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7 Beautiful "Princess Beds" That Will Transform Any Bedroom into a Fairytale

CEO Khai Intela
Princesses, castles, and fairy tales have always been essential elements of a child's bedroom. And what better way to complete that theme than with a charming princess bed? These novelty-style beds, featuring crowns, castles, and...

Princesses, castles, and fairy tales have always been essential elements of a child's bedroom. And what better way to complete that theme than with a charming princess bed? These novelty-style beds, featuring crowns, castles, and jewel motifs, can truly transform any bedroom into a fairytale dreamland. In this guide, we will explore where to find these magical beds and provide some tips for choosing the perfect princess bed frame.

7 Princess Beds We Love

1. The Princess Bed by Maxtrix Kids

the-princess-bed Completely customizable, available in different wood stains, fabric colors, and configurations.

2. The Disney Canopy Princess Bed by Delta Children Store

variety-princesses-bed Affordably priced, offering a variety of princesses to choose from.

3. Princess Carriage Bed by Coaster Home Furnishings

princess-carriage-bed Simple, elegant, and fun.

4. The Castle Loft Bed by Pottery Barn Kids


5. Princess Canopy Curtain by Lotus Karen Store

princess-crown-bed-curtain Attaches to any bed set, affordably priced.

6. The Princess Castle Bunk Bed by Merax

princess-castle-bunk-bed Bunk bed that sleeps two people, serving as both a bed and a play structure.

7. The Pretty Princess Bedding Set by Disney

princess-bedding-set An affordable way to turn any bed into a princess-themed haven, offering various princesses to choose from.

Are There Princess-Themed Beds?

There are countless princess-themed beds available both online and in local furniture stores. These beds come in various styles, from classic white headboards to decked-out themed beds with princess characters. You can even find custom-made princess bed frames created by skilled artisans to perfectly match your child's preferences. In short, there is a princess bed for every part of the princess theme your child loves!

How Much Does a Princess Bed Cost?

The cost of a princess bed varies based on its size and features. Toddler princess beds are typically more affordable, starting at a few hundred dollars, while larger beds for older children can cost over a thousand dollars. Factors such as material quality, decorative elements, and shipping fees can influence the overall price. Luxury models from Europe can even reach prices exceeding ten thousand dollars. It's essential to consider your budget and prioritize the features that matter most to you and your child.

The Different Kinds of Princess Beds Available

When choosing a princess bed, you have a wide range of options beyond simple painted characters. Here are a few different types of princess beds:

Princess Character Beds

These beds feature princess characters painted or stamped on them. They are perfect if your child has a favorite princess and their associated color palette. They are also usually the most affordable and easy to assemble.

Castle Beds

Castle beds can be impressive and expensive, often featuring tall towers or castle-shaped structures. Some even come with bunk beds inside. These beds provide a magical setting for imaginative play and create a unique focal point in the room.

Carriage Beds

Carriage beds exude classic elegance and charm. Depending on the design, they may have metal wheels, a wire dome, or even a complete carriage frame. With the addition of canopies and fairy lights, these beds create a whimsical atmosphere fit for any princess.

How to Choose the Right Princess Bed for Your Child

When selecting a princess bed, consider your child's age, preferences, and the room's available space. Here are some factors to consider:

How Old is Your Child?

For toddlers, an easy-to-assemble bed that can grow with them is ideal. Look for bed frames labeled "toddler to twin." Older children can enjoy a broader range of options, such as carriage or castle beds.

Do You Like to Decorate?

Some princess beds allow for creative decorating. Consider beds that can be customized with canopies, fairy lights, or painted accents. Matching bedding and accessories can further enhance the overall princess theme.

How Big Should the Bed Be?

Choose a bed that fits comfortably in the room without overwhelming the space. Consider the size of the mattress and how much room your child needs to play and relax.

Will You Need to Move the Bed Often?

If you anticipate moving or rearranging the room frequently, opt for a bed that is easy to disassemble and move around.

What is Your Budget?

Set a budget and explore options within that price range. Remember to account for additional costs such as shipping and decorative accessories.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Novelty Style Bed Frame

Novelty-style bed frames, like princess beds, have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few pros and cons to consider:

Pro #1: Cute and Fun

Princess-style bed frames add an adorable and enjoyable element to your child's bedroom. They can enhance the excitement of bedtime and create a cozy and imaginative environment for play.

Pro #2: Decorating Opportunities

Princess beds serve as a centerpiece for creative decorating. You can add canopies, fairy lights, and themed accessories to complete the fairytale look.

Pro #3: Retaining Functionality

Despite the novelty design, many princess beds still offer functional features such as under-bed storage or easy disassembly for moving.

Con #1: Outgrowing the Bed

As children grow and their interests change, they may outgrow the princess bed or desire a different room theme. Novelty-style beds are not as versatile as regular beds in terms of adapting to evolving preferences.

Con #2: Customization Costs

Custom-made princess beds can be costly, so consider if it's worth the investment for your child's age and long-term use.

Con #3: Limited Use or Disposal

Once your child outgrows the bed, there may be limited reuse options unless you have another child interested in the same theme. Selling or giving away the bed might be necessary.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a princess bed for your child is an exciting and creative process. With the wide selection of options available, there is a princess bed to suit any budget and every child's preference. Whether it's a castle, carriage, or character-themed bed, your child will have a magical sleeping and play space where their imagination can soar. Sweet dreams and a happily ever after await in their very own fairytale bedroom.