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22 Best Rattan Dressers For Your Home

CEO Khai Intela
Rattan furniture has become extremely popular due to its ability to add dimension and visual interest to any space. Whether you're looking to create a boho, eclectic, or retro-inspired room, rattan dressers are the perfect...

Rattan furniture has become extremely popular due to its ability to add dimension and visual interest to any space. Whether you're looking to create a boho, eclectic, or retro-inspired room, rattan dressers are the perfect addition. We have curated a list of the 22 best rattan dressers on the market that will elevate the style of your home.

1. Balboa Rattan Dresser

Balboa Rattan Dresser This stunning dresser features a solid beechwood frame intricately woven with rattan in a varied pattern. The brushed brass drawer pulls and leg caps add a touch of elegance to this piece.

2. Balboa Rattan Chest

Balboa Rattan Chest Similar to the Balboa Rattan Dresser, this chest is crafted from solid beechwood and adorned with brass finishings. It can be paired with the dresser or used as a standalone statement piece.

3. Bungalow Wide Dresser

The Bungalow Wide Dresser is made from nostalgic woven wicker with brass hardware on each drawer pull. The changing wicker weave texture adds even more visual interest to this clean and modern piece.

4. Bungalow Chest

Bungalow Chest The Bungalow Chest is the perfect companion to the Bungalow Wide Dresser. It features the same gorgeous woven wicker with brass finishings and comes in white and sunbleached wicker options.

5. Lowden Accent Chest

Lowden Accent Chest This mid-century modern inspired piece boasts five wood framed drawers with rattan fronts. The circular knobs and one-of-a-kind variations in rattan and wood make it a unique addition to any room.

6. Amani Dresser

Amani Dresser The Amani Dresser combines mid-century modern design with a classic retro feel. It features six rattan woven drawers and flared, tapered legs for a timeless appeal.

7. Lockbourne Dresser

Lockbourne Dresser Crafted from solid oak wood, the Lockbourne Dresser showcases rattan cutouts on each drawer front. The clean and timeless style of this dresser makes it a great storage solution for any space.

8. Cala Rattan Dresser

Cala Rattan Dresser The Cala Rattan Dresser is not only built to last, but also to make a style statement. Made from solid mahogany wood and tightly woven rattan, this dresser is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

9. Sausalito Cane Armoire

Sausalito Cane Armoire If you're looking for a show-stopping piece, the Sausalito Cane Armoire is the perfect choice. Crafted from solid meranti and pine wood with expertly woven rattan doors, this versatile piece provides ample storage.

10. ANBUY Dresser

ANBUY Dresser The ANBUY Dresser is a six-drawer piece with stunning tapered legs. The rattan inserts not only add visual interest but also provide great ventilation for the items stored inside.

11. Graficial Rattan Dresser

Graficial Rattan Dresser For lovers of bohemian-inspired decor, the Graficial Dresser is a must-have. Crafted from sturdy MDF with woven rattan drawers, this dresser combines style and functionality.

12. QHITTY Dresser

QHITTY Dresser The QHITTY Dresser is a retro and timeless piece with oval rattan cutouts on each drawer. The tall tapered and flared legs add a classic retro silhouette to this dresser.

13. Anmytek Dresser

Anmytek Dresser This mid-century modern dresser features three large drawers with woven rattan inserts and brushed metal pulls. The high-quality metal drawer slides ensure smooth and easy usage.

14. Verano Chest

Verano Chest The Verano Chest stands out with its unique and intricate design. Made with expertly woven Lloyed loom wicker and finished with a suar wood veneer, this handmade piece adds a touch of artistry to any room.

15. Verano Dresser

Verano Dresser The Verano Dresser complements the Verano Chest with its three drawers featuring the same Lloyed loom woven wicker finishings. These pieces can be used together or individually to enhance your space.

16. Marte Dresser

Marte Dresser The Marte Dresser showcases expert craftsmanship with its stunning cutout drawer pulls and carved legs. With six large drawers and a wide top, this dresser is both functional and stylish.

17. Maribelle Dresser

Maribelle Dresser Crafted from solid MDF and handwoven rattan, the Maribelle Dresser features five drawers for ample storage. Its vintage-inspired design and timeless style make it a great addition to any room.

18. Maribelle Chest

Maribelle Chest Similar to the Maribelle Dresser, the Maribelle Chest offers six large drawers and boasts a vintage and boho-inspired design. The combination of MDF and handwoven rattan adds intrigue and texture to any space.

19. Ria Dresser

Ria Dresser The Ria Dresser draws inspiration from the 70s with its rounded edges and chevron-weaved rattan drawer fronts. Made from solid mindi wood and ethically sourced rattan, this dresser is both stylish and sustainable.

20. Black Rattan Dresser

Black Rattan Dresser Featuring a mix of textures, materials, and colors, the Lofted Dresser is a gorgeous black rattan piece. With six large drawers and stilted legs, this dresser is a true show-stopper.

21. 6 Drawer Rattan Dresser

6 Drawer Rattan Dresser Constructed with solid acacia wood and cane rattan drawers, the Lyra Dresser is a beautiful designer piece that combines form and function without taking up too much space.

22. Ballard Designs Rattan Chest

Designer Suzanne Kasler's Southport collection includes the Southport Rattan Chest. Inspired by a vintage rattan daybed found in the Paris flea market, this chest features woven rattan panels, antique brass ring pulls, and a protective glass top.

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