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21 Exciting Career Paths for Architects

CEO Khai Intela
Are you an architect with a Bachelor's degree, wondering what other career opportunities lie ahead? The field of architecture offers a multitude of alternative pathways that utilize your creativity, practical skills, and design expertise. Let's...

Are you an architect with a Bachelor's degree, wondering what other career opportunities lie ahead? The field of architecture offers a multitude of alternative pathways that utilize your creativity, practical skills, and design expertise. Let's explore some of the most popular career options that range from larger-scale architecture to more detailed artistic practices.

Urban Planner (M.Arch UD)

Urban design has gained immense importance since the industrial revolution and world wars. As urban areas continue to grow rapidly, ensuring a high quality of living becomes crucial. Urban planners play a vital role in updating and improving city plans to meet the dynamic needs of the urban environment. This career path requires problem-solving skills and a creative mindset.

Landscape Architect

If you have a passion for environmental restoration, creating recreational spaces, or managing stormwater, consider becoming a landscape architect. This profession involves designing outdoor landscapes, infrastructure, public areas, and more. It also focuses on fostering a strong connection between urban and rural spaces while addressing the challenges of globalization and climate change.

Restoration Architect

If history and heritage preservation intrigue you, a career as a restoration architect might be a perfect fit. This role involves conserving and restoring architectural monuments while preserving their original essence. With continuous restoration efforts supported by governments, this career promises exciting opportunities.

Town Planner (M.Plan)

Development, regeneration, and sustainability are key aspects of town planning. Town planners play a crucial role in shaping communities and ensuring their well-being. This profession requires social connections, as it involves working with diverse populations on a large scale.

Interior Designer

Architects often possess a keen sense of design at every scale. Combining your architectural qualification with interior design can open doors to a fulfilling career. As an interior designer, you will be responsible for planning and executing interior spaces, adding a layer of organization to the construction process.


Throughout history, many architects have made a transition into the world of art, and vice versa. While architecture combines art and function, artists focus more on sculpture, spatial experiences, and aesthetics. If you have a passion for artistic expression beyond functionality, exploring the realm of art could be a great path for you.

Research Architect

Advancements in technology, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and computational design, have revolutionized the field of architecture. Research architects leverage these tools to take their design practice to the next level, providing more options and streamlining the design process.

!21 Things Architects can do after B.Arch - Sheet1 courtesy of Architecture Lab

!21 Things Architects can do after B.Arch - Sheet2 courtesy of Architecture Lab

Building Surveyor

Building surveyors are responsible for conserving, modifying, fixing, renovating, and restoring existing buildings and structures. This profession requires extensive experience and knowledge of building materials and methods.

Structural Engineer

If you have a deep understanding of problem-solving and an aesthetic mindset, becoming a structural engineer could be a rewarding career choice. With an architectural undergraduate degree and a master's degree in structural engineering, you can play a crucial role in designing structures that stand the test of time.

Extreme Architect

As scientists uncover the effects of global warming and climate change, designing for extreme weather conditions becomes increasingly important. Being an extreme architect involves tackling design challenges posed by nature's unpredictable plans. If you enjoy problem-solving and embracing unconventional design solutions, this career path may pique your interest.

Industrial/Product Designer

Industrial and product designers focus on the smaller-scale design of mass-produced goods. This profession caters to the demand for products on a large scale, with an emphasis on innovative and alternative solutions. Toy design, in particular, presents a unique career opportunity within this field.

Furniture Designer

Furniture design is often considered an underrated practice, but it serves a significant market need. Many architects have dabbled in furniture design for their projects, while some have even become full-time furniture designers. If you have a flair for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture, this career path could be a fruitful one.

Graphic Designer

Architects possess a natural inclination for creative thinking, making graphic design an excellent career option. This profession encompasses infographics, visual communication, and related work. Despite being a supplement to the architectural curriculum, graphic design offers vast opportunities in the digital world.

Fashion Designer

Did you know that a background in architecture can serve as a stepping stone into the world of fashion design? Combining architecture's focus on color, tactility, construction, patterns, and forms with the requirements of fashion design can lead to a seamless transition. Both fields share many similarities and offer exciting avenues for exploration.

Video Game Designer

Architecture plays a crucial role in the design of virtual worlds within the realm of video game design. Designing immersive and captivating gaming experiences allows for boundless imagination and creativity. If you have a passion for gaming and architectural design, this career path can offer endless fun and excitement.


Capturing moments through photography is a delightful pursuit. Architecture photography, in particular, has gained popularity as the accessibility of cameras continues to grow. Developing your skills as a professional photographer opens up opportunities to showcase architectural beauty and tell impactful visual stories.

Production Designer

As an architect, handling projects and managing construction comes naturally to you. Production designers bring these skills to the film, television, and theater industries, where they contribute to stage creations and set designs. This profession involves designing, managing construction stages, and ensuring appropriate cost management. A combination of creative and accounting skills is key to success in this field.


Teaching careers have become increasingly attractive to young architects. Many architects take up part-time or visiting faculty positions, allowing them to balance architecture practice with teaching. This career path offers a stable income and creates a two-way learning experience, benefiting both teachers and students.


When you excel in all aspects of architecture practice, your entrepreneurial skills naturally develop. Problem-solving, creative thinking, persuasion, and communication skills are vital for success as an entrepreneur. Renowned industrialist Ratan Tata, who holds a degree in architecture, serves as an exemplary figure in this field.


If you possess strong language skills, communication prowess, and a love for literature, a career in writing and journalism may be the perfect fit. In today's digital world, words hold immense power and can create unique experiences for readers. Many architects have successfully used their writing skills to influence others through blogs, books, journals, and various other mediums.


Architecture cultivates good communication skills and an understanding of people and the environment. These qualities can be leveraged to become a successful politician. Architects like Anders Adlercreutz and Richard Rogers have successfully made the transition into politics while continuing to make a positive impact in their communities.

While the aforementioned careers are commonly pursued by architects, there are many other fields where architects can thrive. The architectural profession offers a diverse range of skills that can be applied in various lucrative and fulfilling ways. So, explore the world of possibilities and embark on an exciting journey beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture.