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A Dazzling Ralph Lauren Room & How to Get the Look!

CEO Khai Intela
Hi Everyone! Hope y’all are having a good week! I am hanging in there and riding the reno-wave. Tomorrow, I have to meet with another structural engineer to look at the wall I was told...

Hi Everyone! Hope y’all are having a good week! I am hanging in there and riding the reno-wave. Tomorrow, I have to meet with another structural engineer to look at the wall I was told by contractor #1 I didn’t need to have looked at.

However, let’s bring our focus to Ralph Lauren. I’ve long been a fan of his collected, elegant style. A few years ago, I came across this room vignette that feels like Ralph Lauren, but with a newer side to his style that’s timeless and refreshing.

The Enchanting Green Room

ralph lauren home British Colonial East Indies style with green and white wallpaper -High-Low Ralph Lauren Image Source: Saigon Intela

I love the crisp wallpaper design and the white upholstered or slip-covered upholstery. All of that is juxtaposed against rich dark wood, a warm natural fiber rug, and highlighted by accents of gold and black and lovely accessories. It's truly a sight to behold!

The Quest for the Discontinued Wallpaper

I tried with all my might to find that beautiful wallpaper. I even came close; however, despite some false promises, it was discontinued. Ralph Lauren should discontinue everything else and only make this one slice of perfection. Alas, no one listens to me. Haha. It’s gone, and so we’ll have to see what else we can come up with.

A Stunning Alternative

Luckily, one brand always comes to mind when I think of Chinoiserie wall murals - Gracie. Mark D. Sikes uses Gracie frequently as well. Take a look at this beauty by Laura Tutun:

Laura Tutun Dining Room - Gracie wallpaper

And here's another green Gracie paper that caught my eye:

kips-bay-Mark D Sikes bedroom - Gracie wallpaper

While these options are stunning, they don't quite match the deep saturated green found in the Ralph Lauren original room. But don't worry, there are some wonderful, more affordable alternatives available.

Beautiful Wallpaper Murals

One lovely Chinoiserie wallpaper option is available from Tempaper:

Garden blue oasis Tempaper removable wallpaper.

Another fantastic option is the Mughal Garden mural from The Mural Source:

Mughal Garden - The Mural Source CH-1210-MG-3361-T

Mughal Garden - The Mural Source

These options provide a similar aesthetic and will make a statement in your space.

Achieving the Look

To fully capture the essence of Ralph Lauren's style, consider incorporating some British Colonial East Indies style pieces into your design. Mahogany furniture with a dark stain and gold accents will help achieve that classic elegance.

British Colonial Style - High-Low Ralph Lauren

For the upholstery, an English roll-arm sofa in a white fabric is a timeless choice. Brands like Pottery Barn and Serena and Lily offer beautiful options at different price points.

carlisle-upholstered-sofa from Pottery Barn

When it comes to lighting, finding the perfect sconces can be challenging. However, websites like 1st Dibs offer a great selection of Anglo-Indian sconces that will add a touch of luxury to your space.

Get Inspired by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has left an indelible mark on our tastes for many decades, and his influence can be seen in countless spaces. If you're as inspired as I am, be sure to check out another favorite post featuring Ralph Lauren Palazzo styled by the fabulously talented Steve Cordony.

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I hope this article has provided you with some valuable insights on how to create a dazzling Ralph Lauren-inspired room. Remember, it's all about capturing that timeless elegance and adding your unique touch. Happy decorating!