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Should You Build a 6 Bedroom House?

CEO Khai Intela
A 6-bedroom house may sound overwhelming to some, but for those with a large family or specific needs, it could be just the right fit. Whether you're considering this option or simply curious about the...

A 6-bedroom house may sound overwhelming to some, but for those with a large family or specific needs, it could be just the right fit. Whether you're considering this option or simply curious about the pros and cons, let's explore why a 6-bedroom house might be worth considering.


From the start, a 6-bedroom house is perfect for multi-generational living, extended family members, or even blended families. Each member can have their own space and privacy, while the common areas like the family room and kitchen provide opportunities for quality time and entertaining guests.

But it's not just large families that can benefit from a 6-bedroom home. If you live alone and want to start a home-based business, one of the rooms can be transformed into a functional home office, while the remaining rooms can serve as inventory storage or additional home offices as your business grows.

Moreover, 6-bedroom plans have become increasingly popular as vacation rentals on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. Families looking for an ideal vacation home can find your property and book long-term stays in advance. This presents an excellent opportunity for generating year-round passive income from your property.


However, it's important to consider the downsides that come with a 6-bedroom home. Alongside the initial down payment and mortgage costs, ongoing maintenance and upkeep expenses can add up significantly. From pest control to roof replacements and plumbing updates, the larger the house, the more costly these responsibilities become.

Furthermore, you'll need to invest time and effort in landscaping and ensuring the cleanliness of your home. Additional considerations like property taxes and insurance costs should also be factored in, as they increase along with the size of the house.

What Counts As a Bedroom?

When choosing 6-bedroom house plans, understanding the definition of a "bedroom" is crucial. The legal specifications vary by state, but generally, a bedroom should have a minimum of 70 square feet of floor space, a 7-foot horizontal measurement in height and width, and two main points of egress for entry and exit, usually a door and a window.

Additionally, the window area should be at least 8% of the floor area, and if there are multiple windows, at least one should measure 5.7 square feet and be no more than 44 inches above the floor. Ensuring that the bedrooms meet these requirements is essential when selecting a house plan.

Bedroom Image: A cozy bedroom in a 6-bedroom house.

Different Layouts for 6-Bedroom House Plans

Now, let's delve into the different layout options available for 6-bedroom house plans. The design will depend on factors such as property size, safety considerations for families, and overall costs.

One-Level Traditional House Plan

A traditional house plan combines elements of European, Country, Colonial, and Classic styles, resulting in a versatile and timeless design. In this example, two separate homes coexist under a single roof, each with a master bedroom, two additional bedrooms, a bathroom, a dining room, and a kitchen area. The design also includes a grilling porch and an inviting entry porch. This layout is ideal for two families who want to maintain separate lives while remaining close.

Traditional House Plan Image: A traditional 6-bedroom house plan.

Two-Story Modern Bedroom Home

For a more contemporary feel, a two-story modern house plan might be the perfect choice. With clean lines and geometric shapes, this design emphasizes functionality and simplicity. The first floor features a pool area and a media room for family entertainment, while the sixth suite serves as a gaming area. The upper floor is dedicated to the bedrooms, allowing families to separate recreational areas from restful spaces.

Modern Bedroom Home Modern Bedroom Home Images: A modern 6-bedroom house plan with recreational areas and restful spaces.

Luxury 6-Bedroom Tuscan House Plan

For those seeking an elegant and spacious layout, the Tuscan-style home design offers a captivating option. Drawing inspiration from the architecture in Florence, Italy, this design features warm colors and stone finishes. The main floor includes a vast living room, kitchen, pantry, dinette, and dining room with a view of the pool deck. The second floor houses most of the bedrooms, along with a craft room, playroom, and balconies on opposite ends.

Tuscan House Plan Tuscan House Plan Images: A luxurious 6-bedroom Tuscan house plan with an open layout and elegant finishes.

Find Your Perfect 6-Bedroom House Plan

The examples provided are just the beginning. If you're looking for a simpler or more extravagant 6-bedroom house plan, or something in between, there are hundreds of options available to suit your needs. Explore our website to find the perfect house and floor plans, or consult with our in-house architects and designers for expert advice and tailored solutions.

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