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7 Interior Designers With a Passion For Sustainability

CEO Khai Intela
The pandemic has brought about significant changes in our lives, including where we work, spend time, and live. We have come to realize the importance of our connection to nature and the impact it has...

7 sustainable interior designers

The pandemic has brought about significant changes in our lives, including where we work, spend time, and live. We have come to realize the importance of our connection to nature and the impact it has on our well-being. This realization has led to a surge in sustainable interior design, which not only improves our health but also protects the environment. One emerging trend in this field is Biophilic design, which combines nature with design elements to create harmonious spaces that incorporate natural lighting, eco-friendly materials, neutral colors, and large open spaces.

7. Bespoke Binny Home & Lifestyle

bespoke binny home and lifestyle

If you are looking for a colorful and sustainable home influenced by West African culture, Bespoke Binny Home & Lifestyle is the designer for you. Founded by Natalie Manima, a former CBT therapist, Bespoke Binny understands the impact our environment has on our mental health. Natalie draws inspiration from the vibrant colors and bold prints of West Africa, offering a range of sustainable and responsibly sourced materials for your home. From lampshades to pillows, furniture, and more, Bespoke Binny integrates bold colors and West African spirit into her creations. You can even take part in lampshade and pillow-making classes if you're feeling creative. Follow Bespoke Binny on Instagram @bespokebinny for updates on new pieces and designs.

6. Oliver Heath

Oliver Heath is a global design company that focuses on biophilic design, which emphasizes the connection between humans and nature. Led by Oliver Heath, an expert in sustainable design, the company not only provides beautiful and sustainably sourced materials but also conducts research, runs media campaigns, and advocates for the planet. With a background in architecture, Oliver Heath and his team have worked on both commercial and residential projects, earning them a reputation as trusted voices in the interior design world. Follow Oliver Heath Design on Instagram @oliverheathdesign to learn more about their sustainable design practices and projects.

5. Sesshu Design

sesshu design

Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, Sesshu Design specializes in creating homes free of toxic materials. Led by Tanya Shively, an architect and designer, Sesshu Design aims to create healthy and natural sanctuaries in residential spaces. Inspired by South Western desert-style homes, Tanya's designs evoke feelings of rest, relaxation, and fun. Sesshu Design works closely with clients to conceptualize and execute sustainable and eco-centric properties, creating peaceful retreats that respect both nature and its inhabitants. Follow Sesshu Designer on Instagram @sesshudesigner for a closer look at their projects and designs.

4. Mariangel Coghlan

Mariangel Coghlan is an award-winning designer with a specialization in sustainable interior design. Her passion for sustainability and creating beautiful spaces is influenced by her Mexican roots. Based in Mexico City, Mariangel works on projects throughout Latin America and the Southwestern United States. With a focus on biophilic design and a love for bold colors, Mariangel creates timeless interiors that leave a positive impact on her clients and the environment. Whether it's a small redecoration or a complete home renovation, Mariangel and her team are dedicated to reinventing spaces to make them more environmentally conscious. Follow Mariangel on Instagram @mcoghlan.mx for more of her timeless designs and updates.

3. Pure Design Inc

pure design inc

Pure Design Inc, based in Vancouver, Canada, is an award-winning interior design studio known for its passion for sustainability. Founded by Ami Mckay, the team at Pure Design Inc aims to create spaces that bring joy and harmony while being environmentally friendly. With a focus on creating a sustainable and eco-conscious future, Ami and her team transform homes into sanctuaries using natural lighting, open spaces, and sustainable materials. Their mission prioritizes people over profits, believing that creating spaces should be about making someone feel good rather than just making money. Follow Pure Design Inc on Instagram @puredesigninc for more inspiration and insights into their sustainable design practices.

2. Ariel Arts By Ariel Magidson

ariel arts by ariel magidson

Ariel Magidson is a young and dynamic interior designer who is passionate about providing sustainable interiors to everyone. Her approach is budget-friendly, yet her spaces are fresh, beautiful, and timeless. Ariel believes that luxury, green design should be accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy. Specializing in residential interiors, Ariel offers custom floor plans, interior/exterior paint palettes, full makeovers, and more. She even offers virtual "space therapy" sessions to help clients transform their spaces without breaking the bank. Follow Ariel Arts on Instagram @arielarts for more of her sustainable designs and DIY hacks.

1. Jessica Helgerson Design

jessica helgerson design

Based in Portland, Oregon, Jessica Helgerson has over 20 years of experience in sustainable interior design. With a strong background in environmental advocacy, Jessica's designs are functional, luxurious, and eco-conscious. She combines her respect for historical architecture with a flair for modern and playful designs, incorporating plant-based materials and thoughtful resources. Jessica and her team help clients through the entire design process, from conceptualization to contracting and furniture installation. Follow Jessica Helgerson Design on Instagram @jhinteriordesign to see their beautiful and sustainable interiors.

These 7 interior designers are at the forefront of sustainable design, creating beautiful spaces while prioritizing the well-being of both their clients and the planet. Whether it's through responsible sourcing of materials, incorporating natural elements, or promoting eco-conscious practices, these designers are making a positive impact on the world of interior design. Follow them on Instagram and stay inspired by their sustainable designs.