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8 Best Armchairs to Suit Any Interior, from Loaf to John Lewis

CEO Khai Intela
Let us help you find a treat that will lift your home and make the last stint of winter bearable - your very own armchair. A gift from you to you that will help bring...

Let us help you find a treat that will lift your home and make the last stint of winter bearable - your very own armchair. A gift from you to you that will help bring the room together and add some personality to your flat, house, cottage or cabin in the woods.

Things to Consider

There are many types of armchairs out there - wingbacks, recliners, club chairs, high backs, barreled chairs, and rolled-arm chairs, to name a few. However, finding the perfect one takes patience and care.

Take time to consider the shape, height, and style of the chair that you’re after. Where are you looking to place it? What kind of materials would work best with the theme of the room it will reside in? Fabrics include heavy-duty linens, blended wools, luxurious velvets, robust leathers, and easy-clean polyesters. And there are a plethora of colors to play with too, so it’s up to you if you want to go for something sensible or for something a little more daring.

In general, a soft and neutral palette such as dove grey, elephant’s breath (light grey), soft clay, misty blue, and mushroom is timeless and will age gracefully. But if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not consider the top color trends for 2019; dusky pinks, rich golden yellows, and jewel-like tones such as teals, emerald greens, and deep dark ruby reds.

A good-quality armchair isn’t cheap though, and to get real value for money, you’ll need to spend £100 plus. We’ve selected the best armchairs from each price range to help you make a decision.

Best Budget-Friendly Armchairs

Ikea EKENÄSET Armchair

£179, Ikea ikea ekenaset armchair Key specs - Dimensions: H75 x W64 x D81 cm; Fabric: Polyester; Color options: 1; Guarantee: 10 years; Delivery time: 4-8 working days

This is a reasonably priced chair that lends itself nicely to mid-century, scandi, or modern aesthetics. Ikea delivers yet again with a chair that will work effortlessly in almost any home.

This is a great piece that will slot into a range of spaces without taking over the room. It’s streamlined yet bold, while still ticking boxes for versatility and elegance.

A great little chair for a spacious hallway, a reading corner, or even paired with a small side table in a bay window.

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Habitat Misty Armchair

£395, Habitat habitat misty armchair Key specs - Dimensions: H86 x W105 x D72 cm; Fabric: Acor, velvet, or piave; Color options: 4; Guarantee: 1 year; Delivery time: Within 10 days

This armchair is compact, curvaceous, and, above all, fun. Its retro 1960s design is incredibly inviting and suitable for every member of the family to curl up in.

Made from durable, hardwearing fabric, it has an easy care finish, meaning water-based stains can be wiped off without difficulty - ideal for when grubby little handprints or paw marks find their way onto it.

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Best Mid-Range Armchairs

Swoon Editions Karla Armchair

£799, Swoon Editions swoon editions karla armchair Key specs - Dimensions: H75 x W72 x D90 cm; Fabric: Wool, polyester; Color options: 8; Guarantee: 5 years; Delivery time: 8-10 weeks

Karla is the wise and sophisticated elder sibling of the Ikea EKENÄSET. Artisan makers from near Shanghai have crafted this rather worldlier version of the previous seat featured.

It’s a wonderful example of beauty in simplicity. Clean lines, natural colorways, and honest materials are all artfully married by skilled craftspeople, resulting in this time-defying humble chair.

Its slightly rustic look would be fitting in an eclectic home, where the inhabitants like to explore subject matters such as texture, dyeing techniques, beading, and embroidery.

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West Elm Lucas Wire Base Chair Platinum

From £489, West Elm west elm lucas wire base chair Key specs - Dimensions: H79 x W77 x D8 cm; Fabric: Linen; Color options: 1; Guarantee: None; Delivery time: 12 - 26 days

The Lucas is a gloriously modern spin on an armchair. Its wire base gives it a slightly industrial look without leaving it looking too clunky or heavy.

It confidently commands attention in a room, without overshadowing other themes or existing color schemes. The platinum linen upholstery softens this contemporary chair, making it the ideal seat to curl up in with a good book and escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.

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John Lewis & Partners Meghan Fluted Back Velvet Armchair

£749, John Lewis & Partners john lewis meghan armchair Key specs - Dimensions: H81 x W84 x D94 cm; Fabric: Velvet; Color options: 1; Guarantee: 15 years; Delivery time: 3 working days

This beautiful fluted back occasion chair is the ideal balance of comfort and elegance. Its design gives an acknowledging nod to the roaring 1920s but remains firmly rooted in 2019, with subtle details such as its brass capped legs and velvet candy floss upholstery.

The Meghan chair introduces a gentle dusting of color that would be well-suited in any bedroom or living room.

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Best Luxury Armchairs

Ercol Originals Chairmakers Rocking Chair

£1,045, Heal’s ercols original chairmakers chair Key specs - Dimensions: H107 x W60 x D76 cm; Material: Wood; Color options: 5; Guarantee: None; Delivery time: 9 - 11 weeks

Lucian Ercolani moved to London in the early 1890s to study design and furniture making. In 1920, Ercolani founded Ercol and began producing the company’s characteristic blend of modern, refined, and yet traditionally British designs.

This is a classic example of Ercol’s magnificent chair-making skills. A rocking chair that fits both into traditional and contemporary living is hard to find, and yet Ercol makes it look easy.

This smooth, graceful, and refined chair is our idea of hygge. Its gentle motion conveys cosiness, comfort, and contentment. Place next to an open fire for maximum effect. And if one of us dozes off while rocking, please lightly drape a blanket over us and tend to the fire…wake us when it’s springtime.

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Loaf Crumpet Love Seat

£1,095, Loaf loaf crumpet love seat Key specs - Dimensions: H82 x W127 x D82 cm; Fabric: Linen; Color options: 8; Guarantee: 10 years; Delivery time: 5 - 7 weeks

Ok, so this one is not technically an armchair (although it is available in an armchair design too). But winter is all about nesting and hibernation, and this love seat creates a dreamy snuggle situation for two.

Huddle together for warmth and get settled in for an evening of binge-watching your favorite TV shows. Why go out in the cold for date night when it can come to your very own living room? Soft and sumptuous, we don’t know of a cozier chair.

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Vitra Eames Lounge Chair Nero Leather Santos Palisander

£5,460, Heal’s vitra eames lounge chair Key specs - Dimensions: H89 x W84 x D85-92 cm (Ottoman H42 x W63 x D56 cm); Fabric: Leather; Color options: 1; Guarantee: None; Delivery time: 9 - 11 weeks

Originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames - an American couple best known for their contributions to architecture and furniture design - in 1956 as a gift for filmmaker Billy Wilder, this armchair has been re-crafted by esteemed furniture manufacturer Vitra.

This laid-back chair and ottoman are now a legendary pairing around the world and are the go-to statement armchair for design buffs. It’s considered a symbol of quality, style, and modern living.

This is the one to save up for as it’s never going out of fashion. It’s the ultimate investment piece.

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