27 Restaurant Design Ideas to Make Your Venue a Sensation in 2021

CEO Khai Intela
If you want your restaurant to stand out in 2021, it's essential to have a unique and captivating design. From the interior to the exterior, every element plays a significant role in creating a memorable...

If you want your restaurant to stand out in 2021, it's essential to have a unique and captivating design. From the interior to the exterior, every element plays a significant role in creating a memorable experience for your customers. In this article, we will explore 27 restaurant design ideas that will make your venue a showstopper. Get ready to be inspired!

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

The interior design of your restaurant is crucial for creating a welcoming and visually appealing ambiance. Here are some ideas to keep up with the latest trends:

Custom and Thematic Entry Design Ideas

The entrance of your restaurant sets the first impression for your guests. Make it unforgettable with jaw-dropping design ideas that reflect your brand.

Idea 1. Welcome Your Guests With Imposing Signs Made Especially for Your Restaurant Custom-designed restaurant signs are an excellent way to communicate your brand message. Display your restaurant name, logo, or a quote that represents your establishment. Tara

Idea 2. Highlight the Entry Area and Divide the Space With Custom and Exclusive Structures Choose special structures that capture attention and go well with your overall design theme. They can be anything from giant sculptures to colorful constructions. These artistic pieces will make your restaurant Insta-famous. Restaurant entry area design idea with custom hexagon structures

Idea 3. Combine Live and Wooden Design Elements Impress your guests by combining different interior signs and design elements. Display your restaurant name with light-up letters, surrounded by green foliage and wooden signs. This combination will give your restaurant a fresh, natural, and classy look. Restaurant wooden interior design idea with illuminated elements

Idea 4. Combine Monochromatic Tones With Aluminum Logos Create a serene and inviting atmosphere in your entryway by combining monochromatic tones with an aluminum logo. This simplicity looks elegant and will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Simple and luxurious restaurant interior design with logo

Restaurant Space Design Ideas

The overall design of your restaurant space is equally important. Consider different areas as opportunities to express your vision. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Restaurant Bar Design Ideas

The liquor bar is a highly active and functional area in every dining culture. Make it eye-catching with these design ideas:

Idea 5. Light It Up Create a captivating ambiance by using dimmer lighting effects on the back wall. Accentuate your bar with lighting design elements such as neon lights, pendant lights, and light-up signs. These will give your bar area a retro vibe and a chill atmosphere. Stay Wild neon butterfly for restaurant bar design

Idea 6. Consider Having a Seating Area at Your Bar Add a seating area at your bar counter to create a cozy and inviting space. It's the perfect spot for people to meet new friends and boost cocktail sales. Restaurant cool bar design with chairs and LED lighting elements

Idea 7. Design a Bar Wall With Neon Lights or Wall Art Create a designated seating area by the nearest wall and decorate it with cool restaurant wall art ideas. Use neon lights, wall decals, or custom quotes to add a touch of personality. Restaurant bar design with neon sign quote

Idea 8. Display Your Drinks Make the back of your bar counter visually appealing with traditional drink displays. Use floating shelves, wine glass racks, and LED lighting to highlight your bottles and wine glasses. Restaurant illuminated drink displays with modern twists for bar design

Dining Area Design Ideas

The dining area is where your customers spend most of their time. Create a memorable experience with these design ideas:

Idea 9. Stick to Your Themes for Restaurant Interior Stay true to your central themes and tie everything together in your dining area. Choose colors, materials, and decor that align with your restaurant's concept. Restaurant interior design theme with menu and motivation wall quotes

Idea 10. Choose Furniture Based on Your Restaurant's Culinary Region Focus on the privacy and comfort of your guests by selecting furniture that matches the culinary region of your restaurant. Consider colors and materials that enhance the dining experience. Fish Club restaurant space design with yellow furniture

Idea 11. Make the Place Look More Eco-friendly Incorporate indoor plants or sculptural pieces into your dining area to create an eco-friendly atmosphere. These green or recycled elements will add a touch of freshness and appeal to your space. Eco-friendly restaurant space design idea for inspiration

Idea 12. Use Your Ceiling for Hanging Sculptures Utilize your ceiling space by hanging decorative lights or sculptures. Pendant lights and other hanging elements create a visually striking and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Restaurant ceiling design with hanging decorative lights

Idea 13. Display Desserts to Attract Visitors With a Sweet-Tooth Showcase your best desserts in an attractive basket and use sneeze guards to protect them from germs. Displaying desserts not only entices visitors but also serves as a secure space divider for your restaurant. Displaying restaurant food area with custom design ideas

Idea 14. Write a Quote On the Walls With Printed Wall Design Elements Embellish your walls with quotes or artwork that reflects the essence of your restaurant. Use large format printing for wall decals, letters, or neon signage. This will add a touch of personality and create a unique dining experience. Restaurant wall art idea with custom quotes

Idea 15. Use Brick Wallpapers Create a classic and contemporary vibe by using brick wallpapers. You can also add illuminated decor to create a luminous contrast. These wall decors will add depth and character to your space. Restaurant wall design inspiration with a brick wallpaper

Idea 16. Choose Murals for Epic Wall Art Design Elevate your restaurant's look by incorporating murals with themes that match your style and cuisine. If you don't have enough space inside your restaurant, display the art outside the building to attract passersby. Restaurant wall design art idea for inspiration

Restaurant Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Open-plan restaurants often showcase their kitchen alongside the dining area. Here are some functional design ideas for your restaurant kitchen:

Idea 17. Try to Keep It Simple and Clean Avoid clutter in your kitchen and focus on minimalist design elements. Unique counters, industrial hanging lights, and cool cookware displays will add character without overwhelming the space. Cooks working in a simple restaurant interior design kitchen space

Idea 18. Add Power Colors to Your Kitchen Step away from traditional white monochromatic designs and embrace darker power colors. Navy blue, emerald green, or other bold shades will add elegance and a modern touch to your kitchen. Unique restaurant kitchen design idea in blue tint

Idea 19. Use Illuminated Decor to Separate Your Kitchen Area Distinguish your kitchen area from the rest of the restaurant with lighting design elements. An illuminated box hung above the counter will create a tasteful separation and highlight the kitchen's importance. Kitchen illuminated sign for restaurant kitchen design

Restaurant Restroom Design Ideas

Don't overlook the importance of your restaurant's restroom. Make it unique and Instagram-worthy with these design ideas:

Idea 20. Have an Instagram-Friendly Bathroom Make a statement with bold wallpaper that attracts selfie-lovers. Use eye-catching colors, prints, and decals that will pop out in photos. You can also add funny or inspiring texts to enhance the experience. Restaurant bathroom design with black and white geometric wallpaper

Idea 21. Add Vintage Lights and Mirrors Create a classic and chic look with vintage lights and mirrors. These timeless design elements will add elegance and charm to your restroom. Wow restaurant restroom pink neon sign for design

Restaurant Exterior Design Ideas

The exterior design of your restaurant is what captures the attention of potential customers. Make a statement with these ideas:

Outdoor Design Ideas and Elements to Attract New Prospects

Maximize your visual impact and boost your branding with outdoor signs.

Idea 22. Showcase Your Name on the Building Display your restaurant's name on the building with 3D signs. These eye-catching signs ensure visibility and make your restaurant easy to spot from a distance. Gourmet Kitchen restaurant exterior design concept

Idea 23. Display Relevant Information on Windows Use window decals to display your restaurant's name, opening hours, popular menu items, or quotes. Add neon light elements or a directional guide to increase visibility at night. Gourmet Kitchen window decals applied for restaurant exterior design

Idea 24. Demonstrate Cultured Taste With Timeless Design Elements Use marquee signs to highlight your restaurant's elegant taste. These classic signs add a touch of charm and can be customized to display messages or your restaurant's name. The Liquor Fountain marquee sign idea for restaurants

Outdoor Seating Area Design Ideas

Design your outdoor seating area to attract customers, especially during the pandemic. Here are some ideas:

Idea 25. Have a Tent Outside Your Restaurant Create a private and cozy outdoor seating area with a tent and wooden seats. Add live greenery to complete the inviting atmosphere. Restaurant seating area design with a huge tent

Idea 26. Treat All Your Visitors Like Celebrities Create a backdrop near your seating area. This will not only spread brand awareness but also provide a perfect photo opportunity for your customers. Consider using restaurant wall design ideas if space is limited. Outdoor restaurant backdrop for seating area design

Idea 27. Use Restaurant Board Design Ideas to Display Your Special Offers Outdoors Make use of food or menu a-frame signs to present your specials to customers. Consider adding extra design elements like string lights to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor seating area. Outdoor menu display idea for restaurant exterior design

These 27 restaurant design ideas will help you create a unique and unforgettable experience for your customers. Remember to stay true to your brand and vision while incorporating these design elements. Get ready to make your restaurant a real showstopper in 2021!