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8 Trending Garden Deck Chairs for 2023

CEO Khai Intela
Unlike most garden furniture, deck chairs offer the advantage of portability. You can effortlessly move them around your garden, take them to the park or the beach, or even bring them on camping trips for...

Unlike most garden furniture, deck chairs offer the advantage of portability. You can effortlessly move them around your garden, take them to the park or the beach, or even bring them on camping trips for added comfort. With their lightweight and foldable design, deck chairs are easy to store away during the winter months and occupy minimal space compared to other seating options. Not to mention, they come in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit every style, and they are typically more affordable. So, why not add some style and versatility to your garden with these comfortable family favorites?

The Top Pick for 2023: Harbour Housewares Set of Two Deck Chairs

![Harbour Housewares Set of Two Deck Chairs](image link)

Price: £65

This set of two deck chairs offers incredible value for money. With classic blue seaside stripes and an attractive light beechwood frame, they combine style with functionality. Whether you're enjoying a sunny day in your garden or taking a trip to the beach, these deck chairs are the perfect choice.

Wimborne Rocking Deck Chair - A Classic Choice

![Wimborne Rocking Deck Chair](image link)

Price: £120

If you prefer a more understated design, the Wimborne Rocking Deck Chair is an excellent option. Crafted with a frame of FSC-certified beech and a comfortable 100% cotton hammock seat, this chair stands out with its clever design, featuring long and sturdy frames on the legs for added stability.

Premier Housewares Green Deck Chair - Weather Resistant and Lightweight

![Premier Housewares Green Deck Chair](image link)

Price: £69.99

For a deck chair that can withstand the elements, consider the Premier Housewares Green Deck Chair. It features a hardwood frame, making it weather-resistant and lightweight. The adjustable seating position allows you to find the perfect angle for relaxation, whether you're sitting upright or prefer a laidback position.

Interiors By PH Navy/White Deck Chair - A Beach-Inspired Classic

![Interiors By PH Navy/White Deck Chair](image link)

Price: £72.99

Transport yourself to the beach with the Interiors By PH Navy/White Deck Chair. Its classic blue-and-white striped design will make you feel like you're right by the ocean. With its foldable structure, adjustable seating position, and weather-resistant hardwood frame, this deck chair is an ideal addition to any outdoor space.

Harbour Housewares 2 Piece Lime & Green Wooden Deck Chair - Stylish and Durable

![Harbour Housewares Lime & Green Wooden Deck Chair](image link)

Price: £60

Supplied as a pair, these deck chairs from Harbour Housewares boast a beechwood frame and three adjustable reclining positions for maximum comfort. The seat slings, made from woven cotton/polyester, are highly durable and can be easily removed for washing, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

Deck Chair 2 Pack - Navy

![Deck Chair 2 Pack - Navy](image link)

Price: £79

This set of two foldable deck chairs features a eucalyptus hardwood frame with a teak-effect finish, giving them a stylish appearance. The navy sling is weather-resistant, and the adjustable notches allow for seamless transitions between three different seating positions. With these deck chairs, relaxation is just a fold away.

Berkfield Folding Beach Chair Solid Wood Teak Grey - Unique Design

![Berkfield Folding Beach Chair Solid Wood Teak Grey](image link)

Price: £65

Stand out from the crowd with the Berkfield Folding Beach Chair. Crafted from weather-resistant solid teak wood and featuring a grey fabric sling seat, this deck chair offers three adjustable seating positions, as well as armrests, a rare feature in the market. Enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort.

Harbour Housewares Reclining Folding Deck Chair - Durable and Versatile

![Harbour Housewares Reclining Folding Deck Chair](image link)

Price: £35

Made from natural beach, this Harbour Housewares deck chair guarantees strength and durability. Its 100% woven polyester canvas with a hydrophobic coating repels rain, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. With three reclining positions and a variety of color options, you can effortlessly brighten up your outdoor area.

Can You Leave a Deck Chair Outside?

The answer is yes, but with some precautions. While it is generally safe to leave deck chairs outside, harsh winters or extreme weather conditions can damage them. To protect your deck chairs from the elements, consider storing them indoors when not in use. When choosing deck chairs, opt for those made from robust materials such as teak, which offer durability in most weather conditions. Wooden frames, in particular, may require occasional maintenance like oiling or staining to protect them from moisture and UV rays. Metal or plastic frames are also available, but they come with their own considerations, such as rust or brittleness.

To ensure the longevity of your deck chairs, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Simply wash the frame with soap and water, avoiding abrasive cleaners that might damage the surface. While the fabric seat sling is usually weather-resistant, it is still recommended to remove them when not in use or during heavy rain. Additionally, choose slings that are easily removable and washable in case they get dirty.

Please note that the information provided in this review was accurate as of August 2023. We apologize if there have been any changes in price or availability since then.