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The Top Solar Attic Fans for a Well-Ventilated Attic

CEO Khai Intela
Best Solar Attic Fan - Remington If you're looking to ensure that your attic stays well-ventilated, a solar attic fan is an excellent solution. Not only do they effectively remove hot air from the attic...

Best Solar Attic Fan - Remington Best Solar Attic Fan - Remington

If you're looking to ensure that your attic stays well-ventilated, a solar attic fan is an excellent solution. Not only do they effectively remove hot air from the attic space and replace it with cool air, but they also run without using electricity, saving you money on utility bills. They are efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly options.

Before you upgrade your attic's ventilation system, it's essential to choose the right solar attic fan for your needs. Each fan is unique and should be chosen based on the layout of your home and other factors. To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the best solar attic fans available:

1. Remington - The Best Overall Solar Attic Fan

Product Details:

  • Roof-Mounted
  • Available at Different Power Levels (20 to 40 Watts)
  • 1,280 to 2,340 CFM
  • Lifetime Warranty

Based on our experience and testing, Remington Solar Attic Fans are the absolute best solar attic fans for keeping your attic cool. These roof-mounted solar fans are equipped with a thermostat and humidistat for precise temperature regulation. They can increase or decrease the fan speed automatically based on the data collected.

One of the standout features of Remington Fans is the ability to switch back and forth from solar to electric power with an adapter. The sensor is automatic, and the fan will switch back to running on solar power as soon as it detects sunlight.

In addition to its functionality, the Remington Solar Attic Fan also boasts a beautiful, modern aesthetic design. Its overall finish on the materials gives it a stylish look and adds curb appeal to your home. It's a significant upgrade from other products on the market.

Best Solar Attic Fan - Natural Light Best Solar Attic Fan - Natural Light

2. Natural Light - The Best Adjustable Panel Solar Attic Fan

Product Details:

  • Roof-Mounted
  • 32 Watts
  • 1,560 CFM
  • 25-Year Warranty

Natural Light is another brand dedicated to providing customers with quality solar attic fans. The Natural Light Energy SAF32B Solar Attic Fan is a good option for a roof-mounted solar-powered fan with basic capabilities. It features a tilted solar panel for ideal sun exposure and runs very quietly. The CFM is impressive, able to cool a 2,200 square foot room effectively.

The only drawbacks to this fan are that it only fits on shingled roofs and does not have an electric adapter. However, if these limitations are not an issue for you, the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan is a reliable choice.

Best Solar Attic Fan - Broan Best Solar Attic Fan - Broan

3. Broan - The Best Budget-Friendly Solar Attic Fan

Product Details:

  • Roof-Mounted
  • Plastic
  • 28 Watts
  • 537 CFM
  • 6-Year Warranty

The Broan-NuTone 345SOWW Surface Mount Attic Solar Fan is a good choice if you're looking for an affordable option. The plastic materials keep the cost low, allowing you to get the ventilation system you need at a budget-friendly price. However, this solar attic fan has a shorter warranty than other options.

It's important to note that this model has a lower CFM compared to other products we've tested, so it may not be as efficient. It also lacks a thermostat, humidistat, or any hybrid electric capabilities. Nevertheless, it can still provide adequate ventilation for a small space.

Best Solar Attic Fan - Yellowblue Best Solar Attic Fan - Yellowblue

4. Yellowblue - Technically-Sound Solar Attic Fans

Product Details:

  • Available in Multiple Types
  • 20 Watts
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • 900 CFM
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Yellowblue Solar Fans are a strong competitor and one of the best technically-sound solar attic fans. Designed by aerodynamic engineering experts and made from the best materials, these solar fans are sure to improve the ventilation quality of any space.

Yellowblue fans come in various types, including gable-mounted, roof-mounted, and portable models. They even have a model designed for roofs in snowy areas with "S" tiles. Their tilted model sits atop a 360-degree rotating platform to optimize exposure to sunlight.

The only drawback to Yellowblue products is that consumers need to contact an independent authorized dealer to purchase. If you're interested, contact us for a quote for materials and installation.

Best Solar Attic Fan - iLiving Best Solar Attic Fan - iLiving

5. iLiving - A Secondary Option with Smart Features

Product Details:

  • Roof-Mounted
  • 20 Watts
  • 1,750 CFM
  • Hybrid and Thermostat Options
  • 15-Year Warranty

The iLIVING HYBRID Ready Smart Thermostat Solar Roof Attic Exhaust Fan is a good secondary option, especially if you need a thermostat. Equipped with a powerful 20W adjustable polycrystalline solar panel, this fan is IP68 water-proof. It provides up to 2000 sq. ft. of capacity cooling and is built with a brushless motor.

It's worth noting that this fan can be a bit noisy, and there have been some reported issues with the shutters not closing properly. However, these issues are not experienced by everyone, and it still serves as a reliable solar attic fan.

These are just a few of the top solar attic fans available in the market. Remember to consider factors like the size of your attic, venting capacity, and wattage when choosing the right fan for your needs. Solar attic fans are an excellent investment for maintaining a well-ventilated attic and reducing energy costs. Choose the best one for your home and enjoy the benefits of a cool and energy-efficient space.