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6 Modern Arch Designs For Your Home

CEO Khai Intela
As an interesting element of interior design, arches add a lot of visual drama to any ordinary space in your home with those curvy details, and that too in just one graceful sweep. Go through...

As an interesting element of interior design, arches add a lot of visual drama to any ordinary space in your home with those curvy details, and that too in just one graceful sweep. Go through our curated collection of modern arch designs for your home and we’re sure you’ll find some designs that will match your personality and style.

An arch is a man-made curved architectural detail that is used to cover an opening (gap) and support the superimposed load from the walls and the ceiling onto the pavement through the friction between the voussoirs' surfaces bonded together by mortar.

Several parts come together to form an arch:

  • Voussoirs (wedge-shaped blocks)
  • Keystone (central voussoir)
  • Centring (falsework)
  • Spring (springing line)

There are many advantages of incorporating an arch into your modern home. Let’s see what they are:

  • It is versatile as it can be shaped in many different decorative styles and included in any room of your choice (bedroom, dining hall, living room, bathroom, front entrance, pooja room, and the kitchen)
  • It is practical and stable as it can connect spaces/rooms/zones in a very distinctive and smooth way without occupying much space. Apart from enhancing doorways and windows, it can also be built into a wall to provide visual depth
  • It is a more popular alternative to beam structures as it can cover much wider openings and carry greater loads (with the diagonal thrust providing stronger support to the different stresses in the structure)

What Are The Different Types And Styles Of Arches You Can Choose From?

The different styles and types of arches can be broadly themed into:

  • Type of material used: Brick arch, stone arch, concrete arch, steel arch, and wooden lintel arch (rare)
  • The number of centers: Three-centered arch, pseudo three-centered arch, and four-centered arch (Tudor arch)
  • Shapes: These include the flat arch, round arch, semi-elliptical arch, parabolic arch, and Gothic arch

Let’s look at the most trending modern arch designs that can take your home to the next level.

Modern Arch Design For Bathroom

Want to take a visual dip in the beachy ocean waves? If so, then opt for this modern blue built-in arch design for your bathroom. It brings breezy and cool vibes into your space as well as complements the white interiors and the bunch of hanging industrial lights above. This cove provides you with some privacy in the bathroom area too.

Modern arch design for bathroom The blue arch’s beauty is enhanced by the large windows that let in sufficient natural sunlight.

Modern Arch Design For Dining Hall

This arched transom over the French-style doors gives this dining hall a cozy tropical vibe and makes the space appear larger. It blends in well with the white and black theme of this open-plan space and is soothing to the eye.

Modern arch design for dining hall looks luxurious and classy This modern arch design for the minimalist dining hall looks luxurious and classy.

Modern Arch Design For Kitchen

Go for this modern arch window and door design for your cooking space if your kitchen wall adjoins your living room/dining room. It provides a pretty great visual entry point into the area and looks decorative as well. The window also helps you serve hot meals directly from the countertop to the family without having to walk around to the doors, thus saving you precious time.

Modern arch design for kitchen gives clean and elegant vibe in your kitchen This arch design creates more openness in the kitchen and gives it a clean and elegant vibe.

Modern Arch Design For Living Room

This is an excellent modern arch design for an open-plan living room in a luxurious house. The wide arch is supported by two pillars on each end, hence distributing the weight equally. The white and beige theme with occasional hints of brown makes this space look warm and inviting.

Modern arch design for living room with an uncomplicated design with this unique chandelier The overall decor and the interiors of this living room match each other and form an uncomplicated design with this unique chandelier.

Modern Entrance Arch Design

Isn’t this modern entrance arch window design marvelous? We bet it is. It ties the theme of the whole space together with the front door framed with etched-and-stained glass panels on both sides and a grand staircase adorned with a glossy wood curved banister.

Modern entrance arch design looks very decorative and royal This modern entrance arch window looks very decorative and royal and also complements the set of windows on the staircase.

Modern Window Arch Design For Bedroom

This modern window arch design gives a sophisticated and bold vibe to this minimal farmhouse-style bedroom with the brown leather headboard standing out against the blue-green walls. This design softens the edges of the walls and brings in modern vibes into the space.

Modern window arch design for bedroom Did you know that there’s another openable window within this fixed big window?

All in all, an arch can instantly accentuate the beauty of your home and can serve as a conversation starter for those who visit you, be it your family or friends. Planning to build one at your existing home? Get inspired by the above ideas and get the ball rolling. Also, if you need any guidance on how to get started on this, remember that we always have your back.