonya Cotter Design's website stands out with its tall, vertical, and segmented design, showcasing their unique visual identity.

Cuthbert Interiors: A Busy, Yet Immersive Website

Cuthbert Interiors' website breaks away from minimalism with a busy and complex design. The homepage features a hatched design with various elements, including a prominently displayed cactus. Scrolling down reveals a grid of content, including images and text boxes that provide insights into their work. Though their responsive design is commendable, some sizes appear awkward on mid-sized screens, impacting the overall user experience.

Cuthbert Interiors Caption: Cuthbert Interiors' website captivates users with its immersive and content-rich design, although certain screen sizes may experience formatting issues.

Daniel Hopwood: A Unique and Ultramodern Design

Daniel Hopwood's website stands out with its unconventional design choices. Instead of a top-of-screen navigation bar, it features an ultramodern structure with a side-loading menu. Large images with intricate designs dominate the primary content, instantly capturing attention. The website also incorporates subtle animations, enhancing the overall user experience. However, there are some accessibility concerns regarding tab navigation and the unexpected sidebar menu.

Daniel Hopwood Caption: Daniel Hopwood's website showcases unconventional design choices and incorporates subtle animations for an engaging user experience.

Architectural Digest: A Content-Rich Design Magazine

Architectural Digest's website is a content-rich magazine, focusing on articles and news stories related to design. Unlike individual designers' websites, which prioritize showcasing their unique aesthetics, Architectural Digest offers valuable information and resources for designers, hobbyists, and homeowners looking to elevate their homes.

Architectural Digest Caption: Architectural Digest's website offers a wealth of articles and news stories, catering to design enthusiasts of all levels.

Apartment Therapy: Converging Aesthetics with Functionality

Apartment Therapy's website exemplifies the convergence of aesthetics among websites. While their layout and design may resemble a common business/blog WordPress theme, they have managed to create a unique visual identity. Their clean and dense presentation of content keeps visitors engaged, making it a go-to resource for design inspiration.

Apartment Therapy Caption: Apartment Therapy offers a clean and visually appealing website, providing a wealth of design inspiration.

Home Stratosphere: Going Beyond Home Design

Home Stratosphere stands out by providing an all-encompassing approach to interior design. They cover everything from architecture and history to simple DIY information and examples of design firms worldwide. Their website showcases a simple and minimalistic design, prioritizing easy-to-digest content. It serves as a reminder that successful websites are built on engaging content, not just design aesthetics.

Home Stratosphere Caption: Home Stratosphere's website offers a simple and minimalistic design that focuses on providing valuable content to readers.

This Old House: Timeless Design and DIY Resource

This Old House's website caters to homeowners seeking home improvement inspiration. With a wide range of content, including DIY tips and examinations of design, the website maintains a clean and organized layout. The subtle blueprint sketches in the header and the corresponding color scheme in the footer tie the entire design together seamlessly.

This Old House Caption: This Old House's website offers a clean and organized design, providing a wealth of DIY resources and design inspiration.

The Spruce: A Design Empire and Inspiration Hub

The Spruce stands as one of the largest design and content sites on the internet. As a web magazine, it covers various home-related niches, including design, cooking, and pet care. The clean design focuses on content, offering modular displays for easy navigation. However, we can't help but notice that their logo embellishments don't accurately represent spruce trees, missing an opportunity for attention to detail.

The Spruce Caption: The Spruce features a clean and content-centric design, catering to a wide range of home-related interests.

Grant Design Group: Proof That Domain Names Don't Limit Success

Grant Design Group Las Vegas demonstrates that a unique domain name doesn't hinder success. Despite their acronym-based domain, they present a visually appealing website that showcases their work. Large, upfront images and well-placed calls to action create an engaging user experience, proving that a custom, bespoke style can overcome any domain-related concerns.

Grant Design Group Caption: Grant Design Group's website overcomes domain-related concerns with visually appealing design and engaging calls to action.

Naif Design: Simplicity and Artistry in Website Design

Naif Design breaks the mold with a homepage that features minimal content. The website captivates visitors with large screen-filling images of their designs and basic information about their services. By focusing on rustic design aesthetics for workspaces, restaurants, and businesses, Naif Design showcases their expertise and provides examples that are outside the norm.

Naif Design Caption: Naif Design's minimalistic website design highlights their expertise in rustic design aesthetics.

Elle Decor: A Clean and Inspiring Design Magazine

Elle Decor is a design magazine that covers a wide range of topics, from DIY tips to exotic locale examinations. The website embodies a clean, grid-based design, reflecting the squares and right angles often featured in their chosen images. The careful curation of content and design elements creates an appealing overall image.

Elle Decor Caption: Elle Decor's website showcases a clean and grid-based design, offering design inspiration through various articles.

Houzz: The Ultimate Interior Design Community

Houzz is not only a blog and social network but also a valuable resource for designers and potential clients. You can browse through countless profiles of designers and gather inspiration for your own projects. Exploring how designers fill out their profiles can provide insight into industry trends and help you refine your own design aesthetic.

Houzz Caption: Houzz serves as a vibrant interior design community, connecting designers and clients seeking inspiration and expertise.

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By exploring these 20 exceptional interior design websites, you'll gain valuable insights to inspire and guide the creation of your own conversion-driven website. Remember, great design is as essential online as it is in physical spaces. Let your website showcase your unique style and drive conversions like never before.