24 Small Terraced House Living Room Ideas - Tips & Tricks

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Introduction: Decorating a small room can be a challenge, but with the right color scheme, furnishings, and decor, you can create a warm and inviting living room in your terraced house. If you're looking for...


Decorating a small room can be a challenge, but with the right color scheme, furnishings, and decor, you can create a warm and inviting living room in your terraced house. If you're looking for inspiration, check out these small terraced house living room ideas that are tried and tested.

Things to Consider Before Redecorating

Decorating a small room can be stressful, especially when it comes to moving furniture around. Before making any major changes, consider if you're happy with the walls and foundational decor. If so, you can make smaller adjustments to achieve the desired look.

Is Your Living Room Too Dark?

dark-living-room Is your living room too dark?

Having a dark room, both in terms of natural light and color scheme, can make it feel smaller. To brighten up a dark room, consider these simple fixes:

  • Check if the windows are blocked.
  • Evaluate if the curtains or blinds are too heavy.
  • Make sure the light shade isn't blocking ambient light.

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A cluttered room can make it feel cramped and claustrophobic. To keep your living room organized and spacious, try placing small knick-knacks on shelving just above eye level. This way, they can be seen without getting in the way of other decorations.

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If your furniture is too large for your living room, consider getting rid of any unnecessary items or selling unsuitable furniture to make space for appropriately sized pieces. Trading in a couch for a snuggle chair can make a significant difference.

Do You Have Enough Storage Space?

living-room-with-lots-of-storage-space Do you have enough storage space in your living room?

Cleverly deploying storage solutions can make a big difference in a small space. Consider gathering non-essential clutter and placing them in compact and attractive storage locations, such as seats with interior compartments, hanging storage towers, or modern floating shelves.

20 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

My hope is that these small sitting room design ideas will help you decorate and furnish your living room while making the most of every inch of space. From small changes to bigger ones, these interior design styles will bring out the best in your space.

Once you're inspired by these small living room ideas, you may want to explore other living room decor ideas as well.

Use Your Walls to Minimize Clutter

grey-hanging-storage-bags Use your walls to minimize clutter with hanging storage bags.

Hanging decorations that double as storage solutions can keep your small living room feeling spacious and uncluttered. Consider hanging small knitted baskets on the wall or installing a cloth storage tower from the ceiling to store small loose items.

Cover Up The Floor

large-rug-in-small-living-room Cover up the floor with a large rug to create defined areas.

If your living room has polished floorboards, consider covering part of it with a sizable rug. This breaks up the floor space and creates the illusion of a grander room while adding texture, warmth, and visual movement.

Choose an Elevated Living Room Focal Point

terrarium-hydroponic-plant-wall-hanging Create an elevated focal point in your living room.

Creating an elevated focal point can give the illusion of height in a small room. Consider using shelving or a statement light shade hanging from the ceiling, making sure to choose something transparent or with large gaps to avoid overwhelming the space.

Ideas For Small Living Room Furniture

multi-purpose-furniture Opt for multi-purpose furniture to maximize small spaces.

Dual-purpose or multifunctional furnishings are great for small living rooms. Sofa beds and coffee tables that hide chairs or fold out into single beds are practical ways to make the most of limited space.

Consider Hanging Furniture

wicker-hanging-chair Consider hanging furniture in your living room.

Hanging furniture can be a space-saving option, especially if you have high ceilings and limited floor space. Consider hanging chairs or tables that can be raised to the ceiling or folded against the wall. These furnishings require more installation but can be worth the effort in tight spaces.

Decorate Vertically

decorate-artwork-vertically Decorate your walls vertically for a small room.

When decorating a small room, always consider decorating vertically. Instead of low and wide arrangements, use a mosaic layout with small pieces added to the wall in an uneven upward and outward orientation. Alternatively, choose a single, large piece of artwork that is taller than it is wide.

Mount Your TV and Sound System

mounted-tv-floating-shelf Mount your TV and sound system to save space.

To free up valuable floor space in a small living room, consider mounting your TV and sound system on the wall or installing shelves for your equipment. This will give the room a tidier look and a sense of spaciousness.

Make The Most of Mirrors

large-mirror-living-room Use mirrors to create the illusion of extra depth and height.

Strategically placing mirrors in a small living room can create the illusion of extra depth, width, and height. Choose an extra large mirror that takes up most of the free wall space and reflects as much natural light as possible.

Contrast Light and Dark Colors

blue-painted-cabinet Contrast light and dark colors for a stunning effect.

While light color schemes are recommended in small rooms, contrasting light and dark colors can provide a stunning overall effect. Choose light colors for the walls and add dark accents, such as painted furnishings or skirting boards, to create depth and interest.

Paint or Stain The Floorboards

oak-wood-flooring-living-room Consider painting or staining the floorboards for a contrasting look.

In a small living room, dark or contrasting floorboards can maximize the space and create an aesthetically pleasing contrast with light-colored walls. Consider painting or staining the floorboards a dark color, such as dark mahogany, to achieve this effect.

Color Block Your Clutter

cream-yellow-color-block-baskets Color block your clutter for an organized look.

Color blocking is the practice of keeping items of similar colors together. Organize your bookcase by color scheme or place a block of colored cushions on the couch to create an organized and cohesive look. This adds layers and depth to the overall aesthetic of the room.

Avoid Angular Shapes

opulent-room-curved-velvet-furniture Avoid angular shapes in small spaces.

In small spaces, rounded shapes are preferable to angular ones. Choose oval or round tables and furniture with rounded edges to create a cozy and habitable atmosphere.

Choose Furnishings With Exposed or Narrow Legs

small-living-room-furniture-ideas Opt for furnishings with exposed or narrow legs.

Furniture with thin, spindly legs and exposed sides creates the illusion of space by allowing you to see through and beyond them. Consider choosing open, thin-framed bookcases and coffee tables to give the impression of more openness.

Try Mirrored or Glass Furniture

deco-silver-glass-side-table Consider mirrored or glass furniture for added elegance.

Mirrored or glass-topped furniture can create interesting optical illusions and brighten up the room by reflecting and refracting natural light. Choose these furnishings for a touch of elegance but be prepared for regular upkeep to keep them looking their best.

Add Some Greenery

light-airy-room-with-fireplace Bring nature indoors with plants.

Plants not only elevate your mood but also contribute to your health and well-being. Place scented plants on a windowsill to fill the room with a pleasant scent. Adding plants of different sizes to various places in the room adds visual depth and freshness.

Use a Room's Corners

corner-seating-reading-nook Transform a corner into a cozy reading nook.

Make use of the corners in your small living room by creating a reading nook. Place a corner booth-style seat against the wall and accompany it with a low coffee table for a cozy and separated space.

How to Arrange a Small Living Room

small-living-room-angled-furniture Situate your furniture at an angle for a cozier feel.

Rather than positioning your furniture parallel to the walls, try arranging them at an angle. This not only makes the room feel cozier but also allows for better flow when moving around the room.

Small Living Room Lighting Ideas

small-living-room-lighting-ideas Choose well-distributed lighting for a larger look.

Proper lighting is essential in a small living room. Consider spotlights, wall-mounted lamps, floor lamps, or a hanging shade in the center of the room. Ensure that the light is evenly distributed to avoid creating shadows that make the room feel smaller.

Take Advantage of High Ceilings

colourful-floral-wallpaper-high-ceiling Make use of high ceilings for a grander look.

If your living room has high ceilings, make the most of them. Install tall storage units, shelving units, and light fittings that draw the eye up, creating a sense of space. Consider adding hanging plants for extra greenery.

Make Use of Architectural Anomalies

bay-window-seating Utilize architectural anomalies for functional spaces.

Indentations, protrusions, and strange shapes can be challenging to deal with in small spaces. However, you can use them to your advantage. Place furniture, such as sideboards and sofas, in indented areas to save floor space. Bay windows can be transformed into cozy seating areas or home offices.

My Final Thoughts

Above all, decorate your small terraced house living room in a way that makes you happy. These ideas are meant to inspire you, but you can always adapt them to your personal style. Remember, creating a visually appealing and functional living room is all about maximizing the available space and showcasing your unique taste.

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