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Discover the Best Virtual Room Design Apps

CEO Khai Intela
As technology continues to advance, convenience becomes an integral part of our lives. This convenience extends to interior design, with the emergence of 3D room designer apps that make planning your dream interior a breeze....

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As technology continues to advance, convenience becomes an integral part of our lives. This convenience extends to interior design, with the emergence of 3D room designer apps that make planning your dream interior a breeze. If you're considering redesigning your space, read on to explore the seven best virtual room design tools that can turn your vision into a reality!

The Basics of 3D Room Design

3D online room designer real-life results by Decorilla

Before you dive into the world of online room design, there are a few things to consider:

  • Your desired level of involvement: Do you want to be hands-on or prefer a turnkey virtual service?
  • Design requirements and goals: Understanding your needs will help you choose the right planner or app.
  • Having inspiration ready: Having references on hand speeds up the design process.
  • Deadline and budget: Set realistic timelines and budget constraints to manage expectations effectively.

The Top Virtual Room Design Apps

Virtual room design by Decorilla

When it comes to designing a room online, these are the top apps, planners, and services to consider:

  • Overall Virtual Room Design Service: Decorilla
  • DIY Online Room Planner: Room Planner
  • Free Virtual Interior Design App: Planner 5D

1. Roomstyler 3D Room Planner

Roomstyler online room planner

HOW IT WORKS: The Roomstyler 3D Home Planner is perfect for beginners. You can create a floorplan from scratch or use existing room shapes. Customize interior finishes and choose from a vast catalog of brand-name furnishings. The best part? You can view your 2D plan and its 3D image side by side.

COST: Free

2. Decorilla Virtual Room Design

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HOW IT WORKS: Decorilla offers an affordable and convenient virtual room design experience. Fill out a questionnaire, schedule a free consultation, and receive two unique designs from different designers. Collaborate with your preferred designer to bring your vision to life. With Decorilla, you'll receive realistic 3D renderings, a floorplan, and an online shopping list.

COST: Hourly rates start at $75, with flat-rate packages available from $549

3. Planner 5D

Planner 5D online room planner

HOW IT WORKS: Planner 5D offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to drag and drop items from their extensive catalog. You can also import your floorplan to save time. With 2D and 3D views available, you can easily visualize your new space.

COST: Free, with additional product library access available

4. Living Spaces 3D Room Designer

Living spaces virtual room design

HOW IT WORKS: Living Spaces' 3D Room Designer simplifies the design process in three easy steps: draw a 2D grid of your space, pick your desired decor, and take a 3D photo to see your redesigned interior.

COST: Free

5. Bob's Discount Furniture 3D Room Designer

Bob's 3D room designer

HOW IT WORKS: Bob's 3D room planner offers both affordability and convenience. While the virtual room design is free, you can shop their budget-friendly catalog directly from the planner. Share your designs with others for feedback and inspiration.

COST: Free

6. Room Planner

Room planner virtual room design

HOW IT WORKS: Room Planner allows you to access pre-designed layouts from famous brands or create your own professional-looking interior from scratch. With 2D and 3D floorplans available, you can unleash your creativity.

COST: Free, with pro services available

7. HomeByMe

HomeByMe virtual room designer

HOW IT WORKS: HomeByMe offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that includes 2D floorplans and 3D space decoration. Furnish your interior with real-life, branded decor to visualize your project's results.

COST: Free, with paid versions available

Need Professional Assistance?

We understand that DIY 3D room design apps may not be the right fit for everyone. If you're looking for a more personalized experience, consider reaching out to Decorilla. Start with a free online consultation and let their experts guide you through the interior design process.